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She is really hot!

One of my complaints about the models here is that some of them smile way too much, and they're great big smiles, too, like the kind you would see in pics taken at a family picnic or on the red carpet in Hollywood. (Mia D is one) However, that can also go too far in the other direction, and this set comes real close to that. In this set, Sunshine sort of looks like one of my old girlfriends looked when she got mad at me.

I want the girls to look slutty rather than trying to look nice for the relatives at the picnic. Looking too happy or too bored is a big turn off. They shouldn't be saying 'CHEESE;" rather they should be saying, "FUCK ME."

The heels she wears compensated for all that though; just wish she would have kept them on for the whole set. The best models know how to dress, know what to take off and what not to take off, and use that to their advantage; there's none better at that than Milena D.

How much cuter would this knock out be if she wasn't so stingy with her smile...btw, how many subscribers know who Catalina Sandino Moreno is?

Scarcely did her blank expression change in this set, revealing very little personality. Looks like she posed for this set because of some obligation to do so. I prefer the models at least pretend to enjoy what they do. It makes OUR pretending a lot easier....;o)

rachsback, I agree that there were few different expressions in this set but the model's personality isn't little at all, don't be mislead by the appearance. I prefer a natural expression rather than a fake one, but of course the ideal is to get the model to enjoy posing and show it spontaneously ;) This is my goal and I will get Sunshine to do it at the next shooting, I promise ;)

My meaning was not that the model HAS "little personality", but that she showed very little of it in THIS set. And if you "get her to do it" at the next shooting whether she "feels" it or not, would produce similar results I fear. She either enjoys her work, or she does not.

I know what you meant, I spoke about appearance. And when I say that I will get her to do it it means that I will get her to the right mood that will bring her to enjoy the shooting and therefore she will show it.

I also spoke about "appearance"... That's all ANY of us speak about....whether it be the appearance of the set or the model.
You apparently did NOT know what I meant or you would not have explained to me that "the model's personality isn't little at all". I never said her personality was lacking, only her display of it in this particular set. If you can get her to smile more, that would be great.

After going back over my older sets of this model, I noticed that she hasn't ever done a lot of 'big' smiling...even in sets from other sites and with other photographers. It's reminiscent of Jennifer Mackay, and just as forgiveable...so forget I mentioned it..;o)

DeltaGamma, I have been anxiously awaiting this set since I saw in the previews that you would be posted today. My schedule has prevented me from commenting until now, and hope you will be looking at them this late in the day.

I am an admirer of lovely long legs and brown eyes, so you can surmise why I love Sunshine. I'm glad that you sought to key in her leg & height qualities, as every good photographer should bring out the best of his or her subject. I also like how you show her curvy pubic mound, like in pics 53, 55, and 97. The natural light and selection of setting are tops as usual. All things considered, this is a most excellent set.

DG, If my count is correct, this is only your 19th published set this calendar year here at MA. What a shame! I just wanted to check with you and be sure it wasn't for lack of submitted material before I have a chat with "K" about that. Because of the caliber of your work, I feel it deserves to be displayed here more often.

Hi kilroy, of course I couldn't miss your comment and I was sure that sooner or later you would let me know what you thought about my set :)
I am always flattered but your nice words and your sincere appreciation, it's great to have fans like you which reward my work and therefore push me to do better and better (like some agreeable negative critiques, too). If you like long lengs and tall ladies you could not but love Sunshine, and you will probably like also my next sets with her, all shot in natural light in nice locations. Just be patient and hopefully in about a month or two (at the current frequency) you will see the Sunshine again ;)
About the counting of my published sets you are correct, this was my 19th set published this year. In effect I don't submit as much materials as the other historical/regular photographers publishing almost every week do, and although so far I have shot about 40-50 different models for Metart you are seeing and will see only a small part of them (9 so far and about 2-3 more coming out soon) for several reasons (several ones did not respond to the MA standards or were already published enough, some models were good but the specific sets were not good enough). Being a top site like MA so selective it requires us photographers a good variety of models and high standards in photography, so even for a mere matter of quantity the frequency of published sets can be affected, then there is the alternation of models and other parameters that MA takes into account. Of course I strongly wish to have more of my work published even with the current material, but I am already increasing the production and if you look at the stats you will see that 6 of my 2013 sets were published in the first semester and after a blank month of july I had 13 sets published in only 5 months, so the rate has significantly increased and I am already happy with that because it means that the efforts, the dialogue with K which makes me understand more and more the MA philosophy and goals and - last but not least - the concrete support of several members (like you and all the others I will never end to thank), influences the display of my work. So, for 2014 I made a resolution about working harder to contribute more frequently to the daily pleasure that Metart brings to you all.
P.S. With the help and the good scores provided by you members it will be easier ;)

kilroy, as you are aware I am also a big supporter of DG, so... It appears that the "business" side of Met is more complex than any of us members realize. When I first started "pushing" DG and now Catherine, (i.e. IMO underused talent!) I was afraid MY , being shall we say a little controversial, support would actually harm him. It appears now however that many of my band of old farts agree with us. When I find out more about the "politics" of the site I will share what is relevant specifically in supporting "new" artists. Hope you do the same. And I want to hear from more of of my "friends". I think support from more of our distaff members would help. So ladies chime in on your opinions. As a side light I am guessing but think there is more to the story than we know about ERRO, i.e. His Absence, now.) I loved his work, also.

Ms. sunshine is not your average model, she is more in Anna AJ's realm, very slender and regal. I particularly liked the background, to find a background that sets of the model's coloring without drowning her out can be hard (that's where Mark sometimes falls down, as in his set on Iveta over on EA) I am glad you can do this, and the natural light is very good. I give you and Sunshine both a 10+

that's very nice to hear that 5seadog, I liked that background and the dark sofa, they permitted to highlight Sunshine's silhouette in a soft lighting. Thank you for the high score!

Sunshine seems cat-like in her personality; cool, distant, and aloof, but when attention is desired, the one she chooses will certainly know what she wants.

good cat-ch mincer, it really gives the idea of Sunshine's personality.

Regal, elegant, and beautiful. Showing more emotion and smiling would add 1000% to the overall presentation. Never the less, this is a wonderful set. Keep up the good work Sunshine!

Well this set is an excellent late Christmas present deltagamma, I was very happy and excited when I saw it in the update today morning. As always Sunshine is breathtaking, especially in this nifty bra and panty combination. I know you love natural light, rightfully so, and here you used it greatly again, Sunshine's perfect figure looks stunning in the soft light. The poses are fantastic too, it's incredible how long and beautiful her legs are and you highlighted them pretty nicely. She looks relaxed and comfortable on your photos, it's evident she enjoys working with you and that's a good thing, because it means the end result will be a wonderful picture collection. Overall I'm very satisfied with your work, another fantastic set goes into my archive. Thanks a million for this masterpiece deltagamma, you're a true pro and if it's possible please work a lot with Sunshine, because she's a gem and I'd like to enjoy her on these pages for a long time. :)

jkutyna, I'm glad that there are others here that admire DG's work here as much as I do.

Hi jkutyna, too kind of you! I am so glad you enjoyed this set and its main features (Sunshine's slender figure, her long legs, the poses and the soft natural lighting). It's also rewarding every time someone like you notices the comfortable mood of a model in my sets, like in this case (although I promise she will show more comfort and more smiles next time, just give me time to shoot her again).
I know Sunshine's characteristics are quite controversial, not all viewers like them because she is not an ordinary model, so it's good to hear someone appreciating her so much, she will be happy to read these words. And of course I am as well very happy to deserve some space in your archive, I will work hard to keep deserving it :)

I'm happy you enjoy reading our comments and compliments deltagamma, you deserve all the kind words and praises, because in my eyes you're one of the best photographer on Metart. And your models are off the charts too, like the wonderful Sunshine. I'm really looking forward to your next submissions, I'm sure they'll be exceptional like Izzeria. But if you don't mind I'd like to suggest one thing. When you next work with one of your girls if it's possible could she wear a nice wristwatch please???
You know I think it's very, very sexy when a lady is totally naked and only wears a watch on her wrist, but unfortunately for some unknown reasons nobody uses this trick here. So you could be the first and I'm sure I'm not the only one who might like this idea. To be honest with you I'd rather see a watch on a girl than a necklace or any other unnecessary prop. Keep up the awesome job, your fan base is rapidly growing. :)

too kind jkutyna! and the wristwatch idea is not bad at all, as long as it doesn't look too much like an advertisement ;) there are some watches which could really enrich the set and give an unusual touch. I will surely think about it, you know, there is always need of new ideas especially when there is such an abundancy of photoset like on MA. I will write down in my "MA members suggestions" file ;)
thank you again for the kind and flattering words, it really pleases me and pushes me to do better and better for the audience here ;)

I have a neat little Betty Boop one that I have an extra of that I wear I could send you one. Mia deserves a Rolex...

Wait a minute only APF could afford one... Hint, Andrej...

you're right...

Morning Delta, Whenever Sunshine has appeared it has lead to some of the largest comment sections here. Let's see if today follows suit. One of the things about Sunshine is that she does not have "curves" she is angular. You have played on that aspect of he in the posted sets. Since we don't know the order you shot these in we have no way of knowing if this is another of the Budapest shoot sets and the order you shot in vs. K posting, the reason I am bringing this up is she still is not smiling. You promised you would work with her on that aspect. Sometimes her expression seems a little severe. We don't expect her to laugh but a small smile IMO would add a lot. Maybe the 14th pic is as close as she gets, but it is a great headshot. When I see her body it reminds me of fashion models even more than our "normal" girls. Next time you use her dress her such, and add a fully dressed page at the start or better yet at the end. I gave her my 10 so that is as much help as I can give. She is definately an asset to your growing covey. Use her uniqueness, and see where it takes you... Ta Ta for now... Hi Phi!

Hi F!
As usual you make very good points. You're right when you describe Sunshine "angular", it gives the idea of how her body looks (I would say that this definition applies to her character, too). Great idea that of some dressed pics recalling a fashion shoot (I have done a few lately) which would probably suit her very well: a long dress leaving her legs free to show. I will definitely consider this hint next time.
You guessed probably right, this set still belongs to the initial shootings in Budapest, therefore it was shot right before my first set was published, that is why I haven't kept my promise of having her smile more. You can be sure that the next shooting she will put her "severe" look apart and show her sweet side. As I wrote she is willing to appear more often here so it's just a matter of time, and it won't be long.
Thank uou again for the kind words and greetings from Phi as well.
P.S. Yesterday I had some work to do but I will reply your email soon.

This set with Sunshine was shot last summer, in the sunny (on those days) Budapest. As I wrote in my previous comments Sunshine is a quite introverted girl, doesn't show her feelings very easily on photos, but when she is in a good mood she looks a totally different person, her eyes ignite and her smile radiates beauty and grace. In this occasion I got her to show this part of her in some of the pics, but next time it will be probably more evident now that we know each other better.
For this shooting in particular Sunshine wore one of her own lingerie outfits that she had just bought and used the sofa to lie down and show herself in some comfortably sexy poses. I included several shots of her standing up in order to give the viewers the chance to admire her in all her tallness, and also asked her some poses where she could stretch and spread her very long legs for the audience to appreciate their lenght.
I don't know if she will be able to comment or reply to your comments, anyway I exchanged Christmas wishes with her the other day and she told me that she is always willing to shoot together soon.
Enjoy the Sunshine!

Our Sunshine is back! What a wonderfully beautiful young woman, so perfectly gorgeous. The very definition of beautiful. And Deltagamma, your photograpy is perfectly perfect.

Thank you Neil, always nice to read your comments.

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