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228KB and 230KB - I would love to fuck Swan while she is holding on from the rafters in the ceiling with those beautiful legs spread wide. I would cum so fast in her. She's so hot. This photo set is so good.

Swan has such a firm round ass that you can't forget. Like to see her in a thong bikini contest.

I want to get her doggie style with her round ass bending over in the fireplace. That is one of the hotest poses I have seen.

I have visions of fucking SWAN A all night long by a lite fireplace.

The lovely Swan; spoilt, I'm afraid, by a combination of patterned dress and patterned background enough to start a migraine. A bit too "busy" for me.

A truly gorgeous woman, but there's something unusual about her pussy in the third picture on page 2. It almost looks like a third opening, including her ass. Can someone explain what I'm seeing?

Fear not, It's an allusion caused by her mound sticking together. Good eyes, I missed that one. Sure does look strange. I wonder if Rylsky even noticed.

let me know what photo # you meant?
direct link preferred.

I guess it would be #23.

I see now.
But I have no idea what it was. If you want my decision if I was you who collect her photos - just delete it to feel better. We will never know what and how it was.

It didn't really bother me to the point I would have to delete it. It doesn't bother me at all. I just found it unusual, that's all. She's still a gorgeous woman, it's just a little strange to see something like that.

hipshot has it right...her clam is stuck closed in the middle...


Swan A is very stunningly beautiful model/woman !!! I simply adoerd the way Rylsky captured her lovely beautiful gorgeous face beaming facial features and her sexy radiant smile of hers ~~ Swan A'a gorgeous long slender creamy tanned well toned legs body lovely firm bteasts perky nipples sexy derrier within a gorgoeus setting of the glazed stoned marble fireplace -- It truely highlighted Swan A's beauty very well both dressed and nude in some very sensual srtikingly delightful pose's ;) I simply adored Swan A's close up images #42-#47 of her sitting upon the glazed marbled top of table in both strikingly serene poses as well as some very lovely close ups of her creamy white inner thighs lovely trimmed vagina,pink labia lips the golden candle hold highlighting them beautifully :) with the gloreous close ups images of her lovely facial feaures her breasts hidden behind the golden candle holder ~~~ Images #83-#93 standing up reaching the rafters as well as swinging of them both shows Swan A's lovely body assets in both sexy explicite playfull photo's !! My hat of to Rylsky her truely brings out the beauty of Swan A in this love new series of her as well as MetArt for posting it and a nice compliment goes a long way :) :)

I love reading your comments rags25:)
Your remarks are always positive and you bring a totally different perspective to every set.
Just another example of how men and women "think" differently.

Cheers from Ohio USA!

Moscow with Ohio here

Thannk you browing :) I'm glad you like them and yes a a female i do try and post positive comments but yours are just as great to read too :) I guess i look at MetArt's Medels as both women as well !!! After all they are just that but posing nude :) I go thru all of their photo's and pick the one's that truely brings out both of sensuality and sexuality as well as their Bio's it helps alot too :) no matter if their slim built or with a bit of extra meat on their bodies their all beautful in their own ways !!
Cheers Browinng from Outback Central Austriala :) :)

Swan is very beautiful, and very delicate. She takes care of herself, which is a sign of maturity as a woman I am thinking here of some models who starve themselves to the point of emaciation. That is neither safe nor mature. Swan has a very delicate build and maintains it without damage. In this way we can relax and enjoy her beauty, which Rylsky has photographed perfectly

seriously - I so want that fireplace. It is so awesome, I assume pretty girls would pose on it just out of the empty air.

That fireplace looks very familiar...lol And Swan is one of the cornerstones of my library. It's always a great pleasure to see her. Very nice set!


A gorgeous, naked, smiling woman hanging from a ceiling beam.

That's another "Bucket List" item done.

Thanks, Swan and Rylsky.

There's a couple of older MA sets of gorgeous naked smiling women actually climbing within the ceiling beams. I'm trying to remember the model(s) and photographer...

My high school Spanish is finally paying off... I finally know the meaning of a MetArt set title. ( :
That very first shot, with Swan in the pretty dress with her hair tied back, just about took my breath away.
I very much enjoyed the rest of the set as well. Swan's smile is so precious...
Rylsky has commented before that he wants his sets to make us feel like we are spending a private time with our girlfriend, who is showing herself off for our pleasure. Swan definitely conveys that air of being a devoted girlfriend who likes to play.
Very special set. ( :

I don't know what it means in Spanish, but in English it's the name of a very beautiful flowering plant...;o)

It means "jealousy" ( :

Swan is a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile and she's a real trooper too. I have always liked this fireplace and today I noticed two new objects I don't remember seeing earlier. Great model, great location, great photographer, great collaboration. Thanks to EVERYBODY in Rylsky's team who contributed to a very pleasant gallery.

that's what makes our team happy

A work of art, no not the fireplace, nor the photos, though they are great as usual but Swan the a work of art from her fantastic body to her beautiful face. She definitely one of Rylsky's sunshine girls. She has a radiant smile that could warm the coldest soul. Always smiling, always impeccably groomed and tastefully posed. Always beautiful and artistic and quite obviously she and Rylsky work well together.

Nice work.

"Sunshine girls."
I like that, Hipshot. ( :

That's true!

no need to be expert to see that hipshot is always fair with his opinions. he's the one of our Club who knows how to say "I dislike it" the RIGHT way.

Really? What's to dislike about this set, Rylsky?
If he's right, Hipshot, I hope you'll enlighten us, because my curiosity is piqued and I'm like a cat, I cannot stand not knowing what's behind the closed door...

hipshot didn't say he dislike THIS set. I just answer to uuusssee about WHO can make comment honest, respectful but not ONLY positive. hipshot can say any opinion the RIGHT way.

Thanks, R, I am happy that my comments are appreciated. I wish all the commentators would think before commenting. These girls are special and deserve to be treated as such. My policy is moderation, If I don't like something I try not to comment at all or I look for a way to say it that is constructive. A complement is always well received, A negative comment to a woman is deeply painful and can be long lasting.

Well said hipshot131.


Thanks for the explanation, Rylsky, I feel better. I honestly don't know who could dislike this delightful set.
I'm sure some out there do dislike it, but I seriously wonder about their mental health.

This young lady called Swan is as beautiful as ever. Such a darling, cute sweetheart. Perfectly charming feminine figure. It is always a delightful treat to see her.

I am absolutely fascinated be this setting. This porcelain, ceramic tile fire place is no less than incredible. Several of Rylsky's best models have been photographed there. There seems to be much more to the location than this one incredible fire place. Nikia's set Fekunta gave us a grand tour of the building. It seems to be some kind of palace, a national landmark of some sort.

I imagine Rylsky will enlighten us about the building. It is a very impressive fireplace.

That's SOME imagination you have there...lol ;o)

Please, no details, it is secret, because it was my winter "villa residence"

Я думал, что это дворец царя, с лебедем от озера :) a возможно вы царь, царь элегантного фотографии.

No, this is not Kremlin.

Phew! Tell lovely Swan she is TOTALLY adorable.

ok, I will. if you will tell us why you are "Myshkin" ? hockey goaltender? deal?


No, I am sure that any specific information regarding this location is held as a Rylskyland state secret. Rylsky will read this comment, take a sip of his tea and smile. In truth, I really do not want to know. It is all part on the illusions that Rylsky has crafted.

this time it was coffee in my hand, my friend Neil. Cheers and have a great day!

And the same to you.

Swan is adorable and playful as always. Her beauty is matched by the fun personality that is evident in every one of these photos. It looks as if she had a great time shooting with Rylsky, and the result is fantastic.

Ry, for some reason you seem to always find, how shall I SAY IT, "COLORFUL" setting to shoot Swan. Today is no exception...


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