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All these years later, and I still am excited everytime a new Sofi set comes out. Sofi is a goddess; even if she stops posing, she will always be one of the great beauties of met-art.

Sofi is one of the greatest MetArt models of all time. She has a magnificently beautiful body, breasts, pussy, and face. She is thrilling to view. She is beyond my wildest fantasies.

Sofi has always been one of my favorites.

A beautiful face and amazing body and real boobs! You can't beat that.

You would think that lovely sweet pussy would be deserving of at least ONE close shot, but Goncharov thought not. :(

#47 can surely not be said to be stingy.


We live in a unique time in history when you can turn on a computer in your home and instantly see new pictures every day of beautiful young women who are smiling at you and showing you their clean, nicely groomed nubile bodies. Sofi happens to be one of the most attractive of these young women but apparently this is garbage.

I often find it amusing how people who don't know anything about photography, lighting, this industry, or much of anything else criticize the photographer and the model's grooming habits. I usually just laugh and move on, but in this case I needed to respond.

This is not garbage. Thank you Sofi for brightening my day. Thank you Goncharov, for taking these beautiful photos in a professional manner so that the classy, flawless women represented on MetArt are willing to have you shoot them. And thank you to all production crew and webmasters for making it possible for all and any of us humble losers with a credit card to view these beautiful provocative photos in the privacy of our own homes.

I really enjoy this website because it enables me to see flawless young women in the buff. I have browsed other websites, some of which feature a few of the same models who appear here, but I don't like those sites as well. They tend to be raunchier and portray their models performing sex acts upon themselves and others.

While I appreciate the ability to occasionally view the beauty found on MetArt, I don't think it would be healthy for me to spend too much time obsessing on the models or the photographic techniques used here. Trying to get professional photographers to change their ways to my particular taste seems like an enormous waste of my time, and possibly very frustrating. I actually like to turn off my computer from time to time and go out to meet real women instead.

We all have our different tastes and I think MetArt does a good job trying to cater to us all. Are there things I would like to see done here differently? Sure, but There is enough content here that I really enjoy as it is. I intend to keep perusing the site and enjoying what I like the best and skipping over what I don't. For those of you who find the content here "garbage," I suggest that you just move on and try a different, perhaps raunchier website.

Well said, Chris. Thank you. ( :

another humble loser (with a sense of humor)

@ Chris:

Six comments in one year?

More the quality of this one would be a good thing. Just saying.

My second post was a reply to Baggy36Pants but it popped up under my first comment instead. Somebody really should fix that. That is GARBAGE. LOL

Sofi is one of the greatest models in the world and it is always great to see her. More please. Daily would not be too much!

Sofi's shOOts are always a hOOt!

A theme of braids, breast, and bead. It works well, though the beads started to misbehave.
More than on great pose. Some insults to toes.
Best viewed individually, rather than as a set, or risk missing the fine. 69, for example. This face has never been better framed or flattered. The braid showing ear and following the jawline, with the parallel beads, the arm below. Then the perfect peek, all on a bed of red roses.

Who stol my "e"?

...would you believe the gremlins? Who seem to have great fun making us look like buffoons. ( :

My hat's off to whomever is taking care of this young lady, if not solely herself, for her appearance gets younger and younger with age! What a beauty!

LOL She DOES appear to be quite a bit younger here... I wonder if that's because it's an 8-10 yr old set....???? ;o)

Or it may be because of the braids.

It's not possible to take a bad set of Sofi. It IS possible to make freshman mistakes that my photography professors would flunk me for, like bleed-over from too bright a red.( gold or tan would be great.

I should have said that Sofi gets her 10++++.I hope the ring means she has found the boyfriend/girlfriend she wanted. I never specify,I am acquainted with several models who decided they prefer each other. I know at 74 that the heart wants what the heart wants,and true love is too precious to waste in this world.

This curvaceous Goddess never disappoints. Sofi is as ever gorgeous. Love the confidence that exudes from a woman who knows she holds her audience in her hands. Love the sexy pigtails too. Another 10 for Sofi.

Always see a ring on her marriage finger, whoever married Sofi A is the luckiest man alive.

Not that it matters, but since Sofi is from Ukraine, I believe she would likely wear a wedding ring on her right ring finger as is more of a European custom, not her left, which is more of an American custom.

Isn't that an Eastern Orthodox Christianity custom?

Sofi A is still the 1 model on Met Art that my eyes always magnetize first to the beauty of her face. Not saying that most other models are not as attractive. But, Sofi does have an appearance of a healthy balanced figure that she has taken well care of. She isn't skinny like most new 18+ models found on Met-Art.
her face is softly curved and angelic, and blue eyes that are so deep, it's hard to look away. Sofi A is the one model that has trained my mins to see the beauty of a woman as a whole. Not the closeups of her random body parts, other than those nice beautiful portrait shots I love the most. But, when I favorite an image, it is one that shows her entire body, without lacking the sight of her angelic face.

Super Sofi:-)

Ex-wife looking good !!!!!

I always see comment's like this, as if you seem proud if she really is your Ex-Wife. Or are you just saying you had a wife that looks like her.
If I had a woman like this as a wife, I don't care how crazy she would make me, I'd live with her for the rest of my life.

If she were to stab you 23 times, you would indeed live with her for the rest of your life.

Agreed! I don't think there's anything I wouldn't/couldn't put up with to be with her. Besides, just looking at Sofi's lovely face you can tell she is a first-class sweetheart. She's the kind of girl who would walk through fire to save a puppy.

Johnboy is probably just wishfully thinking and/or intending humor, likely no dishonor intended. I doubt that any of us would ever let such a fine woman get away.

At the risk of repeating myself... "Talk is cheap"!

I would challenge you to stay with a woman, twice as good looking as this, if she makes your life a living hell. Don't forget that not only is "beauty in the eye of the beholder" but also "beauty is only skin deep"... ;o) To boast of "lifelong committment" is one thing, while spending your life with a beautiful "shrew" is another entirely.

I challenge you to find a woman "twice as good looking as this." ( :

Once I had a woman, half as good looking as this that made my life a living hell. In my case, Ex-wife looking bad ;-)

Talk is cheap... ;o)

Goncharov's amazing super girl named Sofi. Always a wonderful treat, with that incredible body. Sofi is just plain stunning.

Wonderful to see the gorgeous Sofi back again. What a joy to behold always.

An exquisite set indeed with delicious Sofie A . Under 100 shots means less chance of repetitive, out of focus and fuzzy shots . Love it

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I actually found this gallery of Sofi buried in my database and couldn't believe I hadn't discovered/published it sooner. I am glad you enjoyed it!

I volunteer to help search for treasure in your database.


Sometimes cleaning out the closet makes for significant finds!

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