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Suzanna A is a babe with a bod you can like all over, very much like Sofi A.
But, the unique beauties I like most about her are the cute little dimple on her chin, the soft slightly shy smile.

Personally, I'd like to see some natural unshaven or trimmed sets of her. Like trimmed armpits and full pubes, or just pubes. A woman with this kind of body is even more womanly with those attributes. Shaving is just a preference that majority of people prefer.

almost forgot to add her tasty looking pouting lips. I bet shes a great kisser.

Personal preferences are ... personal ... why people argue about them thankfully escapes me. Love what you love, and let others do the same. Leave the arguing to schoolyard children who don't know any better.

Yes, a very good point, but I see nothing wrong with a bit of friendly banter now and again ;P

Great words TT. So true... Hope you don't mind me repurposing your words for other situations.

I'll flip for a dimpled chin every time...the perf body gets another +++++!

Suzanna is Fabulous! and as I pointed out with Ardellia, if a skilled model has room for her feet, she has plenty of room. Which lets me out, I have vertigo.Suzanna is totally stacked,(and why Alyssa didn't mention Ulya I I don't know) as Sofi, Suzanna, and Ulya prove Goncharov has an eye for stacked Russian girls.)Since Suzanna is tall, very lovely incredibly well-built and is having a good time even if she doesn't smile much, I am forced to give her a 10.( Girls having a good time get red on the tips of the ears or the base of the throat or both, although they might be over or under acting.)

WOW, just WOW! I like this gallery as much as any and more than most collaborations from Suzanna and Goncharov. Two for two on elaborate ear rings today; mind you Goncharov changed them in mid shoot and even removed them - interesting.

Suzanne is Ukrainian Goddess No. 1 (for the moment). She radiates sexuality, and she has a hammerlock on statuesque. Mouth-watering woman. 10 every time.

statuesque - That's a great description of Suzanna in this set! Ukrainian or Russian - it matters not to me when they are all this beautiful.

Okay, I really gotta say something about this whole Ukrainian fetish. For one, they are not 'goddesses' compared to Russians; and two, Russian girls will always be hotter! Allow me to present the evidence below.

1. Nikia A
2. Jeff Milton
3. Vanda B
4. Beatrice C
5. Janice A
6. Ilze A
7. Feeona A
8. Barbara D
9. Olivia F
10. Zelda B

I rest my case! Russians are hotter than Ukrainians! ;P

I couldn't disagree more.

Why oh why has no one mentioned the goddess KOIKA? she was ubbelievable as met trademarked model untii 2008. She then came out as lesbian and left.

I agree with Dennis, the women of Met-Art, as a whole, are my absolute favorites. I LOVE to look at images of women from MANY of the former Soviet republics (Ukraine, Russia, Belorussian, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Czech Republic just to name a few) and I married an absolute Russian doll ...

But ... to the point of the popularity of Ukrainian models ... of the current top 10 favorite models rated by Met-Art members, 6 are from Ukraine ... 11 of the top 20. Hmmm. There is something to it from my personal point of preference. And apparently my point of view is not especially rare. ;)


I am just going to say that the women of metart are the hottest :-)

Dear Dennis so very true even as a female i'm also truly amazed with Met-Arts bevy of beautiful talented Models/Ladies from all over the corners of the globe and Met-Art has both Models/Ladies to suit everyones taste) Cheers from Outback Australia Dennis :)

Great list, Alyssa. I love everyone on it. I still think the Ukrainians win on a statistical basis, however, because they come from a far smaller population (45 million vs 145 million). For my money, however, the most beautiful women come from Spain. Here's my list:

1 - 10. Lorena B.

Merry Christmas.

Amen to that Sailor! I must have the same book as you. MA how about a MA Latina section?

Lorena B is at the top of my list as well. Fav you got my vote for the MA Latina section.

Alyssa, I see a lot of my favorites in your list. Point made.

and going back into the past, I would add Natasha S. the loveliest of them all. But let's be diplomatic and say that East Slavic languages speakers are the most beautiful :)

If only I could go back in the past, Myshkin, I would bring back Mirelle A!! She was another of my all time favorites, now that I think of it.

Oh goodness yes, Mirelle, such a perfect face and gorgeous breasts. She had quite an inning at Rylsky Art too ... not too long ago. Maybe she'll see her fan club discussing her and come back. Happy Christmas to all.

(for the moment) :)

". . .a hammerlock on statuesque". Priceless!

Well...she is OK but not something I expected for X-Mass :( ...

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