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Nothing like a bedroom set in which the model never quite seems to make it to bed... dressing table shots (undressing table?) are nice, but it is hard to imagine actually DOING anything there.

great mirror shots, thank you for the very sexy poses while taking panties off. One of my favorites all time.

great mirror shots, thank you for the very sexy poses while taking panties off. One of my favorites all time.

Gorgeous face. The short hair ruins everything!

Love the hairy pussy, dear. Let it grow out.
Cleavage is stunning, and your expressions are subtle but inspired.

Awesome woman! Amazing pussy! Thank you, Suzanna!

Oh yeah, pinch those sweet nipples

One of my favourites,glorious ass and a delicious pussy.Bush enhances the delectable pussy.

Nice to see hair my wife is not 18 any more and has some hair, completely shaved is like a young ten ager, nice poses and dyes grow it out a little more.

Suzanna A, hairy pussy is a turn off. Please shave it clean.

In your opinion.

Suzanna A is a beautiful girl with full round breasts a wonderful hairy pussy, superb buttocks and long shapely legs.

This set is particularly good featuring a long lingerie sequence involving some great shots of Suzanna's full white panties from the front & rear. The panty play & removal was very sexy.

More of this lovely girl please perhaps in a tiny white g string....

I am sure to get some thumbs down on this one but for me this set just doesn't turn my crank. Her looks are just a tad above average and she never really smiled once, her breasts are to big petulant. Her labia are quite lovely but the stubble serves to highlight the dark skin surrounding them which is not a sexy look for me. Ad to this she was into page 6 before she was really naked and the setting is very monotone and boring.

These are just my opinions and I'm quite sure that others will disagree but that's what makes the world go round.

Tasty! Mighty mighty tasty!! Love this girl!! Great set! Def 10/10!

Gorgeous, sexy woman!!! I luved the rear view shots with the mirror!!

I like the new hair style, it suits you and makes you look so cute. Great set.

Totally stunning, Suzanna is as awesome as ever, always willing to flaunt her magnificent body.

I much preferred that perfect cunt shaved, something so absolutely flawless should never be obscured (in my opinion of course).

Gorgeous woman with such a beautiful pussy! I love seeing this model on Met-art.

Generally good photographic quality --- "9" is surely too low rating for this set....and "10" slightly too high; settling on "9.5"!

I don't think the model is a 10 but the photography is; I would give the model a 9 but the gallery a 10.

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