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Susana, your tongue and my tongue meet!

Gorgeous girl with a perfect body!!! I luv her beautiful pussy!!!

Susana appears to be at her best in this gallery, making her a bright shining star in the gallaxy of porn stars.

Does she work in a circus? Is she an acrobat? She's really beautiful, but all her photos are horrible! Does she need to bend like she is suffering from some kind of muscle disease?

Her photos sets all suck big, big time. The poses she makes are not sexy.

Though I hate net stockings I find plain black panty hose to be very sexy in this instance. Susana C has a body made to be sexy in hose. She has great substance without going over the line. She is a fully developed woman in every way. Just enough fullness to make her irresistible with nothing wasted or in excess. I love the original poses in front of that mirror. Fun sexy and very creative. Her lower body is pure perfection and those legs have the sort of form and power that fuels fantasies.

This is WOMAN, no wispy little girl here, no anorexia just a powerfully sensual goddess of love!

Another example of Catherine's great photography. Perfect hair, perfect focus with great depth of field, beautiful lighting with soft shadows and another great model in Susana. Would like to see some of the early poses without the leotard!

All photo sets of this model are the same in the sense that almost of her shots are acrobatic poses, can't she pose without bending her body all the time?

For some of us that's a very enticing feature.

for me is big turn off

Susana is really cute and Catherine appears to have caught her in a playful mood in this set. Some really stunning poses here and some breathtaking shots of Susana's lovely bald cunt.

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