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This is probably one of the hottest sets I've seen in a while on here. Very erotic, nice close-ups, and you can tell the model is into pleasuring herself. Keep up the good work.

Simply gorgeous... wonderful posing!

a great set for a gorgeous model and top quality photographer.

no photographer on earth can capture beauty the way Katya does.

Katya you are great great great. i adore you sweet and gorgeous Russian lady

What a great set. Would have made a great video... XOXO

I love this set!!! Susana is, of course, totally hot and delicious!!! The oil and posing are both artistic and erotic!!! The back light is little too bright, but the set is still successful. Catherine, please tell Susana we love her!!!

Hi luv_lickn_clit) You are absolutely right about the set. Some of the qualities that set me confused. But I'm glad you assess it positively) I forwarded your comment Susana and with it your love))

Hi. I Have a suggestion: I think susana should face the camera more. Most pics she's in her back or looking away or soething else. This photo shooting is great!

Hi Marcello) I agree completely. You are right. Shooting from the back should be less.

Hi Catherine,

I have a question for you that I hope you'll answer here (if not I guess I'll need to ask in your next published set).

How many people do you usually work with in your photo sessions?

The reason I ask this question is because I noticed in the reflection in the eye of one of your models that a man is behind the camera taking the picture. I am quite sure of this.

Is this a common practice?


Hi Browning) Of course I can not do everything alone. This is especially true of sets that are complex in terms of technical execution. I have an assistant who makes my work. When I help, I am very particular to my setup is performed. Sometimes when I need the most help guide the model and the model I'm the assistant to fulfill the frame itself. It does not happen often, but it helps me. On my page on facebook have pictures with episodes work on them there are people who help me https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005824274243

Hi Catherine:)

Thank you for explaining the process a little better (to an idiot like me:), I know nothing about photography.
My apologies if I appeared to be rude when asking this question, I didn't understand why I saw this man.

I am an artist too (designer/drawings/sketches), so I have a pretty good eye for detail (I guess this is why I noticed the man in the reflection).
I can see that you try to make everyone happy, but that is impossible.
I am happy to see that you are defending yourself much better when people are rude, and remember, you also have many admirers who are there to help too.

Thank you again Catherine for always being so nice.

Hi Browning) I'm glad to see your face in his colleague. Before you take up photography, I was involved in graphics and design, book graphics, illustration. I understand you, I think too clingy. I am pleased to communicate with people. I believe that communication between people must pull together, not divide. In the incident is not very user friendly, I am grateful to those who supported me. Thank you for your interest in my work and for the nice and kind words))

Catherine, as always, you are so sweet and kind:)
You deserve all the praise you receive for your outstanding photography.....and for taking time out of your day to answer questions from a "debil" (moron) like me:)

I hope you have a nice weekend Catherine.

Thank you) Do not write these words to himself. You are a good man. Thanks for your wishes, they are true.

Thank you for everything Catherine, my friend:)

I can't believe how rude some people are when speaking to a woman.

Catherine comes on here to interact with her audience, so even if you don't like this set (or Catherine's work in general), at least show her some respect.

Thank you very much Browning. Thank you for support. I meet for the first time such user. I will be glad to hear the interesting remark about a wish. For me it is very useful.

Catherine, by now you know I appreciate your work here. I also appreciate Susana and how fit and flexible she is. She is the right type of model to do a set with oil. The only thing I would have liked you to add would be some standing poses. The bright backlit background is different, but I don't think it is bad. Sometimes you are too hard on yourself.

Thank you for your work, for listening to us and responding, even with some harsh criticism today.

Hi kilroy) Thanks for kind words) the Subject with oil is interesting to me. I hope, I still will make a similar set. I will try to avoid mistakes which I made by production of a set.

Agree about the standing poses, being a fan of them myself, although, with oil involved, they can become tricky)) I also love the fact that Catherine seems to finally have had enough with non-constructive negativity and is not mincing words in her replies. Way to go!

Hi lember92) Thanks a lot for your reaction) Such not adequately aggressive user meets seldom. I hope, it will find a consolation and object of honoring on other pages.

Glad to have some company on the standing photo. I love the classic hourglass figure and that is the best way to show it.

Yes, Catherine is standing her ground today. Dare I say it, like she has a pair, LOL!

You are right))

i loved it thanks girls good work

Hi baseball 1958) Thank you very much. Very nice)

Susana is the definition of sexiness. This is one set that really made me drool. I hope not to sound too weird, but I love the way her feet look in this set! (Do guys in Russia like feet? They should. In America foot fetishes are a little more out the open). Her soles take my breath away, along with her amazing figure. Also, this set reminds me of heaven, as we have seen it in films. This is my heaven, with Susana as the goddess Venus. Thanks for making this set!

Hi Ouchstopit) Russia is no different from America. People are almost the same everywhere. Susana can cause such feelings that you ispytyyaete to it. It has a very clean and healthy skin. She's athletic and trained body. These qualities can boast of a few people. I forwarded your comment Susana)

Thank you!


Great job Cat..question for u are any of the models ever picky or they jjust do the poses u ask them to do? Another one is how come I don't barely see all american women or asian on here?

Hi RobDiamond) models are grateful when tells them the positions that need to fulfill. Prompt the account permanently. Sometimes you need to stand next to the model and rotate it as it is necessary for a good shot. Sometimes I do it myself, sometimes it is done by my assistants. In Russia mostly women with a European appearance. Therefore, models with Asian appearance is almost impossible to find.

Awesome job of capturing great angles with my personal favorite "Oil", but I would hope the next shoot that you capture more of her BUTT as liberally as you did her pussy! Otherwise Great Job!

Hi mobetaman) A model is very accurate priest. It is worth to give it more attention. I will consider it in future sets)

Catherine, long before we had this "comment" format, I would write comments by e-mail, complimenting your beautiful models and your wonderful photography. Your techniques, especially the soft lighting with very little harsh shadows, perfect hair placement and wonderful poses, often in very restricted confines, make your sets easy to recognize long before looking to see who the photographer is. I am, especially, a fan of the "High Key" photography with total white background which places all attention on the model without background distractions. I really enjoyed this set with Susana.

Thank you very much Dr.Dave) We tried very hard at work. Although it did not work quite as I had wished. I am grateful to you for the nice comment and I'm glad that you like our work.

Catherine, Don't take these negative comments to hard. It seems that there are a couple of people that constantly complain and put down your work.

I think this set was awesome. I love what the oil does for a finely tuned body like Susanna's. The way it highlights all the wonderful curves and the flow of her magnificent body. Susanna is one of my favorites. I love her grace and form and all the wonderful things she can do with that supple body. She seems to have a wonderful attitude and a fun personality. I very much appreciate the work it must take to maintain that oh so perfect form and the effort such a set requires. Her butt did get a bit red so I assume there was some irritation from the oil. Please tell her that it was worth the effort.

My only criticism is that I would have liked to see less light and more contrast. The bright back lighting gives everything a faded look and takes away from the effects of the oil on her body. More color and contrast would have really brought out all those lovely curves and contours. I am not a fan of back lighting. I takes away from natural colors and details of a photo. I Photoshopped some of the pictures and the difference is quite impressive.

My complements to you and Susanna for a very lovely set.

Thank you very much hipshot131) When I did this set, I expected to get the best result. From the point of view of graphic, I considered this set is not very successful. I'm not very exact calculated distance from the background to the fixtures. Although I tried. A few months before the work I had set the model Vanda. He was much more successful. Thank you for your warm and kind comments and your support) I am not offended by the negative comments. One of the commentators was not adequate. I have great attention and a desire to listen to constructive criticism and suggestions. But one of the commentators apparently just needed criticism for the sake of criticism.

I haven't read through all the comments yet, Catherine, but I suspect you got many more positive reactions than negative. ( :

Yes, you're right fer_realz) Nice friendly people much more)

Hi Catherine,

Are you always so sweet?:)
I really like your photography and the models you work with.

I understand that the models often read these comments, so I want to make sure I don't offend Susana because she surely is a beautiful woman....but,
I have a hard time looking at Susana because I dated a woman who looks so much like Susana, that she could have been her identical twin (and it didn't end well).

Thank you for bringing so many beautiful woman to us through your photography, and thank you for your kindness.

Hi Browning) Yes, it's very dangerous when you are in the photo you can see a model similar to your girl. Susana is certainly very beautiful. But a secret to tell you she capricious) with her is not easy. I'm glad you liked my work)

Much better than her previous sets and virtually no weird abdominal crunch or funky gymnastics shots this time, just a sexy girl in VERY sexy poses. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just for the sake of example, look at #113. Not sexy at all. Still, this set of Susanna is really good overall. Had to favorite it. Nice work, Catherine.

Hi rainnwynd) If honestly to admit, I don't consider this set as the best. Those sets which really are pleasant to me aren't published yet. It is pleasant to me that you proved the comment) Thanks)

Susanna is a very beautiful model, and the set is perfect. I like both the nail polish and the oil. Susanna is doing the hard part of modeling,working in a confined space. I would like to see her do her poses in a doorway or on a tabletop.

Hi 5seadog) Thanks a lot for new ideas) I Will try these ideas in life. On a table surface? You meant with oil?

No Catherine, no oil if she is on s table top, just if she is working a doorway of the properly stained wood.

Such sets I was doing, they get interesting. You reminded me about them. Again, I work off these topics.

Stunning set. I admit that recently I thought Catherines had become a little "stuck in a rut", style wise. But it is apparent from this set that this was a step along the way to this masterful piece of erotic art.

Hi justagigolo) Is easy to fall into a rut) If admit, I would gladly experimented)

Really disgusting.That sticky nonsense is Not erotic photograpy.This second set could have been left over(and the first too).My opinión is
different to that of your choir of worshippers.You´re the essence of
boredom and the less erotic of photographers(but still a good one).

The seller

Hi gswkJu. I hope, you not violently force to look my work. You can simply not look. On Met-Art there are photographers rather good for you.

Translation: "No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to look at my work. If you think other photographers do a better job than me, look at theirs, not mine."

Excellent response, Catherine. I don't like everything you produce but you are one of a rare few photographers that interact with the members and you receive more criticism than any of the others. You take it and you learn from it and your work improves. I really respect you for that and I appreciate your commitment to producing quality content for us.

Hi rainnwynd) I'm sorry you do not like my job. I can only hope that over time, your opinion will change.

Actually, I was on your side with this one. I was responding to the previous comment. :-) I did enjoy this set quite a bit.

Catherine, I believe rainwynd does like your work. He was trying to explain to gswkJu what you meant.

Catherine, rainwynd was defending your comment.
I think this must have been lost in translation.

Hi Browning,rainnwynd ) Thank you very much. I guess I do not really understand the meaning of written material. Grateful for your support. I will be glad to answer your questions)

Catherine, you are now my favorite photographer. I love the model, the oil, the simplicity. You allow us to enjoy every aspect of her body, from head to toe, with nothing covered or hidden. Thank you!!!

Thank you kanobione) I am very glad that you like our work. When shooting with the oil goes, it takes a lot of fuss)

Lovely bit of cream in shot 102. mmmmmmmm

Hi MuffMerkin) I am glad)

Catherine, That segment of pix from 99 through 107 is really hot! Susanna has the the most delectable labia and the oil really works to highlight it. Actually there is little if anything about Susanna that is not perfect in my eyes. You said she is capricious? I think that is probably right. She has that cute playful look in her eyes that seems to say that she if full of energy and loves to create fun situations.

Hi hipshot131) Susana is very beautiful. I myself while shooting really like to work with her body. You have written very eloquently about her. I sent her to your comment)

Irresistably cute + powerfully sexy. What an incredible combination, what a set!
p.s. I think I want to be reincarnated as a bottle of oil. ( ;

...and while I am not normally a foot fetishist, yes, I would happily suck those adorable toes. ( :

))) Hi fer_realz) I very much understand) Susana is very similar to the well-groomed doll, especially when it is in the oil.

She is very appealing, especially when she has a certain look in her eyes... ( :

I agree with you))

All I am saying is that I will gladly walk away from my career tomorrow if there is an opening for "Oil Boy" anywhere on the horizon...

True story...

Fun and sexy set, I found it too bright, but I feel this is just preference and not a genuine critique point. Excellent clean shots, and a stunning lady. Thank you.

Hi Revlis335 ) Thank you very much) Nice to read such words.

I love this set, Susana, and Catherine, in no particular order.

Thank you Tirronan) Susana after this set for a very long time spent in the shower)

Please let Susana know that she has many volunteers to help her scrub off in the shower, next time... if I can be at the head of the line... ( : ( :

Hi fer_realz) Excellent suggestion) I think that was a very Susana need a group of assistants to scrub the oil from the back)))

( ;

122 photos of the beautiful young Susana and absolutely nothing else. Just the perfectly wonderful female form. Perfect, just perfect. Great job Catherine. Warm regards to both you and Susana.

Thank you very much Neil) This set was very labor intensive) I am very glad that you like our work.

What could be better than a nude gorgeous girl with flawless body and fun personality, such as Susana? Susana covered in oil.
The set is a feast for the eyes. Catherine and Susana have raised the bar again. In fact, I think they raised quite a few.

Thanks lember92) Me very much to be pleasant to work with oil. But sometimes I am afraid of reaction of members of Met-Art. If this subject to be pleasant, I with pleasure would think up something new)

Susana's skin covered in oil reminded me of the shiny surface of a marble statue, except that, luckily for us, the statue came alive and is now learning to move her formerly solid body, stretching and twisting it for the first time, getting to know the joy of movement. And what a body, and what a joy it is!

Hi lember92) Very nice comparison. Susana is like a shiny marble statue)

Oil is okay once in a while, but not every time. The model has to be right for it, as does lighting to not glare. An athletic model like Susana is a perfect candidate.

Hi kilroy) Reflections on the body of Susana I really did not like. It was my fault. I already wrote that I was not very accurate when installing the light. Thank you)

Can I take Susana home with me? She is absolutely adorable, beautiful, sexy, delicious and all those other good things. She is one of Catherine's masterpieces. In her bio she says that it's a pleasure to be a model. Well, sweetheart, that is nothing compared to the pleasure you give your fans. xoxo to you and Catherine.

Hi Sailor) I think Susana is not refused to a fun time) I forwarded the model of your comment. Thank you for the nice words)

And you can take Catherine,too.Thanks in advance.

The seller

Hello. If you do not like something, it's not an excuse for boorishness.

"the seller" is quite an odd duck, indeed, Catherine... I don't know what to make of his comments most of the time. He seems to inhabit his own universe.

Yes, I agree))

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