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Congratulations Dave Lee !
She is really presented here, without makeup, the light is all the scene.
The beauty of her is well technically portraited because the enhance for the hole of her body.
Kisses for a very special being: the lady !
By the way: what's your real name, aka Sunshine A ?

It seems that soon you will be able to enjoy Sunshine seen through the lenses of my camera. I am looking forward to sharing the beauty of this stunning hungarian model with all of you.

awesome. more please

she is divine!

I welcome this Sunshine on a very 'Stormy Monday'... Nice presentation of a beautiful girl. Could be a bright future for this 'team'. Good start.

The third nipple on her right butt cheek is a touch distracting, so many moles too, but she has a great body! Too much residual radiation from Chernobyl I guess. The eyes stare into my soul. I concur that her beauty would shine more if she raised her eyebrows and the corners of her lips. Yes, to smile more.

Sunshine is Hungarian and not Russian, she was born in Budapest. It's obvious Metart posted an incorrect nationality on her page. And by the way Chernobyl is in Ukraine and not in Russia, although it doesn't matter at all, because this lovely girl is from a third country. :)

"What is obvious to one, can be unknown to many." ;o)

Gorgeous body, submissive poses and a perfect bio.

Soft spoken and likes to cook?

Awesome babe.

Gorgeous model.

Good debut all round. Great T&A and a lovely pussy. Look forward to more.

  • 2 years ago:

Very nice start! A welcome beginning from both model and photographer.

Model is wearing nothing but lip gloss--impressive. It's nice to actually see a natural face every now and then.

A LOT more of this natural look would be VERY welcome. Most girls here are too pretty to wear make-up unless it's an important element of the "theme".

Not more than 3/10 for the model.

Beautiful girl with a very hot body!!! Great posing in this set too!!! I like the nice bed, and the lighting is very good. I can see a bit of digital artifact or graininess in the high res photos, and I wonder if they were scanned from slides? Perhaps the photographer will comment. A great debut none-the-less!!!

Is anyone still shooting slides these days?? Are they still using film in the 'old world'?? I suspect low-grade optics may be responsible for what you see. It WOULD be nice for another 'artist' to engage the membership here.

Rockhard, I seriously doubt if anyone is. It's just way too expensive day in and day out. But I don't know what else would cause the graininess other than scanning.

I will shoot this model this weekend in Budapest for the first time, I think she has a great potential. Stay tuned to see the results...

And will you be shooting with film?? Thanks for the heads-up ;o)

I am so looking forward to that, even if it is half as good as your set last month of Luce.

rockhard, for now I am just shooting photos, maybe next time filming too ;)
Kilroy, thanks for appreciating Luce's set, I have the feeling I can do the same with Sunshine.. We'll see ;)

Btw, graininess is most likely due to the higher ISO (the light sensitivity of the camera's sensor) set to compensate the weakness of the lighting, I would guess an ISO over 500. With lower ISO image would be smoother but you would risk to have either underexposed photos or motion/blurred images (caused by the shaking of hand holding camera and/or the model moving). I also face often weak lighting conditions (especially when i shoot indoor and outside it's a cloudy day or windows are too small). I always try to avoid going up too much with the ISO to have smoother images, but therefore I risk to have some blurred images in the set and also can't have everything in focus except the main subject (eyes or intimate details) because I also use big apertures which have shallow depth of field (what people wanting to see everything sharp and perfectly focused call "soft focus"..). It's not always possible to have perfect, crisp, crystal clear images, it all depends on the shooting conditions.

Nice set. I think this girl would look 10x more beautiful if she would just smile a bit more.

Beautiful Sunshine has certainly brightened my day, what a gorgeous beauty, I certainly hope to see a lot more of her.

Nice work from the debuting photographer as well.

bobblehat, I am looking forward to shooting Sunshine this weekend, hopefully you will see the outcomes soon

"Soon" if Met doesn't bury it for a few years...;o)

As you could see they didn't bury it...;)

Looking forward to that.

Well, as they say, "Hello, Sunshine." A very systematic presentation of a gorgeous body. Just lovely. Bravo and welcome!

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