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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

Nr -6_ of the set -Arkisi , the best photoshoot's ever , I wish every set has this positions !!!

THOSE EYES that hair perfectily shaped legs love her round buns love her clothed and nude hurry back checking every day for your return

Solveig is really the Victoria's Secret Model who just takes everthing off and shows all.

Great set !

beautiful girl im in lust

Solvieg is very pretty and I wish they wouldn't airbrush her. She has an inspirational tat under her right breast and a bunch(wad) of some kind of flowers running from her knee to her hip on her right thigh on the outside. I already asked K, the body make-up Angelina Jolie uses to hide her 16 tats is not availabe in eastern Europe. Mia Solis tried what they have, and told Met it was a didaster(which is worse than a disaster)Solvieg's sets on SA don't hide her tats(see "Solvieg:Solitare ")and she looks just as pretty,not to mention sexy when she gets a grip on things.I suck it up and admire pretty tats (Think Mila I )on pretty models as girls do dumb fashion things and if they are hot we can live with it. I gave Solvieg a 10+++ Arkisi got 0 for airbrushing

NO airbrushing

In that case, we can consider the "0" to be praise.

All was shot just from her left side (although the minor tiny spots were removed,yes)
Tattoos are prohibited here, therefore without that technics the members won't see those girls.
All complaints please send to K.

I'm glad this is a site without tattoos. I don't care for them.

Then how does Mila I show her tats on a regular basis? Like every set? Somtbody's full of it.

Woope Solvieg does " Solitare"on TLE not SA

I feel like we are not getting even close to the potential of our model.

...interesting compliment...
What are your ideas/hints/suggestions?

Yes, a comment like mine is gratuitous without specifics. I should back it up with an analysis of our model's series under her model page. It would take me at least a couple of hours assuming I did not get distracted -this is, after all, one of my favorite models. If serious motivation strikes at the same time as whimsy, it might be in meter.

Such an endeavor would be educational as well as entertaining, Magwich.
( :

I'm speechless, Solveig is beyond words

I'm having trouble getting away from this machine!!! I have much to accomplish today, but I can't take my eyes off of this girl!!!

What happened to "Anita E - Meniry" set that was on earlier today?

I loved the panties and it would have been nice to have a few more sexy ones but I sure can't complain once Solveig took them off. What delicious pearly creama you have!

Automatic 10 / automatic download!
I'm always excited to see a new set of this magnificent young lady!!
My very favorite "new girl in town"...;o)
Another great set. Blessings upon all responsible for bringing it to us.

And blessings to those who passed down their marvelous genes to produce such an angel!! I am totally smitten!!!

No thumbs for the gene pool that created this beautiful creature huh? Nice!! BARBARIANS!! (LOL) ;o)

"Patience, grasshopper!" LOL

LOL Patience is not prevalent in MY "gene pool"...;o)

As with Sheela's set today, we see the result of a different photographer shooting a set with Solveig. The results are stunning IMO. The lingerie look delicious on her, including the panties, and those heels are hot.

One of the best things about MET is that they often publish sets of a model's work with more than one photographer. In this case, Albert V and Arkisi, both very accomplished, have different lighting styles, different preferences around makeup and hair, even posing. Add in Solveig's beauty and personality and the result is an increasingly varied and fresh portfolio.

A wonderful explicit set of this stunning, languid young girl..

Solveig is exceptionally beautiful and the panty shots and close ups are extremely uplifting..!

More of this beauty in her panties soon please

It would be nice to see greater attention paid to the panties, both from the front and the back, where we could see the entire area in detail... ( :

As usual.

Wow, thank you (model & artist) for sharing this beautiful set of great images with us! Keep up the great work!

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