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Oops, I meant Doug's comments, not Gary's. Sorry about that.

Also forgot to mention that the focusing is at times "front-focused", meaning that the foreground is sharp, and what was intended to be in focus behind is a bit soft. If using autofocus, naked women can fool the system, they need edges and contrast to find where to focus. With all that smooth wonderful skin, focus problems are inevitable. My advice to these guys is either focus manually or just be aware of focus problems while shooting.

Truthfully, if I had these hot naked women in front of me, I'd probably forget every bit of technical advice I so freely give here, haha.

RedPilot, Doug,
focus is a complex issue, and most of the problems related to erotic photography that you have listed are true or very close to truth. I would like to underline the fact that focus is still a very subjective issue too, so what some viewers consider a mistake is simply what the photographer wanted to highlight within the frame. Photographers know that in some lighting conditions (especially soft natural light), if you want to keep a good image quality without going up too much with ISO, the use of lenses with large apertures (f/4 and below) - and therefore shallow depth of field - will always produce a remarkable difference between the foreground and the background, or even within the same subject when it is inclined with respect to the focus line. The most difficult part to focus on, in a naked body, are the buttocks, especially when the skin is flawless. I am not sure I understood right when you speak about autofocus: I don't think there are many photographers using manual focus in up to 250 shots you normally need to create a set, so I guess you are referring to the focus point system, which changes from camera to camera. I personally always use the central focus point, whih is normally sharper, and never leave it to the automatic system. Focusing on the eyes works most of the times, but then the framing of the picture has to match the choice of the focus with a reasonable/understandable balance, otherwise the focus will appear wrong to most viewers. But it's also true that some viewers don't understand the aperture issue and the focus choice, and often interpret the choice of not focusing on the "most interesting" parts as a technical mistake. The "mindful" issue is funny but it may be true sometimes, especially for models at their first erotic shooting experience.
Interesting debate, we can deepen at the next published set if you like.

I'm not sure what you mean by "focus point system". On my D2x there is either manual or autofocus. Within autofocus, you have a choice of spot, center or multi-point. Yes, I can imagine a flawless butt would be hard to focus on. Gee, what a nice problem to have!

You all must have lots of time to write these comments. I sometimes write somewhat long comments and beat myself up for taking so much time to "chat" with people I don't know. But, having said that it's a really interesting community, and we all love the same thing- women!

I shot professionally for 30 years, now just do it for fun. "Only" using a D2x, it's dated but the images are quite good. Better cameras out there now, but I'm a stickler for lighting (Broncolor guy).

Gary's comments ARE detailed, but seem more focused on posing and the feel that the model projects. He said something about "calm" look on her face (Sunshine) but to me it looks dispassionate. I wonder how "into it" she is, I get sort of bored vibes from her. OTOH, her body would rock my world, even if she were a cold fish, I'd treasure the opportunity to experience her tight little kitty (appears that way to me).

Another interesting thing about this thread is deltagammas willingness to discuss things and give detailed replies. Like I said, an interesting community we have here!

Oh, and the girls, OMG the girls, what a treasure!

Agreed, Red! They are a treasure!
As for long comments... I guess it depends on the particular thread. deltagamma really seems to enjoy detailed back and forth with the members. And certain members seem to enjoy a "conversation" spread out over multiple days.

DG, I think this is the best set of Sunshine published yet. Still a little reserved expressively, but the simple setting and lighting are wonderful. I like the many full figure shots you have included, like 92 & 93. Women with a slender figure and great legs like Sunshine's are perfect for that type of pose. I agree with Aurthur II and Browning about including a few shots (say five or six)of any model in casual street clothes. It does, like you say, bring more realism to her. Also thank you for not editing out her minor skin pigmentations, more of what makes her so real to me. Overall great set, and once again I appreciate very much your extensive dialog with us, telling us the rest of the story that the pictures can't.

kilroy, it's always so stimulating and rewarding to participate into all this, firstly with my work and then with my thoughts an responses to the comments of such sharp observers like you and a few others. It's so pleasant to know that this fruitful exchange really adds something to the images.
I also totally agree with your highlights about this set, which is also one of my favourite ones among the ones I published so far, and I will surely consider the "casual" images for my next shootings in order to bring more realism to the images of these beautiful dreamgirls.

Loved it. I must admit that if I had the good fortune of painting beautiful Sunshine A (which will never happen), I would light her exactly the same. This set inspires me! The entire set is great, but image 34 to me is genius. This makes me want to paint flesh! Female flesh! Figure painting (and I suppose photography as well) got a bad name among certain members of the art crowd years ago, and still does. But if this set doesn't inspire you, you're probably someone I do not care to know.

Ouchstopit, you got it. As a painter of female nudes myself I used the perfect lighting I would have used if I wanted to paint Sunshine, a soft natural light filtered by a window, the best. I am glad you have been inspired as much as I have been when I shot her. You liked pic 34, but I also included other poses which would be great for figure-painting, such as pics 60, 88, 93, 116.

Sunshine is one of the most beautiful models in the world. But that does not change the fact that this is a terrible job of photography. Almost every picture is blurred. Either focus error or such a terrible camera it cannot take a decent picture. The lighting also is terrible. This set is a waste of beauty and sloppy work like this should never appear on this web site which prides itself on photography.

maybe I should start wearing glasses or throw away my canon eos 5d mark II and the 24-105 f/4, or probably change job.. It didn't look so terrible at first, thank God someone noticed, one in a million! At least the model seemed to be ok ;)

DG, You can have my glasses. She looks incredible through them, even at low resolution.

Thank you kilroy, it's kind of you. Do you also have a good camera by chance..? ;)

Very good response:)

anyone has the right to express his own opinions and tastes, I will not try to demonstrate that my photography here is not as terrible as someone thinks, he is free to skip this set and look for something much better. You just can't please everyone.

deltagamma74, I applause you for defending your work. Please, don't try and please everyone, that's impossible.

I don't understand rude or obnoxious comments.
If you don't care for a set or particular model/photographer state your opinion respectfully, and move on. It really is that simple.

Agreed, Browning, it really is that simple.
Nobody's saying you have to like everything, and nobody's saying you can't say what you don't like...
All we're saying is be civil and respectful about saying what you don't like.
It really isn't that hard, and the practice will make it easier to get along with people in the "real" world! ( :

Thank you fer_realz.

Browning. Amen!

Thank you swplf2.

Sunshine is a very beautiful lady, with a beautiful face. I could wish her to smile more, but it's up to her. forced smiles are no good.

I agree 5seadog, forced facial expressions are not good, the best is to get the model to reach a real inner positive mood, more difficult when the model's character is that of not showing so easily that mood with a smile.

Beautiful, sophisticated, perfect body full of dangerous curves.
Beautiful eyes deep look.
The perfect backdrop for this beauty? only a colorful wall, OK!
Just missing a little bit of cockiness of the model.

gaetano, I am really glad you liked both the model and the setting, just liked you wrote for my previous set. It's always pleasant to find out I am meeting the taste of a viewer like you. Thank you.

Once again congratulations deltagamma, this set came out very nicely. The setting is very simple, yet effective, an empty room and the beautiful Sunshine. She looks fantastic here, I like her lingerie set, it's a good one and I like the minimal makeup on her too, she looks like a girl next door. The poses are great and as you mentioned before Sunshine isn't smile too much, but that's not a problem for me, I like serious girls. It seems like to me she enjoys working with you and I think that's an important factor. So I'm satisfied with the end result, it's always great to see this magnificent natural beauty. I hope to see more sets from this angel and I hope you'll be the photographer, who brings us those collections, because I like your work a lot. :)

Thank you Arthur, I am really plesed to read how much you appreciate my work - not only this set - and I am really willing to show you all more of this model. So far there are 3 sets with her waiting in the pipeline, so if only Dave Lee and I have been shooting Sunshine so far you may be seeing her again soon. I am working on 3 more sets and planning a new shooting with her in Budapest within this autumn, I am eager to bring you the best of her with new great sets. Just keep on writing what you wish to see and vote with good scores what you like ;)
Thank you again for the nice words and sincere appreciation.

I do have a small suggestion for you. When you next shoot a new set with Sunshine in the future, could you dress her up in casual or sporty clothes???
Let me explain this. Casual: I'd like to see her in a simple blue (or any other color) jeans and in a tank top or buttoned shirt, so she would look like a university student or an "average" girl on the street.
Sporty: in this case she could wear a very tight T-shirt and a sexy short, plus nice running shoes. I know the girls' dresses are very important props here on Metart and everybody likes these fancy, elegant and expensive evening dresses and stuff like that, but I think it'd be refreshing to see a girl in an everyday look. You know I really love when an attractive young lady like Sunshine wears ordinary clothes and not always these super expensive fashion creations. So this would be my little idea for you and your models. I'm sure Sunshine, Edwige, Luce or Caprice would be sensational in a setting like this. Please think about it and talk to the girls about this and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to wear clothes like I mentioned in this comment. :)


YES! With Sunshine's figure, she would look awesome in a pair of well-fitted blue jeans and a tank top. Great suggestion, Arthur.

I agree. A beautiful woman in a pair of well fit jeans and a t-shirt or tank top looks fabulous/hot!!!

Less makeup and glamour is often times much, much, better!!!

ArthurII, I agree 100%....I love any set that starts off with the model as she appears in public.
It makes the entire set more real, not just a woman in a photo.

I also would rather see the model in casual dress, they way they would normally look while shopping or walking down the street.

Thank you for your post.

Sure I can do this Arthur, if this helps feeling the model closer to our world - looking like a "real" girl, a girl next door - why not. I do consider suggestions and ideas, so I will definitely include this option in my next shootings. Also fer_realz wrote something about the more ordinary clothing in yesterday's set comments, and I also wrote it down in my notes for the next shooting. Btw, next model will probably be Conny Carter, I can try this with her in a couple of weeks.

Awesome... I already mentioned I love Conny but it bears repeating! ( :

Ok fer_realz, I can tell you that also thanks to your preference for Conny last night I already arranged a shooting with her in Italy this month. I have great ideas for her, surely I will consider the "casual" look hints, I will shoot her with jeans and a plain top, then maybe with a sporty outfit, like some of you suggested. The shooting will take place mostly indoor but also outdoor if weather permits. I am still open to more suggestions, so take your chance!

Awesome! I hope the shoot with Conny goes really well for you both! Maybe if the muse hits you'll have enough material for multiple sets... ( :

Oh, also, deltagamma, congrats on getting 2 sets published 2 days in a row!
You mentioned your "cred," well, you're building it up. Personally, I think your excellent dialog with the members really helps.

thank you fer_realz, I was really happy to see my work suddenly published these 2 days in a row, and I really enjoyed exchanging so many comments with you all, I also believe that it helps building up the "cred" in terms of votes but also in terms of awareness. I hope it won't take too long to get the remaining 115 votes to become a top artist, these 2 days brought 10 votes, so maybe after 10-12 more sets I will be finally there. Thank you all for support!

I gave you a 10 a couple of minutes ago to help you reach your goal and because I really enjoy your work. And just like the boys, I'm looking forward to your Conny Carter sets, she's one of my big favourite, but unfortunately she appears here very rarely, so hopefully you can send in a bunch of new collections in the near future and Metart can publish them quickly. Good luck to both of you, Conny is a living goddess with a perfect body. I'm sure working with her will be a pleasant experience. I envy you... :)

I really appreciate your help Arthur, I have already noticed the effect of your 10 ;)
About Conny, she is very happy to shoot again with me (we shot the first time together in 2009) and so am I. And reading all these enthusiastic comments and expectations I am sure I will do a good shooting with Conny, with many nice sets that you will be able to enjoy soon. I will have 3 days to prepare each single set with enough inspiration, knowing already that the mood of both of us will be extremely positive, therefore creating the best conditions for a good work. I know you are envyous, but I promise that I will have in mind you all when I shoot her and I will give you as many details you want when the set is published.

Thank you deltagamma74.

"Nuoto", "swimming" in Italian (my language). This set with Sunshine from our second shooting together portrays this tall and long legged Hungarian model as if she was swimming in the air and on the floor, spreading those long legs apart and waving her long arms above her head. The challenge with Sunshine is always her facial expression and her mood, since poses are always great and her perfect body is under your eyes. We had just got to know each other after our first set and I got her to show her beautiful smile, then we shot again in this big apartment in the centre of Budapest on a sunny day last july. She was in a good mood, despite a light headache that had not completely gone from the previous night (it was a sunday morning but she told me she hadn't gone out partying, she is not a big fan of parties). This set was also shot before our first one, Meyve, was published, so the "smiling" was not an issue yet and most of you would probably see not enough smiles throughout the set, but I can tell you that - knowing her - I am quite satisfied with the mood coming out of this set. The lighting and the setting was also very satisfying to me, exactly was I was looking for. So, enjoy the Sunshine!

I do like Sunshine's gorgeous legs—and the delicious place they end up at. Pretty set.

After being so long winded yesterday. Today I will simple say excellent set, Sunshine and You. I posted about your set with her back in April and that day may have set a record with 66 comments. "K" as I said yesterday and Rockhard stated, before his, hopefully, only a vacation DeltaG is a winner use him more. And when he has a chance to get to know the model, shoot her more than once, he brings them in better, like today on Sunshine, her best set yet.

SWPLF2, thank you again for such flattering considerations.
I would like to bring also here the discussion about the "artists' perspective on g/g sets" issue, to refresh it with more commentators as this new set came out today (for those who are interested, check the last comments on the set "Jeleba" with Lolly A yesterday and the other comments/sets it refers to).

I am very glad to have hit the core of your issue with my comment yesterday. It was a really challenging subject and it was definitely worth spending some time on.
From my side I have actually already started to carry out "two-fold" shootings for Metart and Sexart the same day, since I do believe that it's really interesting to tell the same story (model/setting) from two perspectives, the aestethic/soft-erotic one and the sexual/explicit one: so far it's been only with "solo" sets, with just one model, if the model was available for both styles and circumstances permitted. I used the same accessories/setting (only little changes at the make up) in the same session, giving different guidelines for the development of the set. I recently did this with Luce A, Paula Shy, Whitney Conroy and other unpublished models. I could submit these sets paired and ask to publish them with the same timing on MA and SA.
I would like to shoot this way also with girl/girl sets, but it is a bit more complicated and not cost effective yet for me, since two models cost the double but the income is the same for MA and just a little more for SA. I must say that one of the reasons for not making it worth trying it is the fact that I am not a "cred" artist yet, I would need to get to 250 votes and a good score to hit the top artists, and until then the "pay check" (as hipshot131 said) doesn't permit to risk spending too much on such projects, at least for g/g sets. I am writing this because it currently influences my choices about models/work.
So I take advantage of this opportunity to invite members to vote for me in order to give me more opportunities to show you my work and actualize my ideas, especially the more original and unusual ones. Thanks in advance.

Agreed in all respects, swplf2.

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