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Great model, good set, i am tired of the bush haters complaining. MetArt is 98% shaved models, once in a while a nice tastefully trimmed bush appears and people criticize endlessly. Subscribe to ALS or playboy and you won't see any hair. I feel that MetArt should have some variety in the model's choice to have some hair down there; trimmed tight like Suzanna or Sofi, or natural like Gemma and Daria. Variety keeps it interesting. Semmi and Kristel are great examples of shaved, then grown, then shaved. Variety, like in real life.

Suzanne is a very exciting woman and that bit of hair down there makes her even more exciting to me. Just sayin!

Suzanne is a very exciting woman and that bit of hair down there makes her even more exciting to me. Just sayin!

Lose the shirt please

Suzanna is gorgeous and totally hot!!! I love her big boobs and beautiful pussy!!! The only thing I didn't like was the silly garter...they have never done anything for me! Great set anyway!!!

I'm missing here high-heeled shoes.(Sandals)
Some pictures can be done.
Always it would be a nice addition ;)

MORE high heels, please !

Disappointing set because of the stupid shirt. I do not mind a few opening shots with the shirt on; but the entire set? What a waste.

Another vote for a clean shaved pussy!

I beg to disagree. Loved the cardigan. Adds a nice graceful & intimate touch, methinks, to an already stunning woman such as Suzanna.

P.S. The fuzz on the pussy is ugly. I prefer a clean shaved pussy any day.

Beautiful bush!

There's not much there to be seen -- no problem.

Ir's nice to see some pubic hair once in a while. I approve.

I approve of the amount - not very much.

If pubic hair is an acquired taste, it took me about a nanosecond to appreciate Suzanna. It helps of course that in decades of happy cunnilingus every woman I've ever gone down on had pubic hair, and with rare exception they were all beautiful and delicious. I would love to go down on Suzanna. I would also love to become intimately familiar with the rest of her body. And judging from the personality I detect behind those pretty eyes, I'd love to have breakfast with her the next day.

A very boring and inartistic photoset... Suzanna deserves better...

Nice trim Suzanna! Nice and short where it needs to be...:o) No problem at all seeing that magnificent vagina (and vicinity)! Nice set of this beautiful girl!
Her top, sheer and delicate as it is (sweater!?), is no problem for this "small breast fan"...;o) Plenty of shots of her beauti-full breasts. Excellent Sunday Morning!!

Suzanna A is one of my very favorite models. But because of the sweater and body hair, I'm not even going to download this set. Complete waste of a beautiful woman! Goncharov gets 0/10 from me on this set.

Great breasts, butt, and eyes. Ditch the sweater!

Wow !! :-)

Yes! I agree! Señora, me encanta cómo usted está abriendo! Usted está muy cremoso, oh cariño! ¡Sí! Me encanta eso! Eres está muy hermosa con tu coño labios abriendo, querida! ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias!

Estas aprendiendo español? La redacción es mala, entiendo lo que quieres decir pero esta mal redactado. Por cierto, creo que no es el mejor set de Suzanna, no por culpa de ella, si no del fotografo.

¿Qué hay de malo en una hermosa mujer sonriente con su bonito, rosa, coño comenzando a abrirse? Me justo encanta a ver Suzanna's dulce amor jugo fluye! Y, es muy agradable de ver sus cremoso labios venir abierto y ver que ella es rico rosa, creo. Sé que es muy bien, porque mi verga me lo dice! LOL :) !

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