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Try to get more in focus. Looks like you use a point and shoot camera.

Yesterday night I have been chatting with Sunshine and I showed her all the nice comments about her and the set you wrote.
SUNSHINE asked me to report to you all that she wants to thank you for being so nice and for appreciating her through your comments, she is very happy to know that you want to see more of her and she is looking forward to appearing again here on Metart and feel how much you like her. She also promises that she will put all efforts in showing her smile more often the next time we shoot together. She also wishes you all a very nice weekend!

It was a very nice gesture that you told Sunshine how much we love her and it's great to hear (read) she appreciates our kind words and compliments. She's an extraordinary young woman with already a huge fan base, so please bring her back as frequently as possible. And keep up the sensational work deltagamma! :)

That's very sweet. We appreciate both of you very much. xoxoxo

Awesome. I was hoping it would be sunlit like your other set, "Nuoto." Interesting, because her name is Sunshine. Her figure is too amazing for words, and she can say a lot with a few simple gestures. Great job!

Ouchstopit, that's a nice remark about lighting and the model's name. In effect I always try to exploit the magic of natural lighting, there is no comparison with the artificial one according to me. All my sets with Sunshine so far have been shot with natural lighting, thanks to the fact that we shot in july and there were plenty of... sunshine (in every way). But since I will probably shoot next time with her in january I will have to consider that sunlight hours are very limited in terms of duration and the sky in Budapest is likely to be cloudy, so I will have to use also some studio light. I just got a new LED light, daylight balanced with Fresnel lenses by Lupolux, very powerful but lightweight and resistant, so that I can carry it anywhere. It will make the difference during the fall/winter season. I will probably combine the (weak) daylight with this stronger light and two secondary lights. Let's see the results, my next shooting is planned in a week in Prague with Kalena and new faces that you will hopefully see in january. Stay tuned!

I'm on the road so I'll keep this short. Sunshine is a very awesome model. Great body in all aspects and nice poses. I love tall girls and those eyes are mesmerizing. If you just get her to loosen up and give us some smiles all will be good. This one is a keeper for sure.

Hi hipshot, please let us know if you are safe and sound.. Like Ouchstopit says it's dangerous to drive while looking at gorgeous nude girls, especially when they have mesmerizing eyes...;) I have written to Sunshine and told her that you all recommend to smile more in her next sets, so after the other ones in the pipeline for being published come out you can be sure that you will see Sunshine smiling as she never did before in our next shooting.

I hope you're not driving while viewing Metart! I think that could cause accidents. One should always pull over when staring at gorgeous nude women.

LOL! No I was not driving. In this case it means that I am at my favorite town for diving and I stay at a State campground so I am limited to wifi spots and on my laptop so I can't download and need to be careful about what I am viewing. ;) I am sitting in my truck in a Safeway parking lot trying to type on this little keyboard while supporting the computer in one hand and typing one handed. :(

DG, I really like how you have presented Sunshine for this set. Her makeup is appropriate and I love how she has many poses that show off her fabulously long legs. Very appropriate that this was an objective in the shoot as you say. The standing shots are also good for showing that classic hourglass form, my favorite being with hands on hips or arms over her head so as to be out of the way.

A member compared her to Anna AJ in another comment, which was also my initial first impression of Sunshine due to similar body shape. I don't know how Sunshine would feel about being compared to another model. I think it should be a compliment considering how beautiful and popular AAJ is. I hope she takes it that way.

I'm pleased that there are more sets of Sunshine on the way. Thank you for this one and your regular dialog here.

kilroy, it's so nice to read in detail how much and why you like this set, it helps me knowing the reasons why my work is considered either good or bad and therefore understanding how to improve to bring more satisfaction to you all.
About Sunshine, although she may not be very extrovert she does like compliments, so I guess that being compared to a very popular model would make her glad.
Yesterday after reading all these nice comments I wrote to Sunshine and reported that to her, I will write her reply at the top of the row.
Thank you for the nice words of appreciation kilroy, it's always a pleasure to hear from you!

Sexy lady YES.....sexy necklace NOT

understood Dutchman... Less necklaces next time... ;)

Sunshine is gorgeous, but the necklace is hideous. This set does not belong on this site, and does her a great injustice. Another site where she appears regularly (will leave its name out as a courtesy) knows how to photograph her and show her as the stunning beauty she is.

I have only three of her sets from a different site, but they're very comparable to the sets here.

Gary, I am sorry you don't like this set, but if your complains mainly revolve around the necklace I think it's an exaggeration. I am convinced that when you shoot a model several times a change (in look, setting, accessories, ecc.) is due somehow, so the necklace is justified. I can agree that she could take it off before the end of the set, but that's a detail compared to all the other factors that contribute to a set.

Anna AJ has some serious competition with Sunshine and I never thought anyone would rate that high in my book.

Funny, when I first saw Sunshine, Anna AJ first came to mind to me as well. Both women have the same body type, but that's about where it ends. If it was a competition and everything was equal, the tie breaker would go to the photographer, and DeltaGamma will get my vote every time.

Wow kilroy, where can I send you a gift for Xmas...? ;)

Not necessary, DG. We all get a gift every time you get a posted set!

kilroy, I feel a white beard and a big belly growing now... Hohohoho... Nice of you :)

Very underrated set. Not sure how anyone can rate this set any lower than a 9. More of her please.

The best set of the day, IMO.

too kind kilroy..

thank you fred, I also thought that Sunshine deserved a higher score, but at least most comments show appreciation and that's even more rewarding than a number. You can be sure that there is more of her coming out ;)

If one were unhappy with the lighting is how...

hi rachsback, you mean that the lighting is not good?

That IS what I mean...yes. It created a lot of shadows in which were hidden the treasures I seek. The dress is perfect and the model divine, but the lighting was insufficient from my point of view. Overall the set is not 'bad' but I thought it could have been better with more, or possibly 'different' lighting. Thanks for asking for clarification...;o) Your desire to please us is commendable! And most of your work is superior in quality and content. I am but one voice in a choir!

rachsback, thank you for clarifying, I figured out that you were not satisfied with the shadows and not with the choice of natural lighting itself. I am a big fan of natural lighting, so shadows (as long as they are not too strong of course) are necessary to reproduce that natural lighting feeling and enhance the perception of volumes. To tell the truth I haven't noticed so many dark shadows, I think the reflecting disk on the left mostly did its job, except maybe for a few poses with legs a bit less spread and in the last part of the set when she is next to the window, so I hope you refer to few images you are not satisfied about. Anyway it's interesting to know these details from the most demanding viewers like you seem to be, so whenever you don't like something in my sets you are more than welcome to illustrate in detail what doesn't satisfy so that it's clearer to me and I can explain my choice or admit a mistake. I am glad you appreciate my effort of hearing the viewers, I think it's very important and it's very rewarding when you succeed in satisfying them more. Thank you for the nice words besides the fair critique.

You're quite welcome, and I think you are correct...it's only a few of the images that I was....disappointed with. It's just that some poses are very provocative for me, and not often caught by the camera, and when they are, it's very disappointing when the "details" are lost to shadows OR bad focus. And it's not often that I have complaints about your work which is excellent. Thank you not only for your work, but the time you take with members here.

I totally understand rachsback, I am also disappointed when images don't come out exactly like I want, but there are so many factors in a shooting, especially in certain conditions, that there is always the possibility of some image not reflecting the intentions. When there is one like that I always struggle whether to keep it or not in the set, and often I tell myself that if the image is good and there are no other similar ones to show, then an imperfection can be tolerated. Thank you again for appreciating what I can give in terms of photography and also in exchanging comments.

;o) Namaste...

Wow deltagamma you did it again, this is an excellent set and Sunshine looks better than ever. I love this beautiful young girl and I'm always happy when I see a new set in the update, especially if the artist is you. I like the location you chose a lot, an empty room without distractions and Sunshine looks great in front of the brick wall and when she's lying on the parquet. The poses are very good too and the closeups are fantastic, her pussy is mouthwatering. Every photo is amazing, but my favourites are #103 and the two portraits at the end. Although she don't smile a lot, I think she enjoyed working with you and the end result is another high quality collection. Thanks so much for submitting this terrific set and if it's possible, please tell Sunshine that she's an angel and I'd like to see her on these pages for a very long time. Plus hugs and kisses to her and a big high five to you. :)

Thank you rober11, it's always nice to hear words of appreciation about one's photography and when the model looks at her best to your eyes it's even more rewarding, I hope to keep giving you more reasons to be waiting for new sets with Sunshine and other beautiful models. You are right when you say that she enjoyed shooting despite the fact that she doesn't smile much, in that case each smile is even more precious. I just reported your nice words to Sunshine and she was flattered, she may be replying to you all later through my account. For real hugs and kisses I will have to wait for our next shooting, hopefully soon.. High 5 to U 2! ;)

Deltagamma, the "flapper" dress and heels are very fetching on Sunshine, and I like the makeup job. Usually most MetArt photographers (with some exceptions) take a minimalist approach to makeup, and it usually works great. But every once in awhile, it is nice to see a more adult/glamorous makeup job, and in this set it works very well for Sunshine.
Aesthetically, the one problem I have is that she is so thin. She doesn't seem emaciated, just more thin than is attractive to me.

fer_realz, good comment, I agree with you about the make up, although I also agree that it must be almost invisible I also think that in some cases they really enhance some details in certain models' faces and give a touch of glamour that is not bad at all. In effect Sunshine is so tall and slender that she looks really thin, and her long legs make the impression stronger. I think that the size of her breasts compenstes the overall feeling of thinness. When we shoot in Italy I will have to have her eating some pasta & pizza throughout her stay..

( :
"Shooting in Italy"... soooooo jealous of you right now!!! ( :
I realize the way I worded that sounded somewhat harsh.
Sunshine is without a doubt a beautiful lady and I DO think that this is her best set yet, for the reasons I mentioned in my original comment. ( :
You both did very well in this set, and it's good to hear that your rapport is growing.
I'm glad (for once) that the general consensus is the opposite of my opinion... ( :

Deltagamma, this is a perfectly magnificent set featuring an absolutely beautiful woman. Sunshine is as beautiful as a woman could ever hope to be. 130 sharp, clean and sophisticated photos of this amazing woman. I hope you have a long term contract with her. Please convey my admiration to Sunshine.

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my Sunshine away. (Wait for applause.....) Thank you.

Neil, your words are always flattering and both me and Sunshine are really pleased you liked this set so much. I was chatting with her right now and we are discussing on our next shootings, so you can be sure that our collaboration will go on hopefully for a long time. I reported your nice words to her and she is happy, but I guess she wants to hear you sing so that she can clap her hands ;)

Hi DG, I noticed that the measurements listed on her profile page does not seem to match Sunshine's image. Is her bustline really only 30 inches, a mere five inches larger than her waistline? Normally, a woman's bust is about the same as her hips, producing the very pleasing hourglass shape. Is there a mistake? She should get credit for each and every inch of her amazing body.

Hi Neil, in effect I am not sure about those measurements, must ask the photographer who submitted her photos first. According to my information these are her vital stats (in centimeters):
height 177
bust 84
waist 58
hips 89
These measurements make more sense

DG, we must get this info to "K" so that the bio can be corrected. These do make much more sense.

Well ok, that is better. Her measurements are more like 33-23-35. Both her bustline and her waistline were wrong.

OMG! What have I started!? lol

Another set with Sunshine, my 3rd published set with this long-legged Hungarian model (an indoor set interrupting the 4-in-a-row outdoor series).
It was last summer in Budapest, the apartment I chose for the shooting was quite big and offered several options for the set. I opted to shoot in front of this wall, next to a big window.
I wanted the light to be soft and Sunshine to show her perfect body in several different poses, starting from a standing position in order to show herself in all her tallness. I had her take a look at the setting and then we chose together the outfit with this red/purple minidress to give a touch of color to the set, a pair of black shoes with heels from her wardrobe and a matching black necklace.
It was my second working day with Sunshine and she was more confident than the previous day, although it's never easy to have her smiling all the time. She has been very professional, as I had noticed since the beginning, very concentrated on the poses (and you can also see it from her facial expressions, she is not angry or bored, just concentrated).
This was our last set for the day, we both enjoyed working together and planned to arrange a new shooting in case members liked her. After having 3 sets published with her I have found out that Sunshine is very much appreciated by most of you members, and although her rating could be higher I think that the next shootings I will know how to take out of her all her great potential for new great photos.

"Perfect body" indeed. Sunshine is gorgeous. Thank you, deltagamma. Love your posts.

Zakk, I am glad you like the posts, I hope they add something to the fruition of the model's beauty

Thank you very much for the behind the scenes information. The set is fantastic as well as Sunshine. Please keep up the great work - both of you. I can not wait to see the next set.

alandg3, thank you for appreciating the set, the model and also the additional info, it's really pleasant to know it and it's one more reason to put effort into my work. You can be sure there is more coming up soon ;)

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