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want more please

WoW This whole set made me twitch

Sure wish more MetArt Galleries were like this one . . . OMG! Nice closeups!

What a seductress Solveig is, wow! Arikisi has done it again, my hat is off to his talents, and I'm in awe of Selveig's assets. Stunning, A+++

oops, misspelled the 2nd time: Solveig it is...

Solveig is radiant. Those eyes!

Beautiful, and what a beautiful face- may sound odd, but I love her over bite..............

That does sound odd considering that she doesn't have one...

Love this set!
Solveig is Gorgeous, totally captivating and uninhibited displaying her generous talents...


Difficult to verbalize the appeal Solveig has to me and the effect she has on me! Suffice to say she brings out the Klingon in me!! No.64 may be the best photograph I've ever seen on MetArt!! Outstanding set Arkisi! Absolutely stunning!!

I had a feeling she was naked under that shirt. Very happy about that. :)


Solveig started off with Albert, or at least how her sets have been posted, but Arkisi has shot her the last three times. Both have done an equally excellent job of bringing her to us. I like that she is not being exclusive to any one photog.

Nice shoot Solveig and Arkisi!

Completely agree, kilroy.

Definitely the hottest set of the day. Solveig was on fire!!!

A bottomless masterpiece in the beginning and #019-021, truly magnificent arse cheeks, leading into some beautifully generous spreads.

Solveig is a true beauty, surely simple visual proximity to this gorgeous, sexy beauty must bring about symptoms of acute priapism.

Stunning pussy and anal views. Thank you Soveig and Arkisi. More please.

Solveig's creamy goodness is nothing less than awe-inspiring. I am impressed... ( :

hot beauty great set most beautiful woman ever

this is hot she makes my blood boil shes so gorgeous

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