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Herrlich, sie ist von Anfang an ganz nackig, wie es sich gehört...

One of my favorite models from one of my favorite photographers. Simply stunning.

She is an angel with good heart and I wish her a lot of good things in life. Matchless beauty.

Beautiful girl 5 stars

Great job Catherine! Amazing poses and a a hot, sexy model with a great attitude.

May be art, a good work, a nice model,but NOT erotic photography.

The seller

Needs a darker background so body stands out more.


It's not that I generally dislike Catherine's work. E.g.: When I look at her sets of Nastya K I must admit that all the photosets of the years 2012 und 2013 are excellent.

Maybe that Nastya is more experienced than Susana but it's the photographer's job to direct and teach unskilled models! But just this I've missed in this set and in many others! It's obvious that Susana not really knows how to pose and what to do. To be merely beautiful and undressed makes not a top model.

I already written that this was the second set for this model. It did a good job for the second set. Be healthy!

Gorgeous doll Susanna tremendous pictures by very talented Catherine !!

Thank you very much budvv2) I am very pleased to read your comment, it's nice to know that someone thinks I'm talented.

"Someones," Catherine... ( ;

One thing I can't understand about Met Art, every time there is a set by Catherine the comment section is filled (usually 90% or more, praising Catherine's work).

Why are there not more sets by Catherine published???
I know for a fact it's not because Catherine hasn't provided the material.

Catherine is extremely popular among Met Art's members (at least the vocal ones who comment), so why are we not seeing much, much, more of her work???

Hear, hear Browning! I have wondered the same thing myself.
Hopefully within a few months we will know more than we know right now....

Like always, Catherine shows us a set with beautiful and pleasing color, with a spectacular model, Susana. This set, however, to me, focuses on especially erotic, and explicit poses, which is very enjoyable to see from a Catherine set. I cannot say why I love seeing a beautiful smiling face of a perfect young woman like Susana while her legs are open. I love the athletic and artsy poses too, but here Catherine dives right into the eroticism, and makes us drool right from the start! Fantastic job Catherine! (I'm still a little creeped out how your photosets correspond with a warm-up in temperatures. Where I live, we finally got a break from extreme cold on the day when a Catherine set appears! Thank you Catherine for warming our days and our hearts)!

Hi Ouchstopit) I am very glad that I managed to warm you in the cold winter. Russia is now strong frosts, but for Russia, it is normal. I have this set made in the month of June. Of course this set brings the energy of the beginning of the warm summer and bright sun. Thank you)

Susanna is a perfect model and the poses are beautiful. This proves what I said before,if a skilled model has room to place her feet, she has room to model. Susanna obviously works out, probably dance or gymnastics, it takes discipline to keep her body as perfect as hers is. I gave Susanna and Catherine each 10+++ for a beautiful set.

Hi 5seadog) This is very interesting when the set is created in a limited area. If the model is a flexible, it allows you to fully to show themselves. I am very glad you liked the set. I was very pleased to read your comments))

Susana C, gymnastic poses (wouldn't the Olympics be better if...?), not a scrap of clothing in sight. Empathic photography by Catherine. I LIKE it!

Hi Ulysses) I am pleased that you liked this set))

another good set from Katya and Susana. good work from both

Thank you kkronful) to Me this set also like it)

Another winner from Catherine. A beautiful model nude throughout the set from beginning to end. I wish more photographers had Catherine's sense. Now if only she made videos. ;_;

i MonCapitan) I thank you for your praise. I sincerely saying that it's nice to me. I promised a video, it will be required)

I too, would love to see a video of Susana. She is beautiful and sexy beyond words. Your work is always top-notch, so a video would be a great treat for us.

Gorgeous set. What a perfect little body Susana has. Nice work, again, Catherine.

Thank you very much Copernicus) I am glad that you are so highly appreciated my work)

After reading all the comments I'm actually in awe of this set. To think that this was done in a matter of minutes by to people that were just getting to know each other is mind boggling. The space is very limited and constraining, the time was short, and the light was constantly changing. Susana was new to modeling, working with a photographer that she did not know very well, on a narrow ledge, fully exposed to the outside world and yet she was smiling and working her butt off to give Catherine as many shots as possible in the time they had. It speaks volumes to the talents and professionalism of these two that they were able to produce such a pleasing set.

I am impressed Katya. :D

Hi hipshot131) Thank you for all you do is appreciated. Susana talented in their own way. Of course, on a second set execute such a task can not many. She coped. I'll add that the time is limited not only the setting sun but hurry Susana, she would hurry to go to another city. Thanks))

Nice comment hipshot.

When you think about this set being shot under the conditions you described it is quite amazing that it all came together so well (I believe this was only possible because of Catherine's warm and welcoming personality along with her photographic skills).

I'm sure Catherine really appreciates the fact that you've helped explain the difficulty that she (and all photographers....including you) face in their line of work.

Thank you very much Browning))

You are always welcome Catherine:))
You deserve all the praise you receive from this set:))

Thank you very much Browning))

Thank you very much Browning))

Once again Catherine has captured the female form of Susana sensationally and unconventionally. Susana's unbelieveable body is fully appreciated with all of the unique posing. Thank you kindly ladies!!!

Thank you Heathen) This set was improvisation, which inspired the setting sun.

Susana is almost perfect in this set. That delicious little body has never looked better. It's nice, too, to see her with long hair again. Catherine, you are definitely on your game. 10s again and again.

Hi Sailor) Thank you very much. I am pleased to read your comment because I like this set.

I love this woman's skin tone. She has a natural beauty that is captured so well in your pictures. The light accentuates her beuty very well in this set. Her "pinkness" is captivating. Like she is fresh from a "workout" session. Very beautiful lady.

Hi chez22) Susana very sporty girl and is in very good physical shape. Very easy to assume that she just came from the gym

Beautiful perfect face, beautiful perfect body, she can twist into any position and still be perfect, Catherine, you make me want to change citizenship and move to Russia!!!

Hi trickydick1) If the change citizenship to find beautiful women, of course need to take Russian citizenship) But this is only to find a beautiful woman))

Susana and Catherine, thank you for another fantastic set together. Susana looks like she could still compete in gymnastic competitions. Amazing body from head to toe. Catherine I always look forward to seeing what your next set has in store for us. Thank you Catherine for taking the time to respond to our comments here. So few of the photographers do that anymore. Pass along a thank you to Susana for giving us another chance to gaze upon her beauty.

Hi JB1718) Sorry for my late reply) Susana could well participate in gymnastic competitions. All required skills and abilities she has. But she told me that the coach scolded her for laziness. I am pleased to respond to comments. I am pleased to recall a time when this set was made. I love it. I am very pleased that you liked the set)

This is a masterful set of a beautiful young lady. I like her spirit and the spark in her eyes as she shares her beauty with us.
Technically, I like the minimalist approach. There is nothing in the set to distract us from Susana, and she shines.

I now better see the set with appreciation for the minimalism. Verily, a masterful minimalism of text from you as well. Well, at least until the addition below.

Hi fer_realz) I am pleased that you have noticed and noted minimalism in frames of the set. I am anxious to ensure that the frame was not anything extra. Only model and only the rays of the setting sun.

You succeeded wonderfully, Catherine. ( :
That minimalist style fits Susana particularly for some reason.... perhaps because she has such a big personality?

A perfect set very sexy and hot added it to favorite right away nice job ;-)

Thank you very much dragon.)

The poses work for me!
Beautiful model and the best made of a difficult/unusual location and small time frame.
I think other people need to be aware of some of the time constraints put on Photographers/Models…..it’s not all sitting on a beach all day!
I just hope passers by didn’t have a heart attack looking at the window!

Hi Oddsox) Thank you for the warm attitude to our work. Heart attacks do not is because I once noticed that when people go along the street they look is directed in front of him and feet. Look people very rarely rises above the third floor. It gives the possibility to work peacefully and be almost unnoticed)

Also, most windows in such buildings are "one-way glass" so that from the inside you can see outside, but passers by cannot see inside the window. Instead, they see a mirror.

This hotel has a transparent window. Sometimes passers-by noticed a photo shoot) If we sense it, we stop work for a short time.

OMG that is so funny, Catherine! That would add another level of urgency to the process! ( :

I can hear Susana telling Catherine....KATYA!!!, that pervert down there on the corner is staring at me and grabbing himself.....I NEED to take a break, he's creeping me out!!!

Ha ha!
Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.... ( :

As to see in all the other sets of Susana/Ctherine there is a lot of unnatural & unerotic distortion & twisting of the body in this set too. But that's not synonymous with posing for photographs!

I'm sorry to say that both Catherine & Susana are rather clueless about alluring & erotic posing for photos.

5/10 for ca. 10% acceptable pics of a quite lovely girl.

Are we looking at the same set? I don't see a lot of "unnatural" distortion and twisting. Hey, there is even several photos in landscape format for you.

uuusssee, I can tell you don't like Catherine's work and I must disagree with you. I also disagree that her work is "unerotic." She has quite a following here. Based on what I see, I would say you are in the minority. You have the ability to express your opinion all the same, but Catherine deserves more respect and credit than you give her.

Hi uusse) I'm sorry. What you write is also about 10% of a normal commentator. Your comment I put a 5 out of 10! You did not enticing)))

Maintain your grace, my lady. It suits you well.

I agree re the contortion like poses & whether a viewer prefers this type of set is purely a matter of personal preference. Personally, the set was fine for me. But the sniping is better left unsaid.

Hi SouthernMaster) Thank you. I am pleased that you liked the work.

Except for #91 to #98 (what the hell kind of pose is that?!) this set is gorgeous. Love Susana's body. I'm gutted if what hipshot says is true!!

I feel the same, I assure you.

Hi Snake Plissken) the Sun was going down very quickly, the light of the sun very quickly lost its force. I had to change the camera settings. Everything happened in a very fast pace. When we finished, the sun was almost down over the horizon and the sun illumination almost was not, therefore positions on some pictures are not very expressive. But I like this set because I always wanted to remove the model in light of the setting sun.

Sad that this is an archive file and not new. I love Susana and her magnificent gymnasts body and poses as well as that 1000 watt personality. Seeing these sets now is bitter sweet. I could never grow tired of her and I hope you have many more waiting to be published. Incidentally I can see a great improvement in your newer sets. When you see her tell her we miss her very much.

It's nice to see a new set from my favorite Lady photographer. I hope all the unrest in your part of the world bypasses your beautiful city of Kasan.

Hi hipshot131) this set I made very quickly to catch the departing sun. Susana perfectly coped with their task. We are glad that this work you liked) Thank you for your wishes to the threat passed my city) I want to wish you a good warm weather)

Susana is very beautiful the athletic poses are great , could've chosen a better location than a window.

Hi AlphaMan )
I already wrote that I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful evening light from the window)

Catherine, each time a new photo set of Susana is published I face a conundrum.
Your photography is excellent and Susana is beautiful....but I just can't enjoy looking at photos of her.
As I've explained before, I had a girlfriend who could pass as a physical double (or identical twin) of Susana. This woman was the meanest, nastiest, most self centered person I have ever met. I could not get away from her fast enough. Being with her was a living hell.

After stating this, it is not fair to take this out on either you or Susana.....so although I don't care to look at Susana, this set still deserves a "10".

Please give my thanks to your team for all their hard work and I especially want to thank you for all that you do. Take care my friend:)

As you've explained before, do tell some more - to a therapist.

Hi Browning) Neil very rightly said that in my work are a model with good human qualities. Work as a Model psychologically very difficult. If a person has a problem and he is negative, then it is manifested in the first set. If a model by human qualities have problems, cooperation with it does not add up. I am very get upset, knowing that someone paid you soul wound. Susana is very simple-minded people.
hipshot131 all well written. I once talked about in the correspondence Susana)

I agree all 4 young ladies are pretty and sexy and each different. And yet they all have sexy eyes and great smiles, and no pictures of just the face. A sexy look, a smile, or something. Just the face. Please take that in consideration for future shots

Broken record

Hi Special Ed) I'll consider your wish in the future)

Hi Catherine:), I'm quite sure that Susana is a very nice lady. I know you would never work with anyone who was rude and difficult to be around.
Please make sure Susana understands I think she is a beautiful woman.
I know I am the one with the problem....there is nothing bad about Susana.

Hi Browning.) All is well. Thank you that you remember this girl. There is a Russian proverb "If a girl went to another, it is not yet known who is lucky"))

Very true:))

So sorry to hear that Susana brings bad memories for you. There are a couple models on Met that have the same effect for me. I can vouch for Susana's sunny disposition and fun personality. Catherine has told me that Susana is the person you see here and they are good friends. That's good enough for me.

hipshot131, Catherine's assured me the same thing....although I think she said Susana can be quite stubborn.

Personally, I find stubbornness in a woman to be a good thing ~ I would never want to be in a relationship with a woman who allowed me to dominate her.
Well, there are a few circumstances in which I'd like to be dominant. But in everyday matters, I want my girlfriend to be just as strong-headed as I.
It can make things more difficult, it can make things less fun, in the short term ~ but that way, in the long term neither one is likely to have their needs and wants overlooked.
...and it definitely keeps things interesting. ( :
(I speak from experience...)

fer_realz, I do too....who would want to be around someone that agreed with them all the time? That would lead to some very boring conversations.

I actually like a girl with a little "fire"....I like a girl who stands up for herself, but she must have a good sense of humor:)
Another thing that's very important to me....I like a women who is good with children.
I understand that not all women want to have kids, but to me the best quality any women can have is to be a caring mother.

It's the humor that saves the relationship! ( : Hardship is sure to enter any relationship, but if your partner can laugh at it and bring that laughter out in you, then you'll be fine. ( :

"And the experience - the son of hard errors" This line from a poem by Pushkin.))))

So true, Catherine! We learn nothing except by our mistakes, large and small....

Browning, You got to believe the Catherine would never work with a model who is mean, nasty or self centered, regardless of how beautiful or talented she is. Susana has done over 12 sets with Catherine in about a year, so clearly Susana has passed Catherine's test. I am sure Susana is at least as nice as Catherine is. Just a thought.

Neil, I know the problem is ME! It is spooky though how close (nearly identical) Susana's physical appearance is to the woman I dated.
I had a couple guys a went to school with who thought my girlfriend was hot....and I began to beg them to ask her out.

What complicated the issue was I really liked the girl's mother and married older sister (not sexually).
Her mother and sister were as sweet and kind as can be. The girl I dated was like her father (who happened to treat his wife like shit).
I will say though....she has a remarkable talent, she could strip completely out of her clothes within a few steps....and she didn't like to wear clothes when we were in private:)

"Oh, Women! Insidiousness of your name" - "Othello" Shakespeare

"Vive la difference!"



Catherine, This is another wonderful set. Susana is remarkably beautiful, with a perfectly fit athletic figure and a charming radiant smile. Simply perfect. And she presents so many wonderful poses. Of course, your photography is as perfect as usual. So, very warm regards and best wishes to both you and Susana.

Hi Neil) Thank you. It was the second phototypesetting Susana. The sun was setting, the evening came, and was very beautiful light from the window.I managed to manage to make a set while the beautiful sun shone. I wish you all the best)

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