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Swan can really spread her legs as wide as any girl I have seen. Photo 353KB prooves this point. This photo made me cum twice.

It would be great to see the beautiful Swan with an all over tan too.....

Swan delicious brunette with lithe body.
Swan starry eyed gaze that fascinates.
Swan delicious dressed.
Lovely dress.
It would have been more pleasing set with brilliant colors.

Only one outdoor set, need another.

Miss comments from Ry. I wish all the photographers would give a brief summary of the shoot like DG does. Swan is beautiful and mischievous as always and Ry does great work. Very rare that Ry has a bad day.

I love Swan, because she looks so mischivius, and always ready for fun.

May I be your analingus butler?

Yet another lovely sunny lady tonight! Nice going K!

Swan is always a delight, sweet, sunny, and oh so lovely, Those breasts are awesome as is that sweet tight little butt. I liked the opening shots. A nice everyday dress, bare feet, and that radiant smile. So sweet and down to earth. That is the way to start a set. I am so impressed with the way Swan seems so relaxed, confident, and happy whether fully dressed or spread wide showing it all. I love the tan lines especially on a girl with her complexion. No artificial look here just normal tan lines and a perfect tan that doesn't look like burned toast.

Nice work Ryksky and Swan too. I think photographing Swan is not such a tough job eh?

This Swan was never ever an ugly duckling. Ry does it again, even if he is punishing us by his absence in comments. Reading about this shoot would be the icing on a delightful cake...

"Punishing us"???? That's very amusing...

Why is she not wearing high heels ? It crazy to have young ladies dressed up without high heels.

because high heels are ugly and deform those lovely feet?

Wearing high heels for several photoshoots is not going to permanently deform a model's feet, v-man... only if they are worn every day, as some professional women do.
I work with the elderly and have seen some very deformed feet... there is no doubt excessive wearing of high heels is deforming.
However, occasional use, such as in social events (parties, dates, etc.) or occasional model shoots is not going to do permanent harm to most women's feet.

if she has nice feet I want to see them.

Or are you arguing for panties too?

Hey, that gives me an idea:

Why is she not wearing panties? It is crazy to have young ladies dressed up without panties.

"Dressed up"!? Swan? Here? LOL I'd love to see what you call "casual" if you think THIS is "dressed up"... ;o)

I could not agree more heartily, v-man.
( :
Sheer genius, that idea.

What a darling little sweetheart this Swan is. Such a beautiful, happy and friendly smile. And a perfectly gorgeous femine figure.

Adorable Swan, my exhibitionist angel. How I love your rear end, and how you love to show it! Slim and sweet, smiling and sassy, you are perfect. A great big kiss xxx


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