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you didn't show her amazing breasts. weak set.

its ok she has an amazing ass, and a pretty face too

Suzanna is one of my favourites. I prefer indoor sets and naked, but there are enough of those sets that I appreciate this approach. Suzanna looks like a million dollars in this set, displaying her usual spunk. I am pleased that another photographer has done a Suzanna set, as this will help insure a steady supply.
Wasn't there some sort of initiative once, where models that wanted to retire and marry a rich guy could be contacted? Whatever happened to that?

LOL I can only GUESS what happened to THAT!!

Suzanna is my favorite nude model, and I stress the word "nude." Each month, I eagerly anticipate the release of her latest set. But this month ... there are no words for how disappointing I am.

All of these outdoor photo shoots are a complete waste of time and (our) money ... and they miss the entire point that most of us, I believe, subscribe to Met-Art in the first place. Suzanna is the most beautiful woman with the most perfect body I have ever seen and this set, as well as others, utterly fail to do her justice. Instead of featuring HER, she is nothing more than a compliment to the "scenic" background. She is far, far better than some prop. I couldn't give two-shits about the scenery. I realize that's part of the "art," that some photographers specialize in outdoor shots, I get it. But if the nude model is only teasing, and the poses are mind-numbingly repetitive, or too far away, or lost in the background, then what the hell is the point? What are we paying for? SHE is the art. Focus on HER. We should be looking at her and only her. We shouldn't even NOTICE or remember the background for a given photo set. The photographer in this shoot, however, seems to have been more interested in getting away with some public pussy shots. Is this what we want? Quasi-nude photos taken from a distance? Really? I'd rather cancel my membership than see Suzanna so poorly appreciated.

Please, please, PLEASE reduce/eliminate the outdoor sets -- most of the photographers don't/can't do them well. And no more "tease" sets like this one. And, for God's sake, NO MORE HORSE SETS! If I want to see pretty, fully clothed women walking around a park in the summertime I can do that here for free.

Cindy, I wouldn't say that the outdoor sets are a waste of time. They are usually not my favorite, but I have downloaded several excellent ones (such as the recent one with Aislin and most of Violla). Many of our members like the outdoor sets, and some of our photogs do their best work there. It is true, there are some sets where the model is a prop and the scenery seems to be over-emphasized, but I see that as the exception.

There is so much here at this site from all the different contributing photogs, that limiting one type of shoot over another is unnecessary. There are sets here that I just loathe, such as those using cheezy strap-on angel wing props and I also dislike horse sets, but I tolerate them in the name of variety. If all the sets were a girl on a bed, it would be pretty boring.

This set offers something different, the public aspect, the teasing and the upskirt (which we don't get enough of here). I do wish there was a little more nudity in it, but I find it acceptable because I do like Suzanna. And there are five other sets today.

Kilroy, thank you for your thoughtful comments. My post was the unfortunate result of my ongoing frustration with how my favorite model is presented. While there were indeed five other updates that day, there was only one of my Suzanna. We're very lucky to get her updates as often as we do -- all the more reason why I hate to see so many, IMO, mediocre sets of her.

You're certainly right about outdoor photo sets. There are indeed many that are nicely done, so it was wrong of me to generalize so broadly. Thanks for re-setting my compass on this point. :)

I'm with you on the frustration of some of the recent Suzanna sets, it's overdue to get a more flattering and explicit shoot of her. Lets cross our fingers for next month.

edit first paragraph: "disappointed"

cindy... "proofreading"="no editing"... And no "disappointments"...;o)

Um, okaaay. BTW, no one likes a grammar Nazi ... sieg heil, mein fuhrer.

Sorry for offering a bit of advice to someone that obviously needed it. It won't happen again. And I've got your "fuhrer" hangin'!!

You're giving me advice, huh? What an arrogant SOB. Since you've chosen to be an a-hole, perhaps we should look at your own flawless prose.

"cindy... "proofreading"="no editing"... And no "disappointments"...;o)"

First, "cindy" needs to be capitalized. We generally do that at the beginning of a sentence. Second, there should be spaces around the equal sign and a period after "editing." For example, "proofreading" = "no editing." Please note the placement of the period and the equal sign. Third, it's typically poor form to start a sentence with "and." Fourth, pick a style for ellipses and stick with it. Put spaces around them or use none at all -- the way you have it above is incorrect.

So, here's your corrected post (I prefer spaces around my ellipses, but that's just me):

Cindy ... "proofreading" = "no editing" ... and no "disappointments." ... ;o)

...only hangin'? Ain't a fuhrer of far more utility, err... ehm, "fully erect," so to speak? ( ;

Hard to be erect (npi) with such unappreciative slander being spewed at you...LOL

Umm, as opposed to "appreciative" slander?

Oh, Rock, please do remember... we aren't all as perfect as you.

You could at least try a bit harder...;o)

Yes, we "could." ( :

And I think it's hilarious that anyone would think that proofreading your posts before posting them is being "perfect"...LMAO!! It's not ME that looks foolish by constantly correcting my comments, so by all means, continue my amusement...;o) (where applicable...;o)

Hmmm, I corrected ONE comment to fix a simple typo. That does not rise to the level of needing to be "constantly" corrected. Everyone makes typos, even trolls such as yourself. Besides, posts on this site don't really require the same intensive editing/proofing you would find in, say, a dissertation or a novel.

Actually, it's you who looks foolish because you're giving out "advice" when your own English skills are mediocre at best.

Here is your edited post:

I think it's hilarious that anyone would think that proofreading their posts before posting them is being "perfect." LMAO It's not ME that looks foolish by constantly correcting my comments, so by all means, continue my amusement ... where applicable. ;o

You're welcome. :)

...don't neglect to read my ripostes your way with a HEAVY dose of irony or even sarcasm, Rock, you'll read them far more accurately that way than trying to read them "straight." ( ;

Gotcha! I take 'most' of the comments that come my way as "sarcasm"...especially the ones that are at all 'positive' in nature... ;o) I realize that next to doug, I'm the source of much irritation amongst the membership... I take it ALL with a few grains of salt(peter)...;o)

And besides....(LOL) I added "where applicable", and that meant that it did NOT apply to you... ;o) cindy obviously takes offense at being "advised" on a tried-and-true habit of reading one's posts before submitting them... I look forward to more of her amusing anecdotes...lol

Hey, Woodward, you put a comma OUTSIDE of a quotation mark. That's a big no-no. It must have been a typo, yes? If such is the case, I forgive you the error. It's too bad other people around here don't get the same amount of slack.

Oh, here's your edited comment:

Besides, I added, "where applicable," and that meant that it did NOT apply to you. ;o) Cindy obviously takes offense at being "advised" on a tried-and-true habit of reading one's posts before submitting them. I look forward to more of her amusing anecdotes. LOL

Well, I hope you find my "advice" helpful. You're a sad little man and I feel sorry for you. You're not as smart as you think you are or would have the rest of us believe. It's pretty clear in the way you overcompensate by loading your infantile postings with emoticons.

Worse, you are a hypocrite.

Don't worry, though, I'm just "helping" you by giving you the same kind of "advice" and scrutiny you don't need nor want ... Nazi.

Beautiful and teasing upskirt in public.

Susanna has posed for a perfect girl in the park set and Fabrice has captured it perfectly. I just hope that they were being carefull of poison ivy in shots like #13. I gave both a 10++++

Because I prefer small breasts, Suzanna has not been a "favorite" of mine, but THIS is VERY nice! There's something special about "catching a peek" in public! Great "performance" and documentation!

I love this photo set because of Suzanna, in a sexy dress, in public, flirting with us!!!!!!!! Oh man, life is good!

Suzanna has an amazing body. Those tits are stunning! But I agree, it's a bit tame for MetArt. We pay to see nudity. Demure and teasing shots are great to start, but in my opinion it should then go further for a pay site such as this. But having said that, I can't fault what's here- she is gorgeous!

❤ the Ava Gardner-esque chin dimple!

This would have been a wonderful set for a different site. Suzanna is a gorgeous model with an exquisite body and, while a few tease shots are always welcome, the failure to go any further is very disappointing. This is not what Met-Art is about.

Oh contrar... THIS is EXACTLY what MetArt is about!! Were you thinking "MeatMart"???

*tsk* *tsk*
That would be,
"au contraire," i.e., "to the contrary," in French.

Always love to see a beautiful dress on an even more beautiful woman. Is it just me, or do her legs look disproportionately skinny compared to her torso? Stunning breasts. Kind of a lackluster set for me.


"Stunning breasts" are the reason her torso looks out of proportion... Or if you prefer, make her legs look "disproportionately skinny". And nice as it is, the dress doesn't help matters in this regard.

I love when the model lifts her skirt up. Playful, simple, and so damn sexy.

This is what I really like . I've said it before, there is nothing sexier than a girl in a pretty dress and heels without panties . It possibly would have been nicer if she had started out with panties , but its just a matter of your own particular fetish I guess.
Some indoor shots with a couch or bed would have been nice as a contrast to stone walls and park benches .
A very nice set . Any chance of a movie ? I would love to see her walking around in that dress.

Really nice public set featuring the beautiful, elegant, full breasted, long legged Suzanna. It must take a lot of nerve to do this type of shoot.

Would have been nice if she had started in panties and slipped out of them half way around the park..maybe next time

Agreed... it would have been possible to have gotten a reasonable number of panty shots and still have had enough without to please both camps, IMO.

Now THIS is my kind of set!!

RYLSKY!! TAKE NOTE: THIS IS HOW YOU DO PARTIALLY CLOTHED!! well done Fabric, great set. And Suzanna looks as breathtaking as ever.

For me this got off to a wonderful start then stalled midway. It seems incomplete and way too many repeat poses. I love upskirt shots as a part of a set but not as the whole set. Boring

This is a kind of set we haven't seen a lot of recently, an extended public nudity set. Suzanna is a good choice in that she is obviously fearless.
It is very nice to see the girly side of her, evoked by the pretty pink dress with cute ruffles for a skirt, along with the sexy high heels.
This set brings out the best of Suzanna, and reinforces Fabrice's reputation, as far as I'm concerned.

Should have said "exhibitionism" ~ not "nudity," properly speaking. ( ;

Yes...let us speak properly...;o)

Oh ferhevinsake, Rock, sometimes I'd swear you were an English teacher in a past life, like my Grandmother was. ( ;

Just pokin' a little fun...jeeeezzz Mr Sensitive....;o) (or is it Miss?..;o)

Interesting fact: Out of six semesters of English in high school, before my "genius" engaged and I quit, I passed two of them. The crap they were trying to jam down my throat didn't mean shit to me, but the "art of laguage" came as easy as the beer we drank illegally! You may be correct... Being a "teacher" most of my life, and my obsession with the proper usage of the language, lends much credibility to your suspicion...;o) And I spent several years as a proofreader in the printing industry, and that doesn't go away with time...

's OK, Rock, I was just pulling your leg too, I wasn't actually being sensitive this time. ( :
I completely agree with you about English classes, Rock. While the many parts of speech are of considerable interest and relevance to linguists and English majors ~ they are irrelevant to jr. high and high schoolers, and I found that material to be completely useless.
With one exception... once I began taking mid-level foreign language classes in College, parts of speech became VERY relevant and critical, and had I paid closer attention back in jr. high and high school English, I would have had an easier time of Spanish 3 & 4.... otherwise, the parts of speech have never been relevant in my entire life.
In fact, I kinda led a mini-revolt in my college English Composition class, precisely over the parts of speech and rules of punctuation, arguing to my professor that the single most important character of written English is that it should convey meaning, regardless of the finer rules that might be broken (e.g. using semicolons where either commas or colons are ~ technically ~ called for; to me, this is a fairly useless rule).
Needless to say, she did not see my point, although I was a good enough student that my grade did not suffer significantly for my heretical views.


A daring little public display, such a beautiful, lively girl, some cheeky flashing really excites and it's always nice to see a beauty like this in normal clothes displaying herself. On the whole there's not enough nudity for my tastes, however with this beauty there never is, but the set as a whole is very nice.

Nice progression.
Playful Dress.
Fun model.

poor set but lovely heels

An absolutely delightful set. I love the combination of clothes and nudity in public places. Please more like this rather than endless closeups of privates. Suzanna you are beautiful.

I agree - cheeky, charming, surprising, entertaining and as you say Garth, refreshingly non gynecological. Suzanna is simply one of the wonders of creation - adorable - thank you you fabulous lady!

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