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wish she was wrapped all around me that would be heaven

She really is like the Victoria's Secret model who took everything off, and showed us everything ......... Perfect!

Please do not use the 'C' word it is horrible and offensive .

The world should help out the Ukraine. This country is full of beautiful women it seems, and that's reason enough for me!

K-Content Manager, only line I can discover to you is here.
Please accept the accolade of a job well done. Much is expected, little is returned.

Lady Solveig, captured by A. Varin together are a team.
Desire is the most civilized form of thought, earthly rule of animal kingdom more completely defines my thoughts towards you young woman. A reading in the eyes of each photo tell of your passion upon presentation of self. The eyes are a window, you do not pull the curtains closed, it is my pleasure to view yourself......

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS SHOOT: Pretty much everything. :)

What an incredibly beautiful girl!! And another great pictorial by Varin. Solveig really gets an old man's juices flowing...blood and adrenaline that is...lol This set is all I need today!!

A note here because TLE doesn't facilitate comment...

One of the only good things I see about video is the difficulty of "painting out" tattoos. If it weren't for the one on TLE, I would never have known about or seen Solveig's beautiful ink!! "For me", this adds so much to the attraction... It says something about her that I did not see before, and I like what I see even more than before...VERY much. She represents the woman I spent my life dreaming and searching for, but sadly never found. I can only hope that she will know the love that I never did and holy crist do I sound like a blithering old fool.... Solveiggggg.....

Welcome to the clubs, Rock! ( ;


Awesome model exquisitely photographed! More please!

I kinda wondered what Varin was going to do about Solvieg's tattoo's. He has posed her mostly from the left and rear,to cut dowm on the photoshopping. If you look at Solvieg's video on TLE, she has a flower tattoo on her right thigh and a inspirational one in Ukrainian on her right ribs thet runs around under her right breast.She also demonstrates the three finger grip and the two handed grip. Solvieg herself is totally lovely, and a beautiful woman taking her clothes off is always a classic piece of photography,plus Solvieg has a very sexy back and butt,not to mention a very sexy front. I mentioned the tattoos to point out the masterpiece Solvieg and Varin have made for us. I gave both a 10++++

Congrats, Solveig...you are my "model de jour"!

Lovely, lovely Solveig... such a pretty face and such gorgeous hair, that crown the perfectly formed body. And lucky for us, she is not shy about posing it for us. Wonderful set!

K did it right tonight! 4 for 4. 4 beauties done by 4 of Mets finest artists and all wonderfully done!

Solveig is a great new addition to the upper ranks at Metart. Only 4 sets but each one superb. She will always be on my instant download list. What a gorgeous body and no navel piercing! Unusual these days and very welcome. Solveig is a natural beauty that needs nothing to enhance her looks!

"K did it right tonight! "

And the choir sang Amen!

Hear hear! Kudos to K!
(Maybe that's what the "K" stands for... ? LOL )

Please ignore the double post... the gremlins are afoot tonight!

Hear hear! Kudos to K!
(Maybe that's what the "K" stands for... ? LOL )

  • 2 years ago:

Hey all :) I am so glad we had a successful day on MA!

I hope you were HALF as "glad" as I was K...that would have made you deliriously happy!! lol ;o)

Another total delight courtesy of Albert Varin, Solveig is stunning, so fresh and appealing sat displaying herself majestically, lots more please!.

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