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Boring, boring poses. This set could have been better.

Susana is an amazingly beautiful young woman, and I loved the purple background. The cover shot is both funny and sexy, and is one of my favorite covers! Every inch of her is perfect.

Hi Ouchstopit) I'm not sure the purple background) But if the purple background you like, I am very satisfied))

an excellent set by a great photographer and a gorgeous model. Susana is a n adorable model. her small firm boobs, her long legs, her curvy ass and adorable pussy are breathtaking.

Catherine knew how to capture the beauty of her model. i love both Catherine and Susana

Hi kkronful) Susana is one of my favorite models.I too very much love it)) And I love you))

Very nice set Catherine. What I want to say has been already said by all the viewers. Though, I like the color of the background in contrast with the beautiful well illuminated skin of the model. Beautiful Catherine!

Hi JimmyGeorge)) I am not inclined to shine a background so exactly. It was my experiment. If it is honest, I wasn't defined - I like it or not.

Hi Catherine)) I think you have a tendency to color your background with lighting while in this set it is a bit different but again a very nice color in the background. Myself, I like it.

Hi JimmyGeorge) It is good that it was pleasant to you. But further I will be careful of similar experiments)

Catherine, the quality of your work in technical skill far surpasses all others on this site. You keep me coming back to MET, while the rest make me want to leave MET. I am almost always disappointed in nearly everybody else on this site. Keep up the fantastic work, and thanks for caring about quality and skill. Having integrity for your craft is showing the greatest respect for your models. I guess the rest have no real respect.

Hi mchltxxx) Thank you that you saw my diligence) Very pleasantly when it notice. Shooting by time takes away many forces. Thank you, it is very pleasant to me)

My "10" for the day --

Nice lighting, nice skintones, nice backdrop, BEAUTIFUL girl, and the hairdo suits her well. Love it when she smiles at the camera.

One request -- not too difficult; would it be possible to take a few snaps of her standing? I'd love to see all that "curveness" displayed to full effect.

)) I will surely consider your wishes)

I'll second that request. I like to see one good frontal straight up standing pose in a set.

)) I understood everything)

Gives a whole new meaning to desk blotter.


Some wonderful images of this smooth, firm, athletic young beauty. A real selection of revealing interesting poses.

Susana has beautiful pert teen breasts & nipples & the shots of her bending from behind showing us her firm muscular thighs certainly made me breath a little faster...more please - love to see Susana in some tight cotton panties

Hi bikeman4) Thank you. I think, you will see this model in such look soon)

Susana never fails to delight and excite. She's one of Catherine's—and therefor MetArt's—most beautiful models. Her pussy is a Russian national treasure as far as I'm concerned. Perfect.

One small comment about navel piercing. So many models now have bejeweled carbuncles down there. Why? Such things detract from their beauty—and they take away a favorite resting place for my tongue on the trip south. Ah well, kids these days…

Love ya, Catherine!

Hi Sailor) Yes, Susana is very good) Thank you for your praise. I don't like piercing and tattoos. I always try to explain to models which work with me that a tattoo and piercing it isn't always beautiful. Perhaps I could keep someone from modification of the body.

"Perhaps I could keep someone from modification of the body."
Don't you dare Catherine. 'Tats are "tits", and studs are fun'!
(Pleased to explain..'tits' also means 'good'...;o)

I suspect (and hope) you are in a minority, Rockhard, in wanting tattoos and other modifications. Why not go the whole hog and buy a blow-up plastic doll? You don't seem to like what is real.

Thanks for that, Catherine. I couldn't agree more. That's one of the reasons I like your models so much—aside from the fact that they're so beautiful.

Another great set by Catherine and Susana. I agree with all the compliments above. Catherine is tops for poses, light and rapport with her models. I love Susana's firm, toned body and firm perfect breasts.

Hi Gary) Thank you very much for your kind review. I now spend my photography and it seems make good sets.

Absolute perfection, loves the camera, loves her body, flirts with the camera or the photographer makes for magical poses, she knows she is beautiful and likes to show it off even makes her wet !! Love her and her photographer Catherine

Hi budvv2) Thanks. It is very pleasant to me)

I want one


No wide / full body photos in this set. This model is known for her flexibility. The photos are crisp and clear, yet cropped in shots that would benefit from full body shots.

Hi lucky) I agree with you. I now try to avoid such undercutting of a shot. I think, you will see it in new sets.

Without sounding too critical, I think I agree with "lucky". Some of the shots would have looked better if they had included the full body, rather than a cropped shot. Shot #63 would have been priceless if it had included the legs and feet and a smiling look over the shoulder.

And please -- no wounded feelings!

It is merely my personal opinion and CERTAINLY no citicism of Catherine was intended. I enjoy this model very much and Catherine may just be my favorite photographer.

Hi Dreadnought))) Thank you)) I understood everything) I now try not to do such undercuttings of a shot.

Susana is very cute and delicious!!! Nice set Catherine!!!

Hi luv_lickn_clit) Many thanks to you))

Nice use of the mirror in pic#s 92, 109, and 119. Tough to top a pic of a toned girl on all fours, a la pic# 119!

Hi mincer) During the shooting of this spot was not very convenient to work with a mirror. I like to work with the reflection of the models in the mirror.

Susana is so flexible, but comfortably so.... she must be a gymnast?

Beautiful set, Catherine. I generally do not enjoy excessive flexibility/gymnastic sets, but this set is the exception to the rule. Wonderful.

Hi fer_realz) Susana - the gymnast. I already wrote that to me very much to work with this model. I like flexibility of this model.

Very nice Catherine. Very lovely girl and nice posing. Great camera work as usual...;o)

Hi rockhard ) It is very pleasant to read your response) Thank you))

And it is very pleasant to view your work Catherine. And many thanks to you also...;o)

My favorite photographer with one of her most beautiful models. How could it be any less than a 10+. Susana Is pure perfection from The top of her head to bottoms of her lovely feet and she is one of the most inventive and fascinating posers on the net. That body fascinates me completely. No bones or sharp angles. Just smooth round curves of creamy soft skin accented by an awesome pussy and perfect breasts and oh so flexible. Absolute feminine perfection.

Thanks for another fine set.

Hi hipshot131) Thank you for a praise, great pleasure to work for you)

Hipshot, I couldn't have said it better.

I enjoy the athletic and flexible Susana, and being photographed by Catherine makes it the perfect combination.

Thank you Catherine, for another great photo set.

Thanks kilroy) is very pleasant to me)

Full credit to Catherine for exploring interesting angles and compostions that are "outside the box". The artistry of the photography makes a fine set.

Thanks a lot justagigolo. I just arrived from shootings and it is very pleasant to me to read it)

Catherine is the only photographer I know who can pack so much variety in one set.
Great work hun.xx

Thank you ergo)) I am very pleased that you have noticed it))

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