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#83/84 focus ????

I agree with Neal, this is a fantastic photo shoot. Sophia has long been one of my favorites, and she is smokin' hot in this green dress. The color compliments her eyes perfectly, and standing in that dress with bare feet is a fantastic introduction to the entire set as a whole. I really hope that we see more of her as time goes on. I love her look and she has a gentle way about her......at least that's how I see it. Sophia, you are truly lovely.

I absolutely love this photo set.

I love the use of colour in your shots... Sophia was absolutely stunning in that green dress... the use of her lines, background colour and lines...

The only thing bad I have to say about this series...

There is only one thing and I think it is just me knit picking. The reflection of the photographer in the glass paneling in a few of the shots. Sort of ruined the illusion of intimacy with the viewer.

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