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my god she is so exquisitely beautiful - what I wouldn't do for a night with her!

This is the best set of this model on the web so far... And nice use of what I guess is natural light. Photographer did a great job - hoping we get doused in more 'Sunshine'...

Gorgeous girl with beautiful boobs and a really nice pussy!!! I loved the strip sequence at the beginning, and all of Sunshine's uninhibited posing!!! Great set!!!

Smiles are a good thing, gets really tired, all the stern faced images. If I want to see angry women I can just go sit in traffic. SO, how about some variety?

Are men afraid of smiling women? Is this really "SERIOUS" business? I don't think so, but it does get really old.

Meyve looks irritated the entire set, angry, cold, dispassionate. Beautiful model, but if she were on my set all day and couldn't get anything other than cold dispassion out of her she would be on her way home.

Great shots, just angry looking.

Revlis335, to tell the truth - having got to know Sunshine during our shootings - I would say that this is a smiling set... There are models for whom smiling is an effort for a number of reasons, and sometimes it's better to let them express themselves in their most natural way rather than forcing them to fake smiles, which are probably more unacceptable. Let's say that a light smile from time to time can be interpreted as a sign of real good mood in that particular moment/pose, considering that someone smiling for the whole 45/60 minutes of the set is not normal or natural, unless the model has a real attitude in smiling all the time and appearing natural (and we have many examples here on Metart). Let's say that if Sunshine forced herself to smile all the time in a way it would have reminded me of those synchronized swim performers, who look anything but natural in their efforts. Anyway, that day she was a bit tired and the next shooting she had a light headache...;) Models....

"Sunshine"... Of course is who I meant, not the set title.

This model is the top of the top. Unbelievable beauty in every feature. Great job of photography. Excellent rapport between model and photographer.

Nice to read it Gary, Sunshine will be glad to read your nice comments and so am I. Thank you

A set with the model in white pantie....Great ....But are we trusted to just get just ONE shot of her Arse in the panties NO .... That might be too much for us, there's 120 images in this gallery 3 of them could have been spared to in focus shots of her arse in the panties..........Had it been a thong she was wearing then there would have been a few shots........What's the aversion to showing a beautiful woman's bottom in panties.

Well said LBL! I think panties, especially full-back bikinis, are one of the sexiest things a woman can wear! I love front and rear views with the panties on, and also love to see a woman taking her time getting out of them! Cotton and lace are my favorites, but we see a lot more lace than cotton here. Deltagamma did get a good strip sequence here with both the bra and panty. I'd love to see more like this.

I agree completely. I think plain white panties are very sexy. Lace and ribbons and bows are not really all that hot for me and I know they aren't comfortable for everyday wear.

I agree, LBL... I wonder what is the aversion to panties nowadays, the kind that real women wear everyday (I am almost dead certain that 90% of women do NOT wear lacy "butt floss" thongs to work everyday).
For me, what is appealing about underwear is that every woman wears it and outside of the realm of pornography/nude art (whichever way you prefer to refer to it) we are not able to see it.
So when we DO get to see it... certainly some of the time it's nice to see the really fancy Victoria's Secret type lingerie that women wear for special occasions.
But it's also nice to see what real women wear everyday... and to see more than one or two shots of it.

With such a nickname I should have guessed you wanted more shots of that part of the model's body... Ok LBL, I promise I will explore more the B-side of Sunshine with panties before she takes them off... Maybe it was too hot that day and she was in a hurry to get naked ;)

deltagamma74, nice set. good variety of shots and the ones that should be sharp are. The lighting seems a bit dark and I am not a fan of spot lighting but the light on the model is lovely.

Sunshine has a beautiful face, a great body, and a fantastic kitty. Her breasts are to large for my tastes but that can be ignored when the rest of the model is this beautiful!

Thank you hipshot131, I am glad you liked the set. About the lighting I think it's well balanced, it's warmer than usual because although it's an indoor set the sunlight I had was reflected by buildings in front of the balcony while it was bending to the warmer tones of sunset (I was in the Buda part of Budapest, with the window exposed east towards the Danube). I wanted to keep a balance between the skin tone of the model and the darkness of the background (I wanted to keep it in the shadow as much as possible to give more relevance to the model). Also, to keep images sharper and with enough depth of field, as you surely know, you need to play with the aperture. It's difficult to meet 100% your requirements though... ;)
I agree with the beauty of this model, I just reported her some of the comments here and she was really glad, looking forward to a new shooting together.

Love the over the shoulder glances in pics 44-50, and the 'sitting pretty' pose in #104......perfection!

I like the way she looks. Love her bio.

But, that the mole on her right glute is almost certainly HPV.

Someone who cares about her might suggest she see her OB/GYN really soon.

Hello Deltagamma. You have a new fan. This set is as perfect as a set can be. I am not a photographer but I know what I like and I like this. Perfectly beautiful photos of an incredibly beautiful woman. I love. Thank you.

Hello Neil, I am happy to have new fan like you! Now I feel the responsibility to keep up with the good work.. ;) Well, I think I am calling Sunshine to arrange a new shooting in september, what do you think? ;)

Just keep doing what you are doing. This set is great. I must confess that I try very hard to see the artistry in every photograghers work and the model's creativity aswell. So I will be very easy to please, but my compliments will be genuine. How often do you release work?

It's good to know it Neil, I also try hard to show art and let the model express herself. I normally have been submitting 3/4 sets per month but lately I have increased to 6/8, so hopefully it's enough to have a set published every week. Of course if member ask for them it will be easier to see more of my work ;)

deltagamma, you have my vote, I have been enjoying your work.
Thank you by the way for being one of the few MA photographers who respond regularly to viewer's comments. It shows a certain respect for your clientele and also enriches the experience in an intangible way.
I hope you continue to increase the volume of your contributions!

Thank you fer_realz, it's my pleasure to interact with viewers like you. I see it not just as an opportunity to know what subscribers think of my work, but also a way to see things from a different point of view (even when the point of view is very narrow and specific such as that of the panties..) that may be considered a next time, a chance of paying attention to what maybe I haven't noticed when I was shooting, or something I did on the purpose to obtain a certain effect on the viewer but didn't reach the goal for some reason. You can do things in a million way, or in just one way without caring of what others think (let's call it "style"), but there is a third way, which takes into account inspiration, feeling with the model, ideas and suggestions, and - why not - correcting those details or choices which are perceived as wrong or bad by the majority of viewers (nobody is perfect but when some aspect of your style is not liked it's time to change).
It's very challenging to hear what you viewers think, and I must confess that these comments are a real added value to the website: you find a bit of everything, and this helps bringing the whole thing to real life, especially when all the characters of the game are involved. Since we are moving from the starting point of having only beautiful photos of beautiful and sexy girls published on the website to the next step, that is the effect of those images on the viewers through these comment, I think that the next step is represented by photographers answering and describing the photoshoots and explaining their choices, as a feedback to what viewers may only guess otherwise, giving a touch of realism to the whole thing (and of course a sign of respect like you write). The next step would be a contribution by the model herself to close the circle, letting us know what they felt at the shooting, what they feel seeing their photos and reading comments (this has to be made through photographers necessarily): as an indirect contribution I am trying to describe the model and her attitude, even reporting to them the comments here (not all of them actually ..) in order to let you know their reaction (like I did for Sunshine and also for Luce A and Nicole J). I think that this flow of contributions from those involved can really enrich the whole experience and help bring Metart one step further.

P.S. Btw, thanks for the vote fer_realz!

Oh yes!

Ok hipshot131, deal!

I have been looking forward to another Deltagamma set here, and glad it was with the lovely Sunshine as the subject. The poses are great, the pictures are in focus (which oddly enough is a challenge for some photogs here) use natural lighting, and a model who is at ease in front of the camera. I particularly like the pics 90-95 that bring out Sunshine's curvy mound, very nice.

I wish we had more sets here on MA from Deltagamma.

thanks kilroy, I also wish to appear more often ;)

There are NOW only about half a dozen photographers on this site doing current work which are any good at their job. This photographer is in the top two and may even be the best photographer now left on here as most of the other good photographers who have previously done some very good work for this site no longer contribute to this site. Unfortunately most of the other current photographers (with the exception of about six) continue to produce lame boring uninteresting out of focus tame rubbish. Time and time again remarks have been posted in the comments sections at the bottom of the rubbish photo shoot sets stating this and requesting photo shoots and poses to the standard the paying customers want to see. However the photographers who continually get the adverse comments either do not read the comments or they do read them and just ignore them. Consequently this photographer (whose good work I will now miss), plus the current work of the other six or so good photographers, hardly warrants my continued subscription. My membership lapses this month and then I will be off. Now doubt I will have a look around this site in a year or two but until most or all of the photographers who contribute to this site start producing good work to the standard and in the style viewers obviously want to see such as photo-shhots done by Deltagamma, Arkisi, Rylsky, Goncharov, Tony Murano, Alex Sironi and Alex Iskan (all who feature high up in the scoring chart), then things will probably not have improved one jot in a year or two anyway. I hope that all photographers and this site now actually read and take on board this comment.

tintin, I think you make some good points, and I'll be sad to see both you and rockhard go. My take on the quality over time issue is a bit different. I've been a member here continuously for three years now, and on and off before that. I don't see a decline in quality, but rather, just more of the same. The photographers you mention are all favorites of mine, and they have enough work published here day in and day out to keep me satisfied. But there are many, many sets with quality issues. The frustrating thing is that since we've had the comment feature (since March I believe), many members have voiced their dissatisfaction with issues such as poor focus, poor lighting, and inadequate posing, and those complaints seem to have largely fallen on deaf ears.

If I were running a site like this, customer satisfaction would be a priority for me, and I would try to get feedback from the members in a variety of ways (comments, polls, email surveys, etc). Once I'd identified areas of dissatisfaction, I'd get the word out to all of the contributing photographers, so any problems could be fixed. I don't think that's been done here. A few photographers have responded to member comments with changes in their work, but most have not changed their "style" at all.

I do like the ground rules for the photography on this site (no toys, no boys, no genital touching), and Met-Art has added other sites to their network for those who want more. Within that framework, the site owners and administrators ultimately set the bar for quality by what they purchase from the contributing photographers. I've seen a few sets here that I found it hard to believe they even considered. And many sets that could have been improved. The editors have to provide feedback to the photographers in order to keep the quality high. It would be nice if there were a user forum, so we could discuss all these issues in detail. Hopefully the site administrators are listening, and the quality will improve over time. But for my money, this is still the best site out there, and the only one that I continuously subscribe to.

luv lickn Clit. Well written and you make some very good points which I agree. If only the photographers who continually get poor scores and poor feedback could sharpen up their act I would happily stay. Unfortunately I have already spent the next years subscription budget elsewhere. The thing is, I will miss the good work from this photographer and the other six or so other good photographers I listed. However their very good work is being set-back by being included amongst rubbish sets from other rubbish photographers who just cannot be bothered to change their ways even though the poor scores they get and adverse comments they receive should be enough to get them to improve without being told. On reflection I will probably be back August next year (if not a few months before) as the good work by the seven photographers alone may merit me re-joining. I do not know my final day on here but think it is any day now, thus this may be my last posting on here until August 2014 by which time hopefully the rubbish photographers will have been given the elbow. When I rejoin I do not know if I will be able to keep my user name or not, but I will let everyone know.

I have to agree on some of those points especially your list of photographers but you left one out. Catherine, She is improving constantly and works hard with her fans to listen and improve. This is what makes a good artist. This is a commercial site and the contributors need to realize that the money they make here is from us. We pay and thus we should not be disregarded as if we know nothing. If it is a single decenter fine but when the majority of the comments reflect the same view it is time to take note.

deltagamma74 is open to comment and learning and this is the sign of a good artist.

lol! hipshot, I have to believe that he is NOT a fan of Catherine's... And I also believe that just because we pay to "view" the content on ANY site, we are not "buying the privilege" of dictating what that content should be. If that were the case, with all the diversity of tastes here, can you imagine what the content would look like!? lol I still believe we should take what we like, and if there isn't enough to justify the cost, look elsewhere. That's what brought me here. I got tired of dildos and "plastic women"... I have had plenty of complaints about the photography in some content here, but have no complaints about the site. It's what "I" was looking for...diverse and 'natural'...for the most part ;o) I hate that I'm going to miss future sets by this photographer...I like his work a lot.

Wow tintin, I am so honored to have such a consideration by you, always so sharp and thoughtful in your posts. I don't know if I deserve it but I will gladly accept it! Actually it's so rewarding to see that all the efforts and the attention for details I put in my work is noticed by someone like you and other out-of-mainstream observers. I must admit that I also have a few not-so-great sets in my gallery so far, but as a "young" photographer I feel myself improving quickly on the fine-technical side, while on the artistic one I still have many things to tell, but I just need time (and budget..). As you can see I am one of those paying attention to what members write, and I try to take all the comments/critics/suggestions into account as long as they are originated by reasonable points of view and real passion. Of course if critics affect the style that I believe in I will probably not consider them (I had many "soft focus" critics but in some cases and in certain lighting conditions it is what I want the image to be) but of course if someone notices technical issues or doesn't like how I lead the development of the set I must consider that (I am not shooting for my own pleasure if I publish on Metart, there are people paying for that, as you write). It's sad to read that for a number of reasons you will probably leave the community. I don't know how much it would help to know that I have recently increased the number of sets submitted to Metart and consequently my work is likely to appear more often (if only I got a higher number of votes..still stuck out of the top photographers due to insufficient amount of votes), but of course it would probably not be a good enough reason to stay. For sure some photographers (like me) will also miss you with your mercyless analysis and challenging comments. But if you change your mind, like rochard writes, maybe trying to catch only what goes in what you consider the right direction would help having a less bitter taste in your mouth. From my part I will try to make it sweeter ;)

deltagamma, by "votes" are you referring to the number of members who have "favorited" you as a photographer the way we can the models and the sets?
Maybe you can educate those of your fans who don't know how to do it? I bet you'd get a bunch more votes right away.
Just a thought...

Exactly fer_realz, I mean those votes you either give to sets, models or artists. I don't want to seem egocentric but as a matter of fact if I aspire to claim more space in terms of published sets I necessarily need that many people vote for me to get a good score and testify I am appreciated. This way I can have more opportunities to submit more (hopefully) interesting work which takes into account viewers' preferences and suggestions, when possible. I was wondering if some of the members didn't know how to cast their vote, otherwise I don't know how to explain so few votes if compared to the votes for the set. So let's remind all members wishing to vote for the artist that they just need to click on the artist's name on the grey bar over the set's cover showing set title/model/artist (possibly a good vote..;)). Let's see i this works. If it does I owe you a beer fer_realz..;)

I'm not a photographer, nor am I 'MetArt', but I feel a need to address your comment. My subscription also expires this month, but for me it's a case of economics that will prevent my renewing, not any issues with the content of the site. That's probably because I subscribed month-to-month in the beginning, to see if the site was producing what I was looking for before committing to a long term subscription. I believed that's how most people decide where to spend their money...on a site that appeals to them. What I hear you saying is that when someone joins a site, he/she can begin telling the site what he/she wants to see, and they should change their particular style of content to suit them. Needless to say, that is and always will be impossible, since we all have different tastes. Instead of trying to change the content, or even the quality of the content on an established site such as this one, it seems much easier (and possible!) to be happy on a site that IS producing what you want to see. It sounds like you'll be much happier on a site that focuses on the technical aspect of nude photography, and not the artistic aspect. I've always believed that this site features a bit of both, and occasionally throw in a few sets that focus on neither of these aspects. But as with all sites, you learn to take the good with the bad and pick out what you like, leaving the rest for others that are looking for what THEY like... Anyhooo...sorry to see anyone leave with a bad taste in their mouth. I will miss many things about membership here, and a few I will not miss...;o) Ciao!

Rock, I will miss you. We seem to be on the same wavelength MOST of the time. I hope you financial situation improves soon and you come back home to Metart.

I too have a very tight budget but I choose to stay here because the over quality is very hard to beat. Yes there are some of the photographer that I hate but even they occasionally produce a good set or find a new gem for Metart. Some it is clear have no regard for the subscribers comments and continue to thumb there noses at us. For these I simply leave poor feedback and move on.

Hope to see you back soon.

Thanks hipshot...I appreciate the sentiment. I hope to make it back...some day! I'm gonna miss all this lively conversation!! lol

Sorry to see you go, rockhard. Hope you can make it back some day.

Thanks zakk...hopefully I will...some day ;o)

Rockhard. All your points noted. What I forgot to say in my posting was that I have been a loyal subscriber to this site not just for one year but for many years. When I first joined and even though the photographic equipment used at the time was poor compared to todays standards, and even though there were some rubbish photo-shoots posted even then, but the majority of postings were clear, good poses and of a good quality. Indeed, until now, I have always continued to renew my 12 month subscription. I and many other subscribers have been warning for some time now through the comments section that the qulity of contribitions on this site, taken as a whole, has been going down-hill fast. Whilst half a dozen photographers on here still do great work, including this photographer, the majority of photographers are just not up to the job. The rubbish photographers now out-number the good ones by at least two to one, maybe 3 - 1 parhaps even 4 - 1, thus for me I will now now spend next years subscription elsewhere and will continue doing so until metart instructs all their photographers to atart producing work like the photographers who always seem to achieve the highest scores do.

tintin...we could kick this around for hours, to no resolution. I understand and respect your opinion and acknowledge your dilema. It's just that we see things differently, and that obviously is not going to change. So as we depart (for different reasons) I wish you happy viewing wherever you end up. As for me, I shall make do with the 527 beauties I have collected here, and probably spend the next few months (or YEARS!) going through the thousands of sets and deleting all the 'chaff'... Peace ;o)

Rockhard. No doubt I will be back on here in a year or so especially if this photographer, and the other half a dozen I listed, have a higher proportion of contributions. Hope to see you back on here some time in the future with me as whatever subscriber views are they are always more interesting to read than those who never post any comments on any sets. Good luck hope you return next August.

Hi tintin - One of the reasons I like reading the comments section here at Met-Art is to get other subscriber's perspectives. So, it's interesting to read that you (and apparently others) think the site is headed in the wrong direction.

But, I respectfully disagree. I like the variety on Met-Art. A lot. I like that there are many different photographers (almost as much as I like the many different women). I like that each has a different style and approach, a different way to use light, a different sensibility around posing and working with models.

And I think all of them are very, very good at what they do. They know how to capture the beauty of young, naked women, and do it in a way that is at once erotic, and respectful of an individual model's boundaries. Which I imagine is hard to do once, let alone repeatedly.

That doesn't mean I love them all equally, or that they all do "10" work all the time. I'm not even saying they are above criticism. Just that I think they are all pros, and know what they are doing, and their stuff more often than not works for me.

Anyway, just my opinion. I wish you the best.

And a well thought out and verbalized opinion it is zakk! ;o) I couldn't agree with you more.

Congratulations deltagamma74, this is an excellent set and Sunshine is an amazing young lady with a cute face, perfect body and wonderful breasts. I'm looking forward to her sets in the future, I'm sure they'll be great too. But I want to ask something. Do you know why her info page says that she's Russian, when in reality she is a Hungarian angel???
It disturbs me that Metart don't respect her and they can't tell us Sunshine's true nationality.

Maybe they only know what they are told...??

Thank you Arthur, that's nice to hear such rewarding words, I am sure that Sunshine will appreciate too. The other sets I shot with her in 2 different locations indoor are also as nice as this one, which has probably the best lighting, but in the other ones you can see her really enjoying the shooting, posing very comfortably and looking relaxed and happy (she is not smiling so often in reality, but when she has a good mood you can see it).
About her nationality I don't know, but I don't think it depends on Metart, they just report information provided and normally it's the first photographer who shoots her who does it, but I can't tell how it went. Anyway, we all know she's Hungarian by now, right? ;)

Right you are sir!! ;o) And speaking of Hungarian...maybe you are familiar with Zafira A...? I'd like to see what you could do with her! Next time in Budapest maybe..??? ;o)

Let's see if I can catch Zafira rockhard ;) I noted down your wish ;) Btw I am discovering a few more hungarian jewels in Budapest so maybe I will also bring back some new faces. Let's see after the summer.

Excellent, Hungary has some amazing beauties and I see to few here. I am eager to see what you find.

I got Sunshine on any day.She's my girl.

Sunshine is a beautiful young woman and I am glad to see her again. To my old eyes, 38 and 40 are so much nicer than 39; and 58 beats 59 all day long.

a gorgeous girl. very slender body and great boobs. i love this lady.
good work and great poses deltagamma

thanks kkronful, as I wrote below Sunshine is really easy to work with, she has a natural attitude for posing and showing all her beauty, I bet she will soon be in the top list of Metart models (let's vote for her..;))

Another great set of this delicious redhead!! I liked her debut a lot and this is a great followup... Fine photography also, along with almost ideal lighting. I fell for Sunshine nearly a year ago on another site, and I'm really liking what she's doing here at Met so far...

Redhead, am I missing something?

I wondered about that myself, after posting this... I believe I was influenced by the auburn cast I see in her hair. However, I don't see that in the earlier stuff I have of her, so maybe that's not the case... Pick a color...any color! She'd look good in blue hair!! ;o)

In fact, she might look GREAT in blue hair!! ;o)

Thanks rockhard, your comments are always welcome. I totally understand your crush for this model, and I am really glad I had the chance of shooting a few sets with her for Metart, and I am sure she will do very well. About the lighting I was lucky with the weather, with nice sunny days and good position of the windows, so I could take advantage of a perfect warm natural lighting. I am sure you will also like the next sets I shot with her coming out soon.

Sunshine is a great model, not just a beautiful and talented erotic model but also a clever, thoughtful and interesting girl. Working with her 2 weeks ago in Budapest, where this set was shot, has been a very pleasant experience. I was surprised she didn't get much attention and appreciation at her debut, but I hope she does well with this set so that she will have more chances of appearing more often here on Metart.

Sunshine is a great model, not just a beautiful and talented erotic model but also a clever, thoughtful and interesting girl. Working with her 2 weeks ago in Budapest, where this set was shot, has been a very pleasant experience. I was surprised she didn't get much attention and appreciation at her debut, but I hope she does well with this set so that she will have more chances of appearing more often here on Metart.

You didn't shoot her debut. Problem solved.

If you have more work in the pipeline with Sunshine, I'll become an addicted and avid fan.

Her debut left me feeling pretty flat, to be honest. Someone made the comment that she'd be even more beautiful if she smiled more. I don't think she was in the mood to smile. She didn't enjoy that shoot as much as she did this one.

Thank you Deltagamma for exposing her delicious beauty, and Thank you Sunshine, for sharing.

It's me thanking you for the consideration Rich, in effect I am very glad to see such a beautiful models like Sunshine have the appreciation she deserves. She started with a score of 8.54 and now she is already at 8.70, having more chances of appearing here more often. As this is of particular interest by you I can tell you that I have submitted another set with her some days ago and hopefully it will be published in september, meanwhile I have a few more sets ti submit and if she keeps doing well here I am planning to shoot her outdoor in Italy soon. So, stay tuned!
About her smiling or not as I replied to that comment she is one if those models for whom it doesn't come too natural to do it, so when you see her showing her rare beautiful smile it's rewarding twice: for the viewers who enjoy its beauty and fir the photographer who knows she is in a good mood thanks to the positive feeling. It's nice you noticed this last point in this set and seem to have liked it. Thank you again

Thanks for posting, deltagamma74. It took a while for Sunshine to register on my radar (so many women, so little time), but she's definitely there now. Glad to hear she is such an interesting person.

Oh, and nice set! Wide variety of poses that show off Sunshine's sexy, "I'm a grown up" vibe.

Thanks Zakk, I'm glad you appreciate Sunshine's qualities and the set, actually she is very easy to work with, she makes every pose look so natural and sensual. I really think I will shoot her again, also outdoor, next time.

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