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This is an amazing set! What a gorgeous woman shot by a great photographer.

a beautiful model with perfect body parts. good work by deltagamma, but i like to see Sunshine in a video. is that possible?

Hi kkronful, I think that for a video on MA it's possible, I will work on it ;)

thank you

Sunshine is so gorgeous! Would love to see more please.

Next set will probably be Sunshine wearing nothing but a fur, the set is ready to be published when K decides. I have included several black and white wallpapers

good work deltagamma. waiting for K to release the new set.

A tank top with no panties is nice but for me starting with a nice set of plain white high rise panties is so much more powerful. Seeing a girl in just a short top and plain everyday panties makes me respond as nothing else will. I fear that to many of the artists of today have lost the sense of seduction and romance in the rush to show all. To me the image of a girl lounging around the house in her undies is so deliciously sexy it drives my libido right through the ceiling.

Having said that, just about anything is going to look fabulous on Sunshine. Which by the way is the perfect name for this lovely woman. I am sure that where ever she goes she brings the sunshine into the lives of those who spend time with her.

Sunshine will always be welcome on my screen.

ok ok hipshot, but you can't have it all the time... I agree that plain white panties are really sexy, and you remember my first set Meyve with her white bikini bottom, while in her previous set Erostea she wears just panties but they're black. But when I shoot several sets with the same model I need to explore several different combinations of outfits, so in this case I wanted to try the tank-top/beater with no panties because I think this is also very sexy, and I am sure you agree.
BTW, I just finished uploading a new set with Sunshine, but sorry to say there are no panties... (she would have lost them at some point, anyway..)

Hear hear, Hipshot, your first paragraph encapsulates my feelings on the subject so well... much better than I could say myself! So I will merely endorse your sentiments and say you spoke for me as well.

DG - I was elated Yesterday to see in the previews that Sunshine was visiting us today. I have been pleased with K's selections most recently.

It is another fine shoot with Sunshine. I really think they keep getting better as she becomes even more relaxed in posing for us. I can see that again, you are highlighting her long and leggy figure, most appropriately as that is certainly a strong attribute. I also see you have included some tasteful close ups of various strategic areas. Nicely done!

I have to agree with Magwich, that there are a few shots that are cropped a bit oddly (like #88). I don't see it as significant, but I felt I should let you know that he wasn't alone on that thought.

I'm glad to see an acceptable rating today, though I agree with "F" that it should be higher. Thanks for bringing a little Sunshine into my day. My regards to both of you and to Phi, and give a chin rub to the gray feline from me.

Hi kilroy, it's good to read you like what is being offered by Metart lately, I am also quite satisfied to have my sets published every couple of weeks and increasing soon (in 2013 it was every 3 weeks).
I am happy you appreciate the evolution in Sunshine's mood while posing and the way I depict her (except for those couple of odd cropping, partly due to my 50mm and Sunshine's long legs, thank you for the fair criticism though).
The rating is not so high but with such a controversial model it's somehow normal to expect some lower scores.
Phi and I are glad that Sunshine lightened your day. I'll give a rub to our cat from your part (today he had a little injury, must have fought with a rival in the garden..)

@ deltagamma74:

Maybe your cat needs a companion like Tara the hero cat.

A beater(NOT tank top,strap undershirt.french cut, or any of those wussy terms,IT'S A WIFEBEATER or just beater.)It's named after the clowns who used to wear them, instead of the totally masculine crew neck,like me. I was just commenting yesterday on Aurora's set that a beater, or beater and panties are becoming very popular among the Met models like Sunshine.Sunshint gets a 10++++ and DG the same.

Or a vest.

Hi 5seadog, thank you for the hint, I didn't know this term before so I am glad I learned it today (I just had an English test some days ago, you really never stop learning..). Interesting also the origin of the term, I really like to know where words come from. Very happy you liked our work, looking forward to bring more of this soon.

This is one of those rare occasions when I have to disagree ~ partially ~ with 5seadog... this is called by some Americans a "beater" or "wifebeater" but many of us DO call it a "tank top."
Don't ask me where THAT term came from... my guess would be that it was an innovation by tank crews in WWII to rip the sleeves off of a t-shirt to make it more comfortable in the heat of battle, and then when they returned to civilian life they remembered how much more comfortable their t-shirt was with the sleeves cut off.

Whoops! I called it wrong. From the Wikipedia article on "Tank top:"

"A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width. It is named after tank suits, one-piece bathing costumes of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools. The upper garment is worn commonly by both men and women.[2]"

I have seen many pictures of U.S. G.I.s during WWII in combat and tank tops were very popular in very hot environments, so, my guess was wrong, but ~ kinda ~ right. LOL

I always thought it came from the tank crew's 'sleeveless' T's also... And I think I still do... Wikipedia doesn't always have accurate information. Too many people that "think" they know what the "facts" are, but really don't, can put just about anything they want to on Wikipedia. I use it occasionally as a "first" resource, but usually search for corroborating info... I'll stick with the "Sherman Shirt" theory...;o) (As in Sherman tank...)

There is a reason that she is not in the top 150 models on this site.

Pray tell...

what a doll baby wish she was my girl

As the regulars will recall, last month I went somewhat ballistic over the rating for Sunshine being under 8. IMO Sunshine is still somewhat underrated, but today's rating 11 hours in is not an insult. Delta's first post really sets out for us why this set is just so good. Delta's "style" is still developing and the interaction and input from the relationship he tries to develop with the models is being reflected in the quality of his sets. With this type of trust established, the models ARE giving him their BEST. Lauren Crist is another example of just how well this works. Here Sunshine has become a "DG - Model" and her body of work with him here proves it is working for them. I just wish that Sunshine would join in here and give us a models perspective of working with Delta & Phi. This is Sunshine third appearance in the last three months so obviously K feels the same positive way that all of the commentators do today. Since Delta does not yet do movies I hope he can get Andrej to do one of Sunshine so we can see her "come alive". When SHE is ready I am sure Delta will give us a SEXART set of her. We all can only hope....

SW, nice to see you are still among us.

I will gladly anticipate seeing anything that Sunshine chooses to do here, in pics or in video. If it's on SA, well that just might be the time to get in on that site, even if just temporarily. Browsing through it, I have seen that out friend Delta has made appearances, as well as Catherine and some of our other favorite photogs.

I agree, kilroy, it's good to see swplf commenting again!

Hi swplf2, I won't add much to what you wrote since you always hit the target...
So I cannot but agree with what you write about the links style-interaction with models-quality of sets, because I believe that real feelings and moods must appear in my photos, they must tell real stories. I will ask Sunshine to write something, she is quite discreet when it's about showing her feelings but I think sooner or later she will open more, not only on photos. I really think that K feels like you say, since she has believed that Sunshine would do well since the beginning and she has shown to appreciate the new mood seen on our last sets.
About movies, the news is that I have started to seriously think of starting with them, and if Sunshine will want to dive into SA you can be sure I won't miss it ;) Let's hope..

DG, that is great news about the movies! I hope the transition is natural and not difficult.
You have worked with many wonderful models I'd like to see movies of... starting with Csilla, Leila Smith, and Edwige. And who could forget gorgeous Sally A? ...and of course, Mia Sollis has had several movies here on MA, but I would really love to see your interpretation.
This is a "dream list" of course... I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Oh, by the way, how is your personal rating/vote count coming along? Have you continued to make progress?

Hi fer_realz, I also hope it will be a swift and smooth transition, I already see it but it will need experience.
Btw, I have already wrote down your dream list and it will be a pleasure to give my interpretation with all these beauties.
About my personal rating/vote, it's somewhat ok, not too high but I rely on the feedback I get from you all and it's enough so far.

The use of the shirt is fantastically flattering to our model's uniquely architectural form. The poses in the shirt are all too vertical to make the most of it, I think. The visual effect of the fabric pulled to the side in 23, 24, and 25 is stand out.

A nice array of posing, though some with odd framing and cropping (77)

Beautiful close ups seem somewhat confined by squeezed cheeks.

I would like to see more like 62-75 from the back, including the rarely seen but classically beautiful full body reclining on the side. As well as butt shots that show the small of the back with the flare to the hip.

Please be sure to bring back our one and only with the entrancing enigmatic smile.

Magwich, very detailed analysis with several interesting points and some useful criticism which I will take into account for my next sets in most cases.
I will make sure to bring more of our enigmatic beauty soon.

Always good to see more from Sunshine, such a gorgeous beauty.

Always good to read this bobblehat :)

Wow... Sunshine has not been one of my 'favorite' models for various reasons, although I always enjoy looking at her sets, but seeing her with nothing to disguise her true beauty is putting me back on my heels! I have never seen her this...radiant...and natural. I fell in love with her by photo 7, and have been "glued" here since!! THIS is a truly amazing "pictorial"!! It will be my Sunshine on this stormy day!! Bless you both for an amazing experience! Let the dreams begin!!

Hi rachsbach, your enthusiastic comment gratifies me twice, since through this set you seem to have really got to know the "radiant" side of Sunshine, noticing her natural beauty. If this "pictorial" was your sunshine on a stormy day over there your unexpected comment is a cool breeze on this sunny day over here ;)
I am (and I am sure Sunshine is as well) very happy to have gifted you with an experience to remember (and to come alive again soon) :)

Thank you for the kind words... This set made me think that I really had not seen Sunshine until now... She is so much more appealing to me in her natural state... I truly detest make-up.

A very, very nice visit. And I appreciate advance notice of what sounds like a nice Tuscany shoot. Hopefully the weather co-operates.

Hey Baggy36Pants, it's nice you like this set as well, and surely all these positive comments will influence our plans for shooting in Tuscany soon. I will check weather forecasts in order to have some nice sets shot in the surroundings of the villa and get the best possible light. Will keep you updated ;)

Very beautiful girl with an absolutely stunning body - a pity only we see so little sunshine on Sunshine... a few smiles would definitely raise my score of 9 to a straight 10...
Would be lovely to see her on SexArt as well :-)

Hi von Cotrone, I am glad to hear a new voice commenting on my sets and twice glad to find out you liked it. It's not always easy to have Sunshine smiling but it seems we are on the right way, I prefer them to be natural rather than ask for smiling all the time risking to have some fakes. For SA let's wait and see.. who knows..? ;)

I gotta agree with some of the others, here. The white T makes for the start of a very sexy set!
Thanks again DG!

Hi Matt, so I have to thank my wife for suggesting that T-shirt when I asked for a plain white outfit ;)

My seventh set with Sunshine, fifth set in a row with a Hungarian honey for me. This set is one of the most recent ones, shot also in Rome as the last two. As I have already highlighted Sunshine in our last shooting has opened herself, showing the sunny side of her character, which is actually the truest one, although when she is not smiling she looks serious and bored, which is not really her.
I enjoyed these days of shooting in Italy with her, we had time to get to know each other better, she met my wife and we spend some days together having the time to plan each set the best way, trying to make everything look extremely natural and relaxed. Like in this set: shot in a real bedroom, wearing a plain white shirt without panties, with minimal make up, exploiting the soft natural light of a lazy afternoon, with Sunshine at ease and so naturally beautiful.
I am planning a new shooting in a villa in Tuscany before the summer, until then more sets are waiting for you to enjoy more of her.

Another nice set. Sunshine's beauty and your excellent work speak volumes.
As always thank you!

Hi JakeinNJ, it's me who has to thank you for showing such appreciation and support for my work ;) I am glad you like it!

The tank-top-with-no-bottoms look makes me weak in the knees. :)

I know the feeling Checkers, I was mostly sitting while shooting... ;)


Love it.

Excellent job again deltagamma, smiling Sunshine looks sensational as always. I love the simple shirt and no panties combination on her and huge thanks for the minimal make-up, she's a true natural beauty on these photos. It's obvious she's more comfortable, loose and relaxed in front of your camera now and that's a great thing, because we can enjoy her personality better. I like the location too, a gorgeous young lady like Sunshine always looks good on a bed. Another fantastic set from the master, thanks a million for this wonderful artwork. :)
Hugs and kisses to Sunshine and a big high five to you.

PS: Do you know when will Metart publish your newest Sally A. set???

Hi jkutyna! I can't agree more about Sunshine's smiles, and the choice of having a very simple setting and outfit was made to highlight her personality and demonstrate how sexy and loose she can be, so I am particulary happy to read how much you appreciated this set. I will make sure Sunshine reads all these nice words and maybe she will want to give some feedback.
About Sally, I haven't actually submitted the set I shot a few weeks ago, I focused on planning shootings and other models but I promise it won't be long before I show it to K, I will update you ;)

I'm eager to see that set too, but that won't surprise you. ( :

no it won't ;)

Sunshine is always a beautiful woman, with a perfect feminine body. DG, it seems all of her sets have a calm peaceful and relaxed mood. That seems to be your hallmark with her. This mood is very nice. She is posing, acting. Just a relaxed sophisticated and refined character. Very nice indeed.

Hi Neil, I am very glad to read you noticed Sunshine's mood, I really meant to have her as relaxed and comfortable as possible in order to appear as she really is.

Gorgeous girl with beautiful everything!

Sunshine is very pretty in white then naked.Nice set.

Glad to hear that H WU, I agree that she looks at her best in such simple setting, nothing more than her beauty

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