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Love to see Swan's pussy, ass, and feet!!!

I would lick Swan's inviting gaping anus until she came hard and begged for more.

Swan is just incredibly beautiful, and Rylsky has a perfect job of photography.I like the setting, but wish it could have been outdoors. Swan is so beautiful that I think she would look even better in natural light

Swan gorgeous goddess 10+
Rylsky writes a poem to the woman 10+
bad makeup of the eyebrows as gullwing

Scored higher due to Indoor setting.

I like this location set, looks like a loft bedroom. The colors and lighting are great up there. Must be getting some natural light from the skylight.

Starting off with Swan in her dress and giving upskirt peeks is a very nice way to start, like was done with Nikia the other day. The assortment of poses keeps it interesting as does Swan's smiles, brown eyes, and willingness to show us her beauty.

Great set, I'd expect no less from Swan with Rylsky behind the lens.

I agree, excellent set!

Swan is fantastic and i especialy enjoyed the photos where her beautiful clitoris is peekning out from it's hiding place.

Lovely set, Night and Rylsky. I especially enjoy the nice upskirt shots in the beginning, and the very sexy heels throughout.
Night really seems to enjoy posing --- in this, she brings to mind Kei. What this thought brings to mind for me is a further thought; how nice it would be to see the two of them pose together...

My pardon: I meant "Swan" NOT "Night."

"in this, she brings to mind Kei".
It looks very funny and I am happy so many models from Rylsky living in your mind, mixed and you must be happy in this company.

Oh indeed, Mr. Rylsky, you have such beautiful, enthusiastic friends. ( :
For whose acquaintance we are all eternally grateful to you. ( :

A nice collaboration by Swan and Rylsky. I appreciate Swan's lovely long hair, smile, downy hair, hint of ribs, suppleness, puffy outer labia and great butt. Rylsky, thanks for leaving Swan's downy hair as is and the stretching shots. Kudos to you both.

Never an ugly duckling, but a real swan. Spread your wings and fly!

A wonderfully beautiful young woman in an elegant setting. Perfect. Swan is an enchanting beauty. She is always a joy to see. A very enjoyable photoset, Rylsky. Great work, Swan.


Double ditto!!!!

....aaaaannd triple that ditto! LOL

Swan is a charmer, with that slender body and beautiful smile. It's nice to see her again.

Love the early morning silent boo birds. Lets see what Ry has to say when he gets on.

I pay no attention to "thumbs down" anymore....if anything, they have become more of an honor in the sense the comment was noticed.

Why I must say more than already said? Tell me even 1 reason to take attention to people who wanted be unhappy. It is their choice.

Swan has not let me down so far ;)

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