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Pic #100 is just adorable and sexy all at once.

my favorite set my favorite girl what a beauty

Scrumptious girl with great breasts and pussy and a hot anus ! Image 100 is a great view of her ass, love seeing every bit of her.

Mmmmhhhhh, she seems to be not shy.... Great Body, would like to See her with some Public hair....

The scoop neck toga top offered too many possibilities to lose so soon. See that shoulder in 11. See that navel in 12. Darlin', lean this way a bit. If you all are done with the shirt, you may send it to me. I am sure I could find a use for a "See that" shirt.

Photo 91, tattoo under the right breast, guess they missed that one...Beautiful young lady...lovely pussy...

The worst policy of this site is forbidding body art, in the form of tats.

Ugh, Self mutilation-I don't want to see it!

Can see it every day on the High street!

What?! Now I feel robbed. I come here to see, don't I?

This woman is real, as testiment to her photos. The moniker, Solveig.
She shows ample ablility to know the way of a woman, sly, mastery of female desire, and seduction.
Both she, and the photographer, Varin, have combined to produce an example of SUPREME exeplitude. She with pose, he with capture. Of course, editing of many photos requiures talent. Let us hope the two shall combine to arouse us all.
Another reason Met-Art is on top of every list!!!! Combining the efforts of both to the satisfaction of as all as possible.....
More of Solveig, please... Combined effort of both is paramount.

I adore exeplitude. Especially when it is supreme.

*snark alert*

Oops. Caught.

amazing,beautiful girl. I have an instant crush on this sexy, sweet beauty. Great pussy and anus, an inviting smile.

I agree about the jeans but whatever, lets see more of you again soon dear, lots more.

You're killing me with the lighting Albert. Killing me...

Welcome Solveig ! new star of MetArt , at once among the great.
For the beauty and the friendliness.

New but at ease naked and open, uninhibited and without shyness.
Great debut.
See you soon!

Beautiful girl, interesting poses - but why the odd cutting - lets see all of the motive, not just a freak angel!

That was a rather abrupt transition from clothed to naked. What's the rush? She looked SOOO good in those jeans, it would have been nice to watch her peel them off. Great debut otherwise and that girl has legs to DIE for. Can't wait to see more.

I could not agree more. I love seeing a girl in tight jeans and Solveig looked incredible in hers. I was SO excited to watch her slowly unbutton them and peel them off. It was a bit of a shock when she suddenly appeared naked. I was actually a bit let down to see her naked so fast... But i got over it fairly quickly as her beauty began to captivate me.

Next time photographers take your time getting them naked and let the suspense build as we get to watch them strip...

I agree completely.
It seems that in MetArt there is a great fear or a great allergy for dressed girls.

Totally agree with you. I would rather see a girl slowly peel off her clothing. Rather than be clothed one second and nude the next second.

I love shots like #12. I think I have a navel fetish.

Navels are simultaneously adorable and sooo much fun to play with. ( : I can't blame you a bit, Checkers. Welcome to the Navel fetish club. ( :

You took the words right off my keyboard and saved me the time to comment. I concur 1,000%

Solveig is a very pretty girl. with great potential as a model. and mr. varin has handled the set perfectly. A definite 10.

Woah, this is one to watch. Amazing. Lets hope Albert shot plenty of stuff with her.

Oh MY!! What a breathtaking debut!! Great posing and fine photography make for a spectacular debut! What a gorgeous model! Varin is quickly becoming a favorite artist of mine with the last few sets of his! He's bringing us some genuine jewels!!

  • 2 years ago:


I have also noticed Varin's amazing ability of finding us new models recently. He is the only photographer we have presenting some of these girls so that makes it very special.

Well THIS girl is certainly "special"!! Varin most likely doesn't read the comments, so please pass along my "Kudos" to him.

great job! natural and not too musch photoshop! thank you ^^

Solveig says she's a romantic girl, and she seems a wonderful girl to get romantic with—beautiful face, perfect little breasts, luscious pussy and anus. Welcome, sweetheart. I hope we'll be seeing you regularly.


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