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Todas sus modelos son sensacionales No se cual es la mas perfecta A mi me encantan todas ellas
SUSANA C es impresionante

Catherine , from month to month , you better and better :)

I don´t know what to write because this pictorial is so amazing that let me speechless.
The best photography, a super beauty model, the right expressions in each picture...what words should I use?
Simply perfect work. Couln´t be better.

...I almost forget: Thanks a lot to the photographer, to the model and all the crew that makes possible this art illuminate our lives.

Best set I have seen from Catherine. Susana takes my breath away, what a stunningly gorgeous woman!

Ahhhh -- the ever-lovely Susana.

A stupendous set -- well shot -- and a most delightful subject.

Merry Christmas to both of you !!

You've helped make mine very merry.

young ladies like this make me wish I was young again.... very beautiful, Susana is always one of my favorites and Catherine has made a lovely presentation here, as always. Thank you Catherine!

Catherine Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas present. You know how much I love Susanna. I think the female form is what art is all about and that is one reason I love Susanna so much. Not only does she have perfect form but she is able to move is such wonderful ways and present all those wonderful curves in such a delightful way. There are many beautiful women on Metart but only one Susanna. She is the consequential woman. All softness and beauty yet strong and artistic. Not harsh angles bones showing just total perfection from head to foot.

#57 and 58 are mind blowing. Like faces no two are alike but I think that is as perfect as they get. Perfectly symmetrical, Delightfully full and yet delicate and so inviting! It just doesn't get any more lovely than that!

Quintessential not consequential. :(

Another great set from Catherine. I love the lead in shots of her barefoot in those pants and a tank top. Very sexy. Nice colors. Great model. Great images. Clear resolution. No goofy effects. Keep up the great work!

She is fast becoming one of my favorite Met Art models.

The most appealing aspect of Catherine's work with Susana, and indeed all of her models, is that even the most explicit poses have an underlying innocence about them, and all of the poses are artfully presented. My favorite shot of this series is #51, one of the least explicit.

Another great one from Catherine, from beginning to end. The opening was so beautiful, seeing Susana barefoot in the lobby, with vibrant color which matched the setting harmoniously. I loved the attention that was given to Susana's feet in this set. Watching her slip out of her clothes was wonderful, and her posing was perfect as always. She has an amazing athletic body constantly throughout her work with Catherine, and I never get tired of seeing it. And what an adorable face! Working as Catherine's assistant would be the best job in the world.

a gorgeous model, hot body and a talented photographer.

Hi kkronful) Gorgeous spectator) Gallant man and clever commentator.))

Met Art fave: body tone!


Hi Catherine, I had a really wonderful review of your set with Susanna, but I'm tired,not feeling well, and lost it due to brain fart. I have that a lot since my second stroke, being old. It was in praise of Susana's eyes and smile and over-all beauty, and your skill and carefulness as a photographer. You may fill in all the adjectives you wish. You and Susanna both get a 10

It has happened to me too. I get it all down and ready and go back to look at a photo and poof, gone!

It only takes a second or so to save your comment(s) before a last minute check of something else. Believe me, I've been there - done that and lost many comments before I smartened up! Once bitten, twice shy; or in my case multi bites before corrective action(s).

Hi 5seadog) Be healthy. I wish you a long life. I wish you to problems with your health are not repeated. Take care of yourself. I very much hope that you will succeed. I am always glad to see your comments)

I hope you are feeling better 5seadog. Take care of yourself.

Hi Catherine, one thing I just remembered. Susana waxes the under carriage and it looks very nice. However she shaves her pelvic area, and as you can see on shots like 34 and61,she is getting some shaving issues on the left side. Maybe she could talk to her aesthetician about shaving the next time she gets waxed.Its a little thing, I know, but you know the old saying, "the devil is in the details "

Wow what a smooth fit body - love the rear views of Susana slipping out of her jeans. Very sexy!

Very nice set of this beautiful girl..

Susana C , is so Very Lovely :)

) I agree with you)

Fascinating to compare/contrast this set with Susana's "last," before she'd cut her hair... interesting to see the effect of that one difference, especially given that the background/setting are essentially the same.
Very nice set of an athletic/gymnastic, uninhibited young lady.

Many thanks fer_realz) Susana fine, I feel sad when I look at her pictures where her hair had not yet circumcised. But I made ​​every effort to save them. I is not got)

The good thing is that hair can be regrown. ( :
Perhaps if we are really nice to her, Susana will decide to grow her hair long again. ( :
In the mean time, it is so good to see another of your sets, Catherine! ( :

Quite simply a gorgeous woman and I particularly love her sexy legs and feet. I have to ask, though... why take photos with only a portion of her body in the shot? Yes, I understand what close-ups and full-body shots are, but a lot of these were somewhere in between. Not sure what that's all about. It just struck me as a bit odd.

Thanks for the comment Alyssa) Susana good and any set her participation becomes good. I do not quite understand about the big plan. Sometimes during shooting start experimenting. Maybe I while shooting this set has decided to work a little differently. I'm sorry that you were displeased.

Dear Alyssa may i be so bold as to ask you if your a femle member or male member of Met-Art as i saw you comment within Sofi A's lastest series where you put at the end it made tis girls day.If you are it would be nice to have another one as well too if not my apologies and i too love catherine's work as well within her series she is a great photographer Cheers From Ausstralia :)

Alyssa recently commented that she's a woman, rags... I can't remember which set/model she was commenting on though. ( :

fer_realz i think from my memory it was SoiF As lastest series and Thank You for pointing out Alyssa's gender too. Cheers fer_realz :)

Howdy, rags! Guess what Santa's giving me this week? 6 inches of snow! Wanna trade some weather? ( : ( : ( :

Yes, I am a woman, but I am bisexual and very much appreciate the female form :-)

Rags, I love that you are from Australia, btw. I am American and get more and more frustrated with this country every day. I would love to move to Australia some day. Your country is so beautiful! :-)

Alyssa I too love the female form though i'm not bisexual there's something about their bodies that's totaly different to a males body in my view ( Sorry guys no offence meant) as for Autralia it's one big country full of diverse cities and landscapes as for myself i live right in the middle of Australia in a small deesert outback town only a couple of hours drive from Ayers Rock and i also get cheesed off with both my country as well too.but i've seen some of the States whilst riding my Harley along the old Route 66 highway That's why i love love about my small town nice and peacefull and Susana C is simply stunning wearing those tight jeans of hers :)

Hi rags25 I may point out her that I have a 4yr BFA and my professors all tought me that if you can't draw and paint the female form,and get all the curves, shades and tints correctly you might as well give it up.

Offense? LOL
As some wise man once said, "Vive la difference!" ( :
I LOVE the difference between men's and women's bodies. There simply is nothing to compare to female beauty, in the whole beautiful universe. ( :

I am very glad to see another woman here. It's nice to see the other sides view point and if I were a girl I would be Bi too! ;)

Alyssa: I totally concur! This is a shame when it happens. Only one example; for me, # 84 is a way less appealing than # 83 simply because of the missing bits of Susana's elbows and right foot. I think the cropping just looks hurried or lazy!

Why crop such shots at all? That's what gets me! :/

Catherine, This set is perfectly wonderful. Susana is absolutely gorgeous and your photography is exquisite. Very warm regards and very best wishes to both you and beautiful Susana.

Hi Neil) Thank you very much, I send you my warmest wishes)

:) ♥ (:


I couldn't have said it better, Neil. Susana is also one of my most favorite models on Met-Art.

Hi Moxman) I'm glad you like our work.

Yes Great work Catherine! I love the way you started the set with the model dressed outside the room. then moved the story into the room where we got to watch her slowly undress. Very sexy. Then you gave us some great shots of all this girl's wonderful parts. She is so feminine and so sensual. This set just oozes sex!

Catherine, I love your work! Of all your models, I favor Susana the most. I love her hair, her beautiful brown eyes and cute smile. I hope you plan to have more pictures of her for us, very soon.

Another pleasant visit from beautiful Susana, choreographed in Catherine's unique style! Kudos to both ladies. Pictures # 53 and 54 nearly stopped my heart. After # 88 a calmness returned. These three pictures are only a portion of the great views in this gallery.

Hi Baggy36Pants) I am very pleased that your heart is so responsive to my work. Take care of your heart))

Bravo Catherine what a set !! . You and Susana C, a delicious combination . :-) .xx

) Thanks ergo) Bravo) I can easily imagine - I Susana on stage, and we bow to the audience are applauding us)

Exactly! And don't forget to catch the roses! ( :

Sailor wishes she was, swplf2. She's not Ukrainian, you know, but she is one of MetArt's most beautiful models, IMO. She's also one of the leading lights on Catherine's roster, and the lovely photographer is never done a better job with her. Susana is just flawless from head to toe, gloriously lickable. The rear shots are just beautiful (image 34 is a delightful surprise if you're surfing through the shots and not following the thumbnails). And though the attention paid to that scrumptious tush is beyond generous, it isn't enough—couldn't possibly be. There's a joyous sense of freedom about this set, and Susana responds to it. I am smitten, more than ever before. 10s and kisses all around.

Thanks Sailor) I am very pleased that you are so praising my work and Susana. Previous set with Susana I really like. I was surprised that the previous set was not highly rated. It was one of my favorite sets. I am very pleased to thank you for the nice review.

All of Susana's set are delightful. But some do have a certain spark that is especially pleasing.

A word of thanks to Susana for letting us see her beautiful navel unobstructed by trinkets. It just makes the perfect skin tone of her torso that much more appetizing.

I just went back and checked out Susana's last set., I agree with you and fer_realz. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. But so is this one. You can do no wrong, my dear, and neither can Susana.

Maybe it was the makeup? Susana is such a natural beauty. The makeup may have been a bit of a distraction. In some of the shots it appears that even her labia may have some chemically added color.

Sailor, I'd have to say that her previous set is equally as excellent as this one. ( :

No argument here. : )

No argument here. : )

Patience Grasshopper!

Susana is coming up on her 2nd anniversary of appearing here and all with you. She almost had one a month in 2013. Keep up the good work with her. Neat set today but in the 5th pic who is in the background? Loved the strip part. You gave just enough explicit filtered in. Wish she wasn't Sailor's.

Hi swplf2) Starting phototypesetting we held in the lobby of the hotel. In the background, a woman living in the hotel goes to the elevator. Thank you)

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