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Again today I have waited to see what developed about the ridiculous low rating, more later. But first Sunshine has appeared on a non-Met family sight as Melinda. The following is their blurb about her.

Melinda is a little pot of fresh honey straight from the Hungarian countryside – so good you could eat her. She may be the shy and silent type but she’s so damn delicious you’ll just want to lick your screen.

Melinda is a girl with real soul and the sweetest spirit. And when you look into her eyes you’ll see something raw, something animal. With such an expressive figure, she won’t need to tell you what she’s thinking and feeling. You’ll just know. Her body does the talking and it speaks volumes.

A beautiful flower from a rural village, 22-year-old Melinda left home for the big bad world, knowing she had a special gift to offer.

Naturally athletic, naturally toned, this honeyed body is exactly how nature intended. Enjoy.

This seems to mirror what Delta has said about her and IMO it perfectly describes her. We all asked for her to smile more so today Delta gives us just that, a wonderful smile, Again IMO it enhances her appeal.

Now take note! Delta does listen to all the "advice" from us "Experts".
And the technical quality of todays shoot proves he is still improving.

So now to my MAD AS HELL part. Every full comment is complimentary, so why in fuck does this set still stand at a sub 8.(7.84 w/ 195 votes).

There is absolutely no way Sunshine deserves such treatment. Her personal rating prior to today with 976 votes is 8.73. The average rating of her sets here is 8.44.

Sunshine accept my apology for this shitty treatment.

Now about the set, again proving DG "listens" we get wide screen shots. While he has limited the total explicit shots again IMO to about a right balance. The mirror helps creates a theme and thus is not just a prop. The portrait type shots are exceptional again IMO. I know you all know my feelings for DG so I admit I am biased but Sunshine definitely gave him at least a high 8 set if not a 9.

The good news is that for his birthday Sex presented a brand new model of his yesterday and Met brought Sunshine back within a month today. For me, more of DG getting posted is a good thing and I believe many of regulars would agree with me that he is delivering a fresh style, as is Catherine, which is taking Met even higher.

So to end another of my long winded epistles, Happy Birthday Davi & Phi give him a kiss from all of us.

another very gratifying comment for me and for my models
I can add that Sunshine appears also as Zeta on another non-Met site, but I won’t add much to what you described since it fits perfectly to what Sunshine is according to me after getting to know her quite well by now. For sure when she smiles her beauty is greatly enhanced, this is why I have put efforts, like in this set, to have her smiling in several pictures, so that everybody can see she is not “depressed” or “bored” like someone wrote.
And although her score as a model is not one of the highest ones I know that she does not care too much about that, since she is rewarded by reading the flattering words she usually receives in the comments by most of you.
About this set’s rating I am not too surprised after all, as I wrote in my reply to kilroy. Of course I expected a better feedback in terms of numbers, but the “failure” can be explained because of the lack of variety and explicitness of poses, as a few viewers wrote and you also correctly remarked, provoked by the search of a balance with more artistic portraits and poses, which are not always well perceived by those who prefer to see more explicit poses rather then beautiful headshots or classic poses, and I can understand that. Let’s say that I preferred to have a set which would make Sunshine happier because of the several nice photos which were not to explicit and where she could appreciate her own beauty highlighted. That’s also important to have a good relationship on the human side, according to my way of interpreting being a photographer.
At least Sunshine’s rating after a few more votes has increased a little (8.74 with about 1000 votes), despite the set’s low score (one of the lowest ones for me).
Of course I will take note of this as I usually do and try to mix the ingredients in a better way the next time I shoot with Sunshine, hopefully before the summer.
I thank all the regular and new members having nice words for me on the occasion of my birthday and also want to thank the Met family for publishing two of my sets right these days, becoming sort of a professional celebration, that was a very nice gift. And thank you in particular for your personal wishes, they are more than welcome!
Of course the best gift was from my wife, whom I thank very much for the support and help.

Thanks F, Good to hear from you and glad to see you still come around here. The additional background info about Sunshine/Melinda is appreciated. You hit the nail right on the head as usual.

Hungary always produces superhot models and Sunshine is no exception. I admit I find her delicate frame a little puzzling but that's because I fell for Peaches A along time ago, since I have been a member under one name or another since 2000, when it was just Most Erotic Teens and bandwidth was so narrow that photosets were put up as serials of 2 pages a day, and the girls had to chop wood for the steam powered servers. I really like Sunshine and this set. I do wish Sunshine would wax all over instead of shaving, but that's her choice.(I promote waxing as that's what I preferred when I could see well enough to be a photographer.)I gave Sunshine and DG both10+++. I do not understand her low rating,not all models are built like Peaches A or Sofi A

Hi 5seadog, always nice to hear from you expecially when you write interesting things like in this case. So you are a senior member and a former photographer, therefore your opinions have a solid background and consequently your nice words of appreciation for Sunshine and me are welcome twice. Thank you!

Let me start out by saying that I think Sunshine may be one of the most misunderstood models here at Met. I have no explanation for why she struggles to hit 8 today, unless so many expect all smiles and full-size closeups from every angle between the legs. Is it that members either love or hate her?

Anorexic and depressed? Probably the same ones that think Anna AJ is unhealthy. Come on, guys, women come in all sizes and shapes. Some are long and lean. My personal preference is tall and leggy women, so I appreciate Sunshine as I do Sandra Lauver, Anna AJ and Liza B.

DG, This is a decent set, but I'll be honest and admit that it isn't my favorite. True, there is not a lot of variety in the poses, but they all fit into the theme as you explained in your opening narrative, so I understand. Neil and fer_realz got the theme. I do like the mirror, and that could have possibly been used more like in 79 for effect. I know its hard to do, but when it works it is so cool. Your cat might have fit in for a prop in a couple of shots, fitting in with the theme.

I appreciated having Sunshine here today and seeing another DG set posted. I'm looking forward to more of your work, so get busy!

Hi kilroy,
what you write about Sunshine can't but be agreed: she doesn't deserve such a low score (but today's score is most likely because of the photography), but for sure she is not totally understood in her complexity (to smile or not to smile? that's just the surface), and this is one of the reasons she is either loved or hated. The other reason is probably physical: her very slender figure, looking so thin and being so tall, maybe her moles, therefore you find those stupid comments about anorexy and other diseases.. (often written by anonymous or non-regular commentators, see below).
I understand you don't consider this set one of your favorites, and I totally agree that there is not a lot of variety in poses, but I am glad that you understood the concept behind this lack of variety, which is a reference to classical reclining nude paintings (as fer_realz and Neil perfectly caught), being myself a painter. This is why I am quite satisfied about this set but I understand it lacks on the variety/explicitness of poses, since I focused on the lighting, the harmony of poses rather than their explicit eroticism and on the facial expressions of the model. Whenever I shoot models for several times I want sets to possibly have a concept behind, to have peculiarities which differentiate them. Therefore when the concepts drift towards something which is not mainly eroticism you may have a good photography but the set doesn't ignite the viewer. I also agree with the fact that I could have been looking for some more interesting shots with the mirror or including my cat, I will surely take your hints into account.
Anyway, I really appreciate your comment overall and I am glad you are looking forward to seeing more of my work, it will be my pleasure and I AM getting busy.. Waiting for Csilla in one week ;)

As a model Sunshine is awesome in every way. But photographically this set is lacking. It needs better lighting and more varied poses.

Waste of film, this entire day with the exception of the redhead was a waste

Well deltagamma you did it again, this is another fantastic and high quality set. Sunshine is super cute here, I really like when she's combing her hair, that was a very good idea. And it's obvious she was in a good mood and enjoyed the work with you. Big congratulations to Sunshine and you, I'm satisfied with these photos and I'm happy Metart published them today. Also thanks to those HDR pictures at the end of the set, they're pretty awesome, if it's possible Sunshine looks even better on those edited photos. :)
Please keep up the excellent job and bring back Sunshine as often as possible, because she's one of biggest favourite and I always enjoy her images.

Hi again jkutyna, I am getting used to your flattering words! despite the low rating and few unpleasant comments about the model I am really glad to read words of appreciation for Sunshine and our set today. Whenever viewers like you notice the several different features I meant to include and those which were implicit.
I am also happy that you mentioned the edited photos at the end, I tried to add something extra and I am glad you appreciated.
I will surely keep bringing back Sunshine, she has become one of the models I enjoy to shoot with the most, it's challenging to bring out the best of her.

And depressed.

as your very first post on Metart it could have been nicer towards the model..

So the purpose of this forum is strictly for praising the models? I missed that part and I think she does look depressed. Maybe shes unhappy about what she is doing. Is that so horrible to point out Mr. Pollyanna?

I can tell you she is not unhappy, therefore not depressed, and she is not anorexic, that's all

She looks anorexic.

I guess you can be grateful that you (obviously) don't have any experience with what anorexic really looks like.


lovely model but not one shot of the models behind on 8 pages, less mirrors and props more model

ok, got it, more rear views next time..

DG, I gotta say I really really like the concept behind this shoot.
The opening portraits were very nice, particularly # 2-6 where Sunshine shows off variations of her smile. Very pretty. ( :
The reclining shots on the couch reminded me a lot of classical reclining nude paintings, and the shots of her brushing her hair while looking in the hand mirror were very nice.
Finally, I really like those heels, they look very nice on Sunshine. ( :

Hi fer_realz, thank you for appreciating the concept, it's nice that you caught it and liked it. I included the initial portrait because Sunshine looked particularly bright with some of her nicest smiles.
I am also glad you saw the reference to the classic reclining nudes, I am a painter too and that was made on the purpose.
And I was sure that someone would like the heels on such a tall and slender girl (I guess she is something like 6'2" tall with heels on ..).
Thank you again!

Nice work as usual. Sunshine looks so tall! yet she is only 5'6" guess it's her slender frame. I love her face and those sly Mona Lisa smiles. There is always room for more sunshine in any day. I understand that Sunshine is to be thanked for pointing DG in Csilla's direction and giving us two Hungarian beauties for our pleasure. You can tell our sweet Sunshine that she should eat a better breakfast each day. A few more lbs. would not hurt anything. ;)

Hi hipshot! you know that when I read positive comments from you it means a lot to me because I know you are a demanding viewer. Yes she is tall and you are right having doubts about the height reported in her profile, it must be a mistake in the conversion, since she is my height (1,78cm), so rather 5'10", although her very slender figure makes her appear even taller. I like your "Mona Lisa smiles" definition, it fits her in this set.
My last shooting with her was even better than the previous ones, we have got to know each other better and the effects are visible in the images.
I will tell her to eat more but when she is in Italy she doesn't need to be told since she enjoyed pasta-pizza-risotto-tiramisu-gelato quite spontaneously..;) Next time I may shoot in Tuscany, with the best steaks in Italy and some of the greatest red wines in the world...;)

DG, you had reported in an earlier set that the bio stats as posted were not correct. The ones you gave were 177cm, 84-58-89, which would be 5'10", 33-23-35 in imperial units.

I didn't remember I did it, but I confirm these are correct

This is a very nice visit; and as always the additional information is the icing on the cake (did the third member of your team accompany you on this trip?).

Sunshine is a natural beauty and it appears that she is comfortable working with you.

Thanks to all involved in this pleasant gallery.

Hi Baggy36Pants, nice to hear from you again and also nice to read you liked my work and the additions. Can't agree more with the fact that Sunshine is naturally beautiful and that in this set she shows that she can also show herself relaxed and comfortable when she is in the right mood and likes the working environment. To answer your question I live in Rome so my wife was there with me, but she also follows me in most of my shooings abroad.

Sorry deltagamma74, my bad!

I was referring to your cat. Can you, or do you, take your cat with you when your work takes you and your wife Phi to other EU countries; or is that complicated and too dangerous to attempt?

I should have understoood Baggy36Pants, it was correct, he actually is the 3rd member of the team..;) We don't normally take him with us, it would be too complicated and stressful for him, he doesn't like traveling and he needs to spend part of the day outside so whe have to give up and we miss him when we stay away even few days.

What about the 4th member, the gray one with a tail?

What an absolutely beautiful young woman. Sunshine delights me every time I see her. Such a plain, natural and wholesome kind of beauty. These photos were perfect for a woman known as Sunshine, with the sun light flooding the room. It seemed like Sunshine portrayed a young lady who was spending a lazy weekend morning with her beloved, no particular thing to do, no particular place to be. Just a nice romantic Saturday morning. You could almost smell the coffee brewing.

You caught the actual atmosphere Neil ;)

It was an easy catch. Sunshine, you and your camera told the story.

The new Sunshine is back again, kissed by the warm sunshine of an early spring, radiating beauty and smiles all around.
Second shooting with one of my two Hungarian honeys, less than a month ago in Rome (the other honey, Csilla, will be here next week).
This set gave me satisfaction, it was the first one of the day on a nice morning, after a good breakfast all together (Sunshine normally takes just a coffee but she was in a good mood so we enjoyed several delicacies together with my wife).
I wanted her to use my precious silver mirror (I think I have photos of almost all my models with it - of course used mostly as a mirror, except for SA sets).
The setting was very simple, the light was ideal, the mood great, the results very rewarding for me, it was what I wanted.
I took advantage of the several headshots and artistic poses to launch a personal initiative which I hope will be appreciated: I picked up some of the most significant horizontal shots and made some artistic wallpapers out of them, maybe some of you viewers will like the idea of having Sunshine and my other models on their desktops as a gift from Metart. Nothing very original, just a small bonus i could put in all my sets. This was also taking into account those of you who asked for more hotizontal photos to be better enjoyed on the screen.
So, enjoy!

Well, thanks to swplf, I now know it's your birthday (or was, yesterday!) ~ happy birthday, DG!
On another note, how fares your quest for "favorite" votes? Have you hit the threshold you were shooting for yet?
Regardless, I hope your birthday is extra special, with plenty of gifts, love and affection, and that the year to come only brings you more success. ( :

Thank you fer_realz! :)
my BD was 2 days ago by now but have been celebrating since the week before somehow. I did have what I could hope for, some gift to keep and some memories to remember, a special day which reminds me how lucky I am in everything I did or do and gives me positive thoughts for the future. And you just contributed to this latter wish ;)
Thank you again.
About your note, if I understood correctly, despite the fact that votes are a bit tricky I can say I have just stepped across the threshold I was aiming at, so I am quite satisfied so far and I am evry optimistic for the future, thanks to the feeling of belonging to a very special family such of that of the MA network.

Love how this set is just drenched in sunlight. I can feel the warmth. Great work deltagamma and great work, Sunshine. And thanks for the wallpaper shots!

Thank you Zakk, it's very nice that you liked the overall warmth of this set and the bonus wallpapers.

Deltagamma- I am so happy that your work is back again so soon! I noticed that the mirror had returned before I read your comments...it's becoming an icon of your work! Thank you for the additions...the second to last is a particular favorite. Love the natural light and how relaxed the setting and the mood of the shoot are.

Different note...I left a long over due comment yesterday on one of your sets with Edwige yesterday. Somehow I had missed it 8 months ago when it was released.

Thank you!!

Hi JakeinNJ! you are always such a great supporter and I really appreciate it! Thank you! I am very glad you liked the peculiarities of this set, and you are right about the mirror, we can call it an icon by now.
Thank you also for the comment on the set Navina with Edwige, even after several months it's always nice to read words of appreciation like the ones you wrote.
Cheers! :)

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