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My all time fav, great breasts straight from heaven, such a lovely face and ass. lickable. Great doggy, hot makes me want to cum. Give me more.

Sofi A never ceases to look astonishing in her youth, and I'm sure for years to come.
Every curve of her body expresses womanly beauty. And Met Art most of the time shows her nude beauty in a pure respectful way. I personally can do without the closeups that aren't her face. Sofi's most attractive quality, is the softness of her smile, and the glitter of joyful life in her eyes. I cannot stop thinking of wanting so much to be with a woman like Sofi A.

However, she looks better with a bush, and when she bends over...!

For years, and I'm still infatuated by this stunning Goddess.

She looks like she's living like a princess, I probably would do little to impress her or any woman like her, with the kind of get by career, I have.

Luckily I do have 1 girl in mind, that reminds me of her, especially by face (not eyes) And that's enough to make me happy.

LOL Like Sofi much Markus?? And aren't we all just "getting by"...? I doubt that any of us could impress ANY of the girls we see here...especially the older ones ;o)

Getting better and better Met Art photographers, please keep up the great quality of work. Sofi has never been photographed so well Fabrice.

If I'm not mistaken, pics 46 & 47 are probably Sofi's first "butterfly" pink openings ever. Obviously, her labia didn't open wide like this just by themselves, some fingerwork must have been involved. I'd kill to see the actual action of Sofi spreading her labia on Sexart, Rylsky or Eternal Beauty (holding her labia wide open while looking into the camera). Both pics and video. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! ; )

Not her first ever, in particular, check out her early sets with Tony Murano (who specialized in that kind of pose). They had become rare of late, though it has happened several times in the last year, but only one or two shots in a set.

Fucking awesome

Even if you're not a fan of large breasts, Sofi has a magnificent body! The sight of her gorgeous vulva could stop a freight train!! This is a great looking set and that beautiful dress made a perfect "co-star" for this splendid performance! "Fabrice"? Always ready to see a new artist in the ranks. Especially if all his/her work is this good! Very nice set!

I love her stuff too but I had a thought. Sofi's been around M-A so long that, while this is a new posting, it may actually be an older set and "Fabrice" may also be a new moniker for photographer who's worked with her before. Just a thought -

But I AWAYS look at any sets of Sofi when they're posted. Even though she has those "not-so-girl-next-door-breasts" (at least not the girls next door to me!), she's always smiling (like she likes the work) and she always seems genuinely involved in the process. Plus the fact that, if you look at any number of her sets, she manages to look this way with little or no makeup.

How very, very nice. That dress accentuates Sofi's already awesome boobs magnificently, to the point where it's nearly, very nearly, a disappointment to see those jugs of joy released, coupled with some lovely glimpses of her gorgeous shaven pussy, delights no end before she strips fully.

It's always great to see more of Sofi, but I'll certainly be looking forward to more productions from Fabrice in the future too.

Primo T&A!

I think that this set of Sofi is so good because of slight differences in posing, which you would expect since Sofi is working with a new photographer, something she has not done for years. She has always given the impression the she is not comfortable working fully nude for anyone but Goncharov and Fenex. I love this set as it gives more insight into Sofi as a person,something that has not been done since Fenix's "Coccoon" starring Sofi. this is a masterpiece and I gave both a 10+infinity

331 Sofi had long beena favorite, and this set is one of my favorites of hers.

Sofi never disappoints!

Ex-wife looking good, shes putting on weight though.

That weight looks good to me! And its not just the two big reasons you all think! Keep it up Sofi!

maybe up top!

Greatest ever here. Period.

This set is not a 10, it is an 11.
Sofi plays the temptress in a very sultry dress that shows off her magnificent figure quite nicely. Once she's removed it, there are some very nice open labia shots that seem to have escaped most of the other photographers she's worked with, thanks, Fabrice!
Excellent work, both of you, I hope there are more sets from this team in the pipeline!

And as usual with Sofi, little or no makeup absolutely fits her (the way this dress does).

Sensational Sofi scores again - what a babe, what a body, what a cheeky face!

86 perfectly magnificent photos of the remarkably beautiful Sofi. Sofi is as beautiful as ever and the location is absolutely excellent. What a great day for MetArt. Both Loreen and Sofi, two of MetArt's all time very best models.

The lovely, beautiful, bodacious Sofi. One of my all time favourites and I know I'm not alone. It's been too long since we've seen her. More please. You can't have too much of a good thing.

As the great Mae West once said, "Too much of a good thing is...WONDERFUL!"

She's also credited with saying "Goodness had nothing to do with it." Wasn't it Mae West in an embrace with Groucho Marx who said "Hold me closer ...closer." with Groucho declaiming, in his inimitable way, "If I held you any closer, I'd be behind you."?

I beg to differ.... Sex is "a good thing"... Too much sex will kill you! ;o)

If it were sex with Sofi, I'd die very happy...

You an me bote brudder!!! ;o)

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