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love her

her face is so beautiful a real angel

if only I had one wish shed be mine

WHAT I'M LOVIN: Solveig!!, and her extremely hot body, plenty of focus on Solveig's beautiful and inexpressibly fantastic bum and lovely legs!

PREFERENCES: The lighting was a bit dicey in places, for whatever reason, but having been there myself, I can sympathize.

PHOTO NOTES: Diggin' on the warm and wonderful skin tones, and very welcoming setup, with nice contrasts of skin with background and nothing washed out. I'm not sure what was going on with the light, but some shots reminded me of when my flash units were misfiring, which will drive one completely bats when it happens and which is why I stopped working with flash. :)

Someone quick! Teach this woman how to smile and work to the camera. If she turns loose a genuinely warm smile she'll rocket strait to the top of the listings.

What the hell you think she's doing in 14!!?? Pay attention!!!

There are clues as to why she does not ...

But SHE DOES!! "Clues"!!?? Are you mental!?

Hey Albert, how many times do you need to white balance for one set (considering the location never changes)?

I believe his flash set up was misbehaving.

I'm having great difficulty finding the words to describe the effect that this heavenly creature has on me... An absolutely spectacular discovery by Mr Varin!

I think Mr. Varin was experimenting on finding the best lighting etc for photoshopping Solveig, because if you look at her current movie on TLE, she is heavily tattooed on her right side. She has an "Inspiratial " tat on her right side that runs from ribs to completely under her right breast,and a bouquet of ,I think, carnations, running from her right knee to crotch up the outside of her right thigh. This is great for her demonstration of her version of the three finger grip and how to cheat at tarot solitare but the bouquet of flowers is a little much in my book.On the other hand, I loved shot no 9. Of course, if I found one of those in my bedroom, I'd fall off my walker. And as we see in close-ups like shot 25, she waxes the undercarriage, and shaves the pelvic area.so she can't be all bad I gave Solveig A 10+ and Mr. Varin the same

If she does indeed have all the tats you discribe Albert is a master at both Photoshop and positioning his model for the least cleanup work. That would require a lot of touch up work and a gifted knowledge of how to blend all the patches he would have to do. Sadly I will have to take your word for it because MA and RA are all I can afford.

I will never understand why a woman this beautiful would put graffiti all over that marvelous body.

"Graffiti"!!?? Are YOU mental!??

This is not necessary to photoshop, if photographer knows how direct the model. FYI I've shot just recently a vid with her for my site. No one can see her tattoo there :) If you have no subscription, I will make more informative preview on site to prove the point.

Where is your site?


What is her name there?

Hipshot, I just checked, I don't think she has any galleries on ED yet, I think Arkisi was referring to her first material with him, which will be appearing later this month from the sound of it. ( :

Didn't know that was yours, Not a member but I'll take a look


We worked with Solveig just 2 days ago, I think that during this month the content will appear.

Also MA members have a possibility to sign to several sites of MA Network for a 1 day free, but how it works I don't know.

You're forcing me to spend more money seadog! I simply MUST have photos of this gorgeous woman without censoring! And a video you say!? My day now has purpose! Bless you!

That video is now a treasured possession!!!

Solveig is still fairly new to us, in this her third posted set. I appreciate her beauty in face and body, and Albert's photography in this set. The only thing I might offer as suggestion would be to have gotten her off the bed for a few frames and get some standing shots of that great figure, front & back.

On closer examination, I would offer another suggestion. There is no need to photoshop out minor skin pigmentations on Solveig's mons (ex: #58 vs #68). I would rather see her as she really is - human.

Amazing eyes and a beautiful inviting bottom

Solveig is such an impressive lady. A delicately beautiful, expressive face with a flawless body and no inhibitions about sharing it with us. This set is a 10 for me.

Major problem with the flash, delete is an option on a camera...despite that it is still a ten.

I suspect that those shots were not unintentional, I think Varin was experimenting with light levels throughout the set, to see under which light Solveig looks best.
I think if he had not intended those different light level pics to be in the set, he would have deleted them.

We need to be a little more honest when it comes to the photographer. The pics are not the quality Met Art would keep its customers. They are grainy and the shade of lighting on Solveig's body is not natural. It is not a good set for such a beautiful woman. I do understand her rating if this the going to be the quality of her future sets. Solveig herself is without a doubt a 10.

I agree completely. Met Art should have a "rate the photographer" as well. Some of these women might get as good of scores as they deserve because the photographer did a terrible job. I have a hard time justifying paying for out of focus pictures.

There is a rate the photographer feature, Glimmertwins. All you have to do is click on the photographer's name at the top of the set, next to the model's name and the set name. Once you click on the photographer's name, you will have the option to "add to favorites" and also to rate him/her. You also have the option of seeing all that photographer's sets, with all models he's worked with. These features are available for all photographers, but for some reason you have to be in a set to be able to access them.

I dislike paying out for photoshopping or whatever you want to call post-production digital manipulation of images.

Solveig's rating perplexes me. She should definitely be 9.0 or higher.

10+ for both model & photographer!
Breathtaking poses!

Not much to complain about in this set. A ravishing beauty, Nice variety, good closeups facial and intimate nice mix of front and back shots. A couple of frames where the strobes didn't fire and no standing shots but quite pleasant. Solveig needs to smile a bit more but structurally she is very solid and nicely put together.

A very nice set

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