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Love those big beautiful breasts; don't care if they're implants.

I have to agree, Stacie looked better w/o implants.Some really hot models do well w/o them.Imean blow your socks off.

No idea why so much fuss and adoration over fake (pumped up) boobs. Only a 2 on my part.

And that's plenty.

At least we have one good set before the unfortunate decision. A real shame.

Too bad this beautiful lady had to get a boob job that simply took away from her beauty.

I'm not sure the breasts are fake. There is nothing fake about her pussy.

The scars are obvious in at least on shot. The one shot I looked at was enough to keep me out.

LOL If you're not sure those tits are fake, you must be REALLY "old, dude"!!
Look at her first set for verification. ;o)

Fake tits are horrible!!!

Should have a requirement for models to have natural breasts. Fake breasts ruin it all for me.

Hear Hear!! She is absolutely stunning down to her shoulders, but the boob-job is a mess.

I like a nice cleavage as much as the next bloke, but breasts have never been that important to me, as long as they're perky:)

She should keep her bra on.

I totally agree with this comment. There are so many gorgeous models on this site, it is a shame to have a few with obvious implants.

Please change her breasts size in her profile. They are not medium :-). Her beasts aren't natural, but really well done.

There is a lot of glare coming off the walls in many of the photos which I find distracting. Stacie is a very pretty girl but her breasts are a little too large for my taste. Leonardo is one of my favorite photographers but this series is not one of his best.

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