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sofi-a: the world`s most fantastic boobs.

What a devilish angel.

I have seen quite many of the models in Met-Art by now, but I have not found anyone as perfect as Sofi A. She is just perfect in my eyes. Everything is right.

Sofi A: Gods most successfull creation.

Sofi A.
She is the most beautiful girl you have in your stock. No doubt. Amazing boobs, the size I like, hairy pussy, and a beautiful face. I can`t get anything better. Thanks a lot.

Wings, bush, you folks are nuts; who cares! Look at the body, it is sheer perfection...just enjoy, a body like that is a rarity indeed.

I can't believe people complain about the angel wings. I loved this set. This set could bring people back to religion. I adore naked angels!

wings R for the Birds

I agree with Gary about his disdain for the very stupid wings and his appreciation of the beautiful model and her beautiful bush. MetArt advertises its models as "natural". Why aren't more of them truly natural instead of shaven?

You must be new, here... (lol) !!!

Lovely and erotic set. This despite the stupid angel wings. Sofi is one of the sexiest and most beautiful models anywhere, and Fabrice did a good job displaying this beauty here. I also love Sofi best with her pubic hair and wish she would grow her underarm hair.

Heaven scent!

I love her hair


A set for the fans of 'Shaggy'. I much prefer Sofi in her 'Smooth' mode.

Sofi...shagadellic as always!

Thank you Sofi for sharing your beautiful face, breasts, pussy and bush with us today.

You're gorgeous from the top down.

Sofi is a beauty and a favorite of mine for a long time. However, she seriously needs to shave her pussy. Please shave it honey.

bearcat, I like Sofi both ways, but seriously, do you think that anything written here is going to persuade some young woman half way across the globe to change the way she keeps her pubes? Hell No, she's going to do what she wants.

Enjoy each Sofi set as it is, and if you don't like her grooming today, chances are very good it will be different in the next set, just as K points out.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Bearcat,

As I mentioned the other day in regards to Milena D, Sofi A is also another model that we have a huge variety of content published. I love that she is so dynamic she can pull off any look she wants. We have her shaven, unshaven, landing strip, manicured bush, etc. Also indoors, outdoors, dressed, completely nude, basically any style members could want is available with her. I appreciate you prefer her shaven but I do have 3 other shaven galleries just today. I am definitely trying to get some unshaven sets to appease our other members too :)

Why did you even open the set?

It's pretty clear on the picture on the main page that she is unshaven. That alone should heave prepared you for what you would see when you clicked to open it

Do you just like to complain? In need of attention?

Sofi's beauty is simply intoxicating. Aside from her gorgeously-proportioned body, this angelic babe is also blessed with a beautiful, charming smile.

I am so glad to see that Sofi is willing to try a new artist, Goncharov and Fenex have been running out of ideas. Sofi is as lovely as ever, and I am glad to see that Fabrice has done many shots of Sofi from the back, since her back is as lovely as her front. The only problem I have is that you can only store 10,000 images on the My Met service and I could do about that many of Sofi

I keep trying to think of something witty to say, but she's so outrageously glorious I can barely form words in my head.

How about "ex-wife looking good" !

The angel wings are a silly prop from years ago, but Sofi is a Met classic with a huge following. Has she ever looked finer? Nice to see a set shot by someone other than Goncharov for a fresh perspective, but next time could we leave the strap-on wings in the Met-art museum? Sofi's beatuty stands alone and as so many have iterated, she does not need them.

Has she ever looked finer??? Yes she has! When she was shaving...;o)

baiting the troll, are we?

Sofi A!!! A=Angel? To marry immediately♥

I don't think any of us needed any additional proof that Sofi is an angel, but the reminder is apt. ( :
This set is a shout out to the "golden age" of Met-ART, complete with angel wings, lace gloves, and a pedestal in an otherwise empty studio. Sofi is by now a seasoned veteran, and carries it off without effort. I especially love her glorious cascades of warm brown hair and the just right makeup job that accentuates her sweet features.
There is very little of explicit nature in this set ~ but this set doesn't need explicit. Sofi's beauty and quiet, strong confidence carries it exactly where it needs to be.

In regards to this probably being an "Arhive" set. I post the fallowing over on SexArt today in response to hylwy bringing up about ERRO, who is now retired. It bothered me a while ago when a photo set by Luca of Indiana,APF, & Lorena popped up which had to have been shoot together with a movie years ago, in fact K admits over on MetArt that another recent posting of Sofi by him was in fact an old archive one.

I still wonder why we are not given at least a date and year when submitted, if not shot for the sets. To those of us who are long term members these models are in a sense real to us and who knows just how big the archives are. We see posted "rumors" about this one or that retiring, etc. yet we still see "new" posts. I'll give an example, Mia Sollis. For over a year I have seen posts of her "retirement" yet we have a post of her every month this year on MetArt. ?New or Old? And as recent as July here. (As an aside, and still no full view of "the" TAT.) I do wonder if I am the only one bothered by this? I am sure they at least know when a set was submitted, what harm would come from the sharing of this info?

As K comment reflects the good thing about this situation is that if gives us a variety of views of a model rather than unity of look. And this is a good thing IMO...

I am with you on the actual date shot being provided. You, I and others have had discussions with Rylsky on this, and there seems to be some reluctance to provide any information that some think might aid stalkers to find our fine ladies in real life. I just don't see it, but then I am not in the business. I would rather have accurate information, such as in the bios, and when the age given is artificially progressed to the release date and not the shot date, that is inaccurate information.

On the other hand, Met probably thinks how it would look to release a set with an (actual) older shot date, and what some members might think that is recycled material even though it had not been released yet. Should it be made to appear as fresh material even when it is not? Is that deceptive? And by what definition is "fresh"?

I appreciate the variety here, it is a definite advantage, it IS a good thing. But I see no reason to continue the "little white lies" about the models actual age when shot or to withhold the date it was shot. Stepping off of soapbox now.

kilroy and swplf2, I appreciate both of your perspectives on this issue, and it has been an issue, for years now, hasn't it...

I tend to agree with kilroy in harking back to what Rylsky has said on the subject. While my cynical/realist part says to me that the second reason kilroy mentioned is probably the deciding factor, i.e. MA not wanting members to feel that a set that was shot years ago but has not yet been released is actually "recycled." Avoiding that appearance is probably just prudent business practice ~ although by doing so, it raises questions in the minds of more observant and demanding "veteran" members such as ourselves.

swplf2, I am like you in that I am also very curious. I want very much to know more about the models, the more so the more I like a given model. However, I do take Rylsky's claims that ~ esp. in Russia right now ~ nude modeling is not viewed with favor by some in the society and for a model to reveal too much information could possibly turn out to be downright dangerous. I don't think this is a lie on Rylsky's part and I am content to let the issue rest ~ if only in a preference for too much privacy for the models rather than too little.

One day i'll fly away....

Finally the perfect 10, ex-wife looking good !!!!!!!

Sensational Sofi - what a body - what a woman...what a cheeky face. Love this girl!

Can't wait to get up to them 'pearly gates...'

I just LOVE the bush, It makes Sofi look like a real sensual and erotic W O M A N ...! Her best series yet..??

AMEN to the fur. Totally love her all. Would love to live down there. Dive in . face first.

No need for the wings. Sofi certainly does not need that sort og thing. Sofi is MetArt royalty. She is absolutely beautiful. My question is, where is Goncharov? He is Sofi's photographer and Sofi is Goncharov's muse.

Not where but why....he operates under a different name.

IMO this set is clearly an homage to Goncharov's signature style from way back when.

HOMAGE? Fabrice IS Goncharov.

Riverrat: Is Fabrice really Goncharov ?

Is this set one that was produced earlier in Sofi's modeling "career ?"

This IS interesting. When I saw another photographer, Fabrice. who had shot this set, I Googled the name to see if they were on line privately as well. I still do not know if Goncharov and Fabrice are one in the same. Does anybody know this is the case ?

As to date of release v. actual date of production, THIS set is amazing. But, having given it some thought, I wonder if this was shot earlier in her life than some of what are more recent releases. Maybe that's a ploy to keep us all breathless.

Perfection from heaven. In hell with my longing. Sofi will you marry me?

No, no need for the wings. We know Sofi is an angel...

I think I've died and gone to heaven looking at these photos...

cannot agree more

Didn't really need those silly wings .Still a stunning and erotic set.

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