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Hide, that is what comes to mind, Suzanna, is in her hide. Distant from observation, allowed to express self, she does a glorious work of art with her talent as a female member of the class.
Sunflowers, and she is one!

so beautiful. Too bad she's not barefoot.

Not a farmer. Nope.

so beautiful. Too bad she's not barefoot.

Suzanna is a very beautiful model who is a perfect outdoor model. She is very obviously phyically strong and active, shots 35 and 36 are good examples. Ahe gets a 10+++ from me.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the great ladies from Ukraine who may get caught in the political struggle in that country. Please stay safe and out of harms way. God speed to all of those ladies.

Hi Zaggy I agree whole-heartedly, but I think they won't back off if the fighting comes their way, espically Mila I, who has demonstrated she hates violence but punched the guy who attacked her right in the face so hard he still had a black eye when she prosecuted him. She is in Medical school so you know she will be out trying to help.

I'm sure all of our thoughts and prayers are with our favorite ladies and their country.

Suzanna and Galina in back to back sets...WOW!!!

Suzanna is another beautiful woman from Ukraine with a magnificent figure. There seems to be so many beautiful models from Ukraine, with gorgeous large breasts. There may be something in the water that causes this delightful trait. Research must continue.

Here's some "research" for ya Neil... Pull up Suzanna's "Barsamin" set, and right next to it, pull up Elsa A's "Adagio, and see if you agree with me that these are "non-identical twins"...

P.S. Look more at the girls than the location (which IS the same).

Research may discover a different array of choices available to young ladies, the proximity of photographers, the origin and location of those behind the website, and a different attitude towards nudity than some other places have.

I've noticed a few trends or "fads" over the 5 or so years I've been subscribing to MA... when I was "new," Czech girls were all the rage and over the last few years the trend has been toward Ukrainians. Now, the pendulum seems to be swinging (gradually) back to Czech...

Beautiful set of Suzanna A. Best yet I'd say. Second to most beautiful woman beside Sofi A. OK, pretty much equal... 10 all the way.

So I guess you've seen the set that Sofi and Suzanna did together..???
I would have thought THAT set would be your "best yet" of BOTH girls!

true, but on the other hand I like sets that just focus on 1 woman.

97. Peek.

Umbrella's are clearly under appreciated by photographers.

Yip, yip, yip, yip, Yahoo! Another visit from beautiful Suzanna!

I did not realize there is a need to drive between the rows of sunflowers. Naively, I thought they were trouble free and you just planted, trusted Mother Nature to provide water, and harvested.

It turns out that Mother nature grows more beauties than just sunflowers... ( :

Suzanna is sublime, absolutely gorgeous, she never fails to impress.

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