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Great legs, Great tits, smooth pussy....stunning!

Thanks for all the comments, they were all really useful. I had a look at your set Deltagamma, and it has something really. Appreciate. Pls continue posting comments so I can understand better what I should change to improve. Actually we have a good relationship with Sunshine and she claims that she likes to work with me a lot. In fact after this shoot she even texted me that this was the most pleasant shoot of her life so far. So I really need to understand what I do wrong, I would love to be in the team of MA artists. Thanks again!

Hi Dave, thanks for appreciating my set! I can confirm that Sunshine liked shooting with you, since during our shooting we spoke about her debut on Metart with your first set, so even if she doesn't seem to show feelings sometimes it doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy to shoot. It is a challenge though. About your photography I can just suggest you to stick to the style you feel more appropriate to your personal view, but taking into account those comments by viewers that make sense to you, and also try to consider also some preferences by viewers from time to time, in order to encompass a few of the many possible options that every set offers, knowing that someone will appreciate. Most of the time there is no wrong or right in art photography, but since this is not a private gallery we have to be open and listen to what is rather liked/appreciated or not by the viewers, who are part of this virtuous circle. So welcome in the team and good luck for your next works!
P.S. Maybe see you in Budapest next time...;)

Dave, thank you for posting, it is always nice to hear the photographer's perspective!

Like SWPLF2 I hope we get more Sunshine. My only critique is that she reads 'cold' or 'sad' in these photos. #6 to #12 she has no facial expression, but on her it looks sad. Then #51... what expression is that? She looks mad to me.

The two features I love about Sunshine are her legs (love her legs) and breasts. Highlight her assets :) and find some way to give her a more warm facial expression in the photos, keeping in mind her 'neutral' facial expression looks sad.

I was thinking about Sunshine and the question of why I didn't like her set as much as I should. Then I saw the Candice Luka (by Dave Lee). Compare Candice's facial expressions to Sunshine's and maybe you'll see what I'm talking about. Candice is full of energy, engaging the camera (and therefore the audience). Sunshine look away from the camera more than she look at it. Maybe she is ashamed? I don't know but the whole mood of the set is downbeat, and as I said, cold.

Interestingly both Candice's set and Sunshine's are shot in similar locations and similar set but to me Candice has a far superior set just because of her radiance. This set with Sunshine is anything but sunny - it feel brooding. So I guess that's why I don't 'warm up' to Sunshine.

I like all of Sunshine, but she does have great legs! Her expressions in this set are rather bland for some reason.

After a very informative day yesterday yesterday under Anna AJ this set of Sunshine makes much more sense. She is new and has a rather low rating. Sh has only had two sets posted by David Lee and one by Deltagamma. Deltagamma posted that he had the opportunity to shot several sets of her in Budapest and was impressed by her. To be honest the two sets by David Lee are somewhat boring so I gave her no rating, or comment on his sets. Her low rating "bothered" Deltagamma as opposed to Rylsky who doesn't give a damn about the ratings. If you compare his set of Sunshine to the others it is obvious she has more to offer than we have seen yet. Delta apparently has several sets of her in the system that we haven't seen yet. Until yesterday I didn't fully understand how this worked. K explained Anna AJ has "retired" but we see a "new" set yesterday. And apparently the same thing happens with the artists, my guess is Voronin has retired yet he is still, based on his work, a TOP artist. While Erro obviously has not retired we haven't seen him posting here since January. Since Aletha is one of his exclusive models we haven't seen her for a while. Deltagamma is try to build his reputation here so he "needs" to be posted with better rated models. While Rylsky has pointed out the danger of disclosing too much info about the models, I don't see how us knowing if a model has retired could "hurt". One of the things about internet is once to set exists it will in all likelyhood always be available. This idea is not new. The movie industry allows us to enjoy Ingrid Bergman, etc. today as she appeared at her zenith. The same holds for our best models and in fact all models that have appeared.
If you are wondering where I am going with this it relates to my crusade for a Hall of Fame. Maybe a criteria for it should be that a model has retired. But back to Sunshine, I feel sorry for her. I hope Deltagamma is correct that what is, to use the old movie expression, in the can, portrays her better than what we have seen so far, and that she has better ratings in the future.

I support your crusade for a Hall of Fame swplf2, I think it's a due reward to all those top models who pleased the viewers at the highest levels and finally retired (or even before retiring), regardless of the rating system or the ranking of the moment. Once the criteria for appearing in the HOF is set the result will showcase a trail of beauties that will represent and synthetize the beauty portrayed by Metart artists. So, I hope your proposal becomes reality soon.
About Sunshine I mostly agree with what you wrote, I can add that she is a complex model, and while the qualities of her body are self-evident her facial expressions may not look very communicative when she is not totally comfortable or relaxed, or even in a normal situation, so it is important to make her feel good and ask her to show a positive mood. I am quite satisfied about the sets I shot with her and that hopefully you will see in few weeks (I guess in a month), and I think in most of them she looks fine and willing to pose, but you viewers will have to judge. But I invite those who look very severe about models facial expressions to give the right importance to the other factors of the photoset. This one my my colleague David Lee seems to me well shot, with a good lighting and the choice of an essential and modern setting which gives enough prominence to the model and her poses. Maybe there could be more variety of shooting angles and more close-ups of bodyparts, but that's the photographer's choice too. But once more, Sunshine has a big potential and I hope that you will all start appreciating her more and more.

I did notice that in this set in particular, Sunshine seemed to be tense at the beginning but she seemed to "warm up" and relax somewhat as the set progressed.

Deltagamma, I'm glad you chimed in. I enjoyed your set with Sunshine the most of all so far. This is an "okay" set, but would have had more appeal to me for the very reasons you pointed out: limited variety of shooting angles (and poses, much repetition) and lack of close-ups. I agree it was well shot, but as rast262 points out, her assets could have been better shown. I am looking forward to seeing your shoots with the lovely Sunshine.

LEGS, LEGS....and beautiful tits...wow, she's stunning...

Patience grasshopper. Your original post WILL show up.

LEGS, LEGS....and beautiful tits...wow, she's stunning...

wow! she looks amazingly gorgeous

I would give anything to have Sunshine wrap those legs around me..

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