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Catherine, thank you for this photo set, the photography is excellent.. and susana beautiful as always.... I am afraid if in my travels I ever ran into her on the street dressed as she was in the beginning pictures, I would propose marriage...

Catherine you bring out the beautiful female body, especially the hips and hourglass body!

Another perfect set of a perfect model by a perfect photographer. Good job Catherine.

Nicely done. Well controlled out there on a roof top. Beautiful girl well photographed.

Great set of the gorgeous little Susana!!! Susana really seems to be enjoying herself in this set, and I love how she isn't shy about showing it all!!! The close-ups of her beautiful pussy are like icing on the cake!!! Thanks Susana and Catherine!!!

Thank you for the bounty of armpit shots.

Susana is spectacular. I've loved her from the first set. She has a unique body type that I love. She is very athletic yet she has a softness that covers those well toned muscles and makes her so very desirable. I can't help but think that what we see in these sets is what she is really like. Not a model acting a part. Confident, friendly, fun and full of life. The type you would love to take home to the family or find asleep on the pillow next to you when you wake in the morning.

A dream girl in every sense of the word.

As usual your photography is the best and this is another wonderful set for my collection.

I agree that she is a work of art. A one of a kind masterpiece created by the greatest artist there is. Girls like her were put on this earth to make the world a more beautiful place for us all.

Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us and giving us the joy we feel when we look at you wonderful photos. Your dream has come true. You are a great model. Much better than those plastic glamor models in the fashion shows.

Hi hipshot131) I am grateful to you for such a complete and accurate observation. You very sincerely wrote. I agree with your every word. I have to deal with girls such as Susana. Them a bit. Also a bit like diamonds. Thanks)

As if anyone is dying to hear what I have to say, these are again wonderful. The sets by Catherine just get more unique and interesting, and this one is again bursting with striking contrast and energy. Susana's remarkably athletic body is too work of art. This photoset is telling me I need to start working out again.

I don't know how many photosets it will take to motivate me to start working out again, but I am willing to find out ))

I apologize for my poor English. Automatic translators do their job very incorrectly. Perhaps I can write answers in Russian, but not all users it will be approved. Bear with me because) Thank you for the great appreciation of my work.

I wouldn't want you to get discouraged from communicating with your fans (and I am one of them) by poor translation. More often than not we understand what you mean and I hope that you understand us as well. As I have stated before, the fact that you take the time and effort to do it is admirable, and occasional bad translation doesn't change my respect and admiration for you as an artist and a person.

Great open pussy and close up photos. Please continue to include these in ALL future sets. Remember this is a porn site.

Umm No... Actually this isn't a porn site, isn't labeled as a porn site, and has no "porn" in it.

Perhaps you are unable to process this but the mission is in the name. Met-Art... Not Met-porn.

There's plenty of sites out there for little boys needing to see vagina's RIGHT UP CLOSE, there shouldn't nor does there need to be a particular focus on one body part here.

Umm, no. The word "Pornography" is derived from two Greek words, meaning erotic love and drawing (the ancient Greeks didn't have cameras). So, this is definitely a porn site.

If you look at the non-members' home-page, you will see that almost every set is advertised by a picture of the model with her legs apart. This is what pulls in the customers.

The site also aspires to offer a high standard of photography. Generally it succeeds in this, but I can't help feeling that many customers must be disappointed by the scarcity of open-leg shots when they become members. The reality often doesn't match the advertising.

From your comments, I presume you didn't like Genoveffa set. Your loss.


I knew it !


It's great to see Susana again, she is lovely and perfect. I also enjoy the roof top sets and the evening shoots, so its a perfect combination :)

Hi 34Bfan) I am very pleased that you like the mix of cloud evening and flexible Susana. My plan succeeded)

Breathtaking set Catherine... I prefer 'indoor' sets, but your 'rooftop' sets are 'visually exciting', especially this one with Susana...my favorite of your models. Very imaginative and artistically photographed and very good posing by a beautiful model.

Hi rockhard) it is very pleasant to me that could please you. I very much try that sets made on the street had no shortcomings characteristic to this place of shooting.

The roof top thing doesn't do much for me. I much prefer her other sets.

If you direct your comments to the photographer instead of me, they may have more effect....(but I wouldn't count on it).

Hi hunter69) Sorry. Fortunately I have a roof very little work))

Great photo set. I love the way Susana displays all of her beauty and most private parts for us to see. She is truly a work of art.

Thank you) Yes, Susana can be called a work of art)

Catherine, this rooftop must have the best views in Kazan:) The set is both fun and sexy, and nothing is left out. I love standing rear shots , they showcase Susana's magnificent body in all its glory. Unfortunately, this type of a shot (standing, straight from behind), has become quite rare on MA. Many photography manuals advise against it, since it can be unflattering to a model with less than perfect body, and most photographers try to have the model bend or turn in some way to avoid it. But I think that any one of your models has a body to pull it off.
Thank you for a great set!

Hilember92 ) Susana convenient model. It can be photographed being afraid of a successful foreshortening. I wasn't so sure in color the sky of this photoset when repre his color seems to me interesting.

lmao! I think something got lost in translation Katya...;o)


XO ;o)

Yes, indeed. Usually I am able to reverse-engineer the original meaning from the auto-translated text, but this one is a tough one).

LOL I love that!..."reverse engineer"...rofl! Most translation software has a long way to go before we get accurate translations...too many 'dialects' I believe...;o)

The main problem is that the software doesn't "understand" the meaning of a sentence and instead translates each word separately. The resulting word jumble can be quite comical, "'cause, you know, sometimes words have two meanings...", to quote a Led Zeppelin song. I have the advantage of speaking the language of the original, though. But even then, sometimes you get a goodie like the one above).

Exactly. "Verbatim" translation is seldom if ever accurate. I sure hope someone is working on that! ;o) And in the English language, "many words have many meanings", and many of L.Z.'s lyrics illustrate that perfectly! Many of Catherine's "translated comments" are comical, but I found that one to be downright hilarious...she's so cute!! ;o)

Would "gaping pussy, girl cum" please tell me where, in all of these pics that he's using these 2 tags, he seeing all this! Is he using a magnifying glass? All in good humor!

Her pussy really seductive. I am glad that you have a good mood)

Hottie all in good humor but images #97 to image #100 try putting your screen Resolution up to medium all shall be revealed to you ok :)


From a females point of view Catherine captured Susana C very well i love the way Catherine used both the natural lighting in the background to show Susana C's well toned body,strong firm thighs,gorgeous breasts,erect nipples,lovely pink labia lips as per images #63,#67 image #104 really captures Susana's firm body,curvy ass really well just as images #83-#84 with her squatting spread legged specially image #84 cupping her breasts whilst showing her firm inner thighs,labia lips on the roof top my favourite image has to be #94 its simply states all about Susana C both as a model first and woman second don't know about the new hair cut but it really suits her very well.Nice One Catherine you captured her very well in different sensual poses ;) ;) got a nice 10 from me for both its artistical value and sensuality :) :)

Hi rags25) I Thank you for an appreciation. Susana - remarkable model. It very flexible and erotic. It is one of models with which it is very pleasant to work)

#94 is an excellent photo!

Hi C6C791) Thanks, I am glad that it is pleasant to you.

Wow - I hope the worker on the scaffolding in pic 47 didn't accidentally fall to his death after suddenly spotting the startlingly beautiful Susana all nude and glorious on the rooftop above him.

Hi dissent) the Foreign audience during shooting of this photoset was, but accidents didn't happen)

dissent i tend to agree with you on that one but i don't think he noticed her as much as the the second guy in the window below him he had a right old perv at Susana C ;) if the 1st guy on the scaffolding did that would be the end of his window cleaning carreer but what a last image he would have remembered on the way down :)

Hi rags25) Fortunately it didn't occur. Foreign audience had the show, we had a work. And you now see a photoset)

Wonderful explicit set of this fit young beauty..what a body - all so tight!

Susanna also has the most beautiful pink pussy imaginable - she can use my face as a seat any time...

Have a look at what I think is "the most beautiful..."- Gabriel A. Not many compare to or equal the beauty of this girl's magnificent body! Head to toe off the hook gorgeous!! imho...

Gabriel A. is nice, BUT....my vote is for Luiza A. Every angle, any lighting, any setting....she's physical perfection.


This might be the best set yet of Susana with Catherine on the camera. Its great to watch Catherine's style evolving and getting even better. Great work, you two.

Thank you kilroy) I myself like this photoset. I was waiting for its publication. I'm glad you liked our work.

Susana is beautiful in a wonderful photoset. I loved the dark clouds. Spectacular photos.

This is a wonderful set, Catherine. Susana is beautiful and your photography is a vivuel treat. Well done.

Hi Neil) I too very much like lighting and a type of the sky in this photoset. The photoset too as a whole is pleasant to me but if I removed it now, I would make a little on another. Thanks for your praise)

Susana C inNehany by Catherine
an excellent set by a great photographer and a gorgeous model. Susana is an adorable model. her small firm boobs, her long legs, her curvy ass and adorable pussy are breathtaking.
Catherine did an excellent Job. I love Susana but I adore Katya, as a girl and as a photographer.

i wish you speedy recovery my love. i am coming to Kazan to sit beside you near the fire if you offer me a cup of tea. please do not forget to check your email.

one trillion kisses my sweet Katya.

i wish to be notified IMMEDIATELY when your site is ready. i want to be the very first subscriber.

My sweet Katya
i heard that there is a new type of virus that attacks only sweet, lovely, adorable, gorgeous, hot sexy ladies especially those with sexy long black hair. beware my sweet love

Hi kkronful) Thanks for the warning. I will be very careful))

Hi kkronful) Thank you. It is very pleasant to me to read your comments and all comments on this photoset especially now. I caught a cold ((I have a fever. I sit near the computer with a cup of tea, I cough and I respond to comments)

Hi kkronful) Thank you. It is very pleasant to me to read your comments and all comments on this photoset especially now. I caught a cold ((I have a fever. I sit near the computer with a cup of tea, I cough and I respond to comments)

Hope you feel better. Get well soon!

I second rockhard's wishes for a speedy recovery Catherine. I hope you are feeling better, take care of yourself, don't work too hard.

LOL Warm wishes for a speedy recovery Katya...add some vodka to that tea...;o)

Hi) Thank you all so much) I now much better. Could be cured without the help of vodka) Now spend casting of new models.

Shot #105 is breathtaking! I love this woman. She has the pinkest, most perfectly formed pussy anywhere. Lovely skin tones, perfect little breasts and oh so limber!

Hi hipshot131) It agrees, Susana is magnificent.

It's nice to see Susana again—really nice. That tight, athletic little body is perfect from any angle—pretty face, perfect little breasts, perfect feet (love the shoes), miraculous pussy and beautiful, rimmable bottom. Susana is another of Catherine's stable of gorgeous Russian goddesses, and she keeps Catherine's recent run of hits alive and well, Hugs, kisses and 10s to all.

Hi Sailor) Many thanks) we Send you kisses and embraces))

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