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I thought it was too much work checking off all those ten buttons, distracting from the photos, so I just put a big one on top.

Suzanna leaning forward! What more could I ask for?

I have a Suzanna fetish :-) She is so gorgeous!

The perfect photoset.... 10/10

Suzanna IS the top model on this site, and IMHO the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Truly breathtaking ! I'm at a loss for words………..

if you start at her feet and work your way upwards you end in another timezone...

Beautiful location! Suzanna is one of the large-breasted models here that make me forget that I prefer small breasts... Sooooo sexy she is!!
This is MY top pick for the day!

Magnificent specimen!!!

Suzanna is totally beautiful, with a perfect figure and perfect skin.The The poses are perfectly set up and photographed, yet I have a strong feeling its been done before. This is because in the last five frames of the set Goncharov shows what he can really do with a treasure like Susanna. I give Suzanna a 10+++and Goncharov a 8 for laziness.

Hmmm.... I wonder...
If Suzanna or the fire, is casting more heat into the room?
My money is on Suzanna!
Beautiful set.


Suzanna is my personal top model on this site, together with Barbara D. Just... beautiful...

Suzanna, you make me weak in the knees. You are unbelievably, unabashedly beautiful and sexy. Loads of kisses and a carload of 10s.

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