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Jeeeeeez ---

Sand and a horse!!!

There is EVERYTHING in the world to choose from -- so we get MORE SAND !!!

And there are any number of reasons not to use a horse as a prop. So I've got one more reason for you !!

Not only do I ride, but I've dated a number of women from "the horsey set" -- even married one of them. It's been my experience that if a woman loves the adorable little horsey -- she's not that hot on men.

Totally destroys the illusion for me.

THINGS I LOVED: Fun outdoor setting, stunning model, delicious light, spectacular breasts, bewitching smile, incredible legs, fabulous behind.

THINGS I'D PREFER: Somewhat fewer poses with the horse.

Beautiful and shapely model, an interesting theme and scenery, excellent light put to good use by photographer, and creative posing. The best set (pix, that is, but Suzanna's set is also outstanding) since I have joined the site.

What creative posing? All that horse did was stand on all fours.

That's a lucky horse being next to such a naked beauty.

Suzanna has a stunning figure, but to put her on a horse limits what can be done to show it. I applaud the effort to do something different, and the shoot location really is beautiful. Unfortunately, there is too much horse and not enough of Suzanna's lovliness for my preference. The dismal score in the high 6's shows me I am not alone.

Goncharov has done a few of these horse sets in the past, and none of them have impressed me. Sorry, just not my thing. If it weren't for Suzanna, I might not have even browsed through this one. It could have been a great set at this beautiful location with just Suzanna.

Totally stunning woman - just a bit too much horse...!


Suzanna is totally lovely. One thing I will give Goncharov, he only uses trained livestock, and if it's a horse he makes sure the model can ride. You will notice that Suzanna is seated correctly for a girl. She has a VERY straight seat which, as a female friend who rides one told me, keeps the girl from feeling like her lady bits were gangbanged by the Pittsburg Steelers. This set is very good, and I gave Suzanna a 10++++

Thought I was looking at a spread from "Equine Monthly."
Totally lame; one of the worst.

Our equine model should be fed ice cream cones, watermelon, and contents of fruit bowls.


I keep expecting to see the Statue of Liberty's boobs along the shoreline in this set for some reason, but seriously these sets with horses do absolutely nothing for me, maybe have a lasagne.

Planet of the Apes reference? LOL

I agree about the horses, nothing for me, either.

If Suzanna doesn't get a response from Sailor.....it's got me worried.

swplf, you seemed to be close to Sailor.....do you know if he's o.k.???

We have not heard from Sailor for about two months. He has been silent on both MetArt and RylskyArt. I hope he is well.

Thanks Neil. I hope someone has good news about Sailor too.

Holy hOOters, Batman!

113 pictures with a frikkin horse and you can hardly see the model she's so far away? Is there any score lower than nothing? I cans see why you guys eliminated the 0 on the voting.

And the horse never even gets completely naked!

Oh lordy jake, you just opened a can of worms... now we're going to have no end of debates about whether or not horses should shave before being photographed here on MA....

And take off the shoes!


Trying to be like Putin?

No, 'cos if she were, she'd be wearing pants & combat boots...

Suzanna is one of my favorites. This set is fantastic. I like the location and the horse as a prop. Great job to photographer and to Suzanna. This may even be a great video set too! (HINT) :-)

A stuffed horse is a prop.

love this gallery of Suzanna A, and that horse has got some personality ROFL

Marcus - Goncharov did a video with Sofi and horse (Hermetia, 7/2009) and I wondered what you thought of it, or if you had seen it. Just curious.

What a great set! Suzanna is no less than magnificent. I love the location, presumably on the Black Sea. The photos with the horse are glorious. Wonderful set! By the way Myshkin: I think this was a girl-girl shoot. Imagine that, I found myself trying to peek between the horses legs!

I will imagine something else, thanks.

Perhaps so, in which case it was a fine a-filly-ation :)

A couple of photos with the horse is nice. The entire set not so nice. Just do not prefer this style of a set. Love her as always.

Lucky horse! Even he (?) looks stunned by such loveliness. I like the magic appearance of the saddle at the end.

That's "reappearance," the saddle's in the opening sequence, and every riding sequence. It appears that either the photos are asynchronously arranged, or they took off the saddle during the water sequence and then put it back on. ( :

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