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She is so hot! Makes my testicles twitch!!

PIC 510KB - I would get behind her on top of that sofa and have her spread those lovely long delicious legs wider and give it to her good. Does she or what have the best set of legs in METART ???? This photo tells me yes.

PIC 436KB I would lick and tease Swan's butt hole anus until she begged me to fuck her in that inviting anus that begs for attention.

Swan teases us with those LONG legs in every photo set (spread to full maximum). Pic 520KB in this photo set. I would fuck her so hard in that pussy of hers with those legs spread wide open. She is such a big tease with those long beautiful legs built for great sex.

Her ability to restrain, that which she is; as shown to Met-Art people, as she serves cocktails on a given flight, consume my imagination. She continues to excite; as must she does ticket holders on any of her flights, as attendant.
In jest, where is next flight, dear woman?

I so enjoy this woman as she display her self. Flight attendant, in her resume. She carries a deep secret from those whom she serves, we at Met-Art know of her secrets....... to our benefit.
The way of a woman, who can know it? Only those whom pay attention to the direction and display of said woman. She is a treatise in the fine points of observation of those whom take interest in this woman, by visiual, only possibility on Met-Art, but there is much afloat out there about body language. Her charm is face wise, her allure is body wise, and the rise is in dream land....

Viewing Swan and her many pleasing physical attributes always makes me happy.

Swan is totally beautiful, and Rylsky has captured her beauty in a great setting. I gave both a 10++++.
(P.S.) jeff Milton has a new update too)


How to use stockings. A thematic cohesion that does not distract or overwhelm the scene.

The blue curtain is a better color for the background than the tan wall.

Tan lines make me happy.
Swan has tan lines.
Swan makes me happy.

I have confidence that unlined swans like this would make you happy, too.

Rylsky, now this is why we belong to Met Art. These type of sets are coming to far apart, which I am losing faith in the site. Swan A has the type of body you dream about while awake. The setting was great, it allowed a viewer to appreciate every aspect of her beautiful body.

Tis best to be dreaming while awake, it seems. What with millioms of Rylsky monsters swarming the night scene.

Beautiful long legs plus that sexy body and smile.Swan is indeed awesome.

The always beautiful lady called Swan. It is always a pleasure to see her again. She has a has a lovely sweet friendly and happy smile. Swan always seems to enjoy posing for us. Either Rylsky was telling jokes while he took the photos or maybe he was wearing a big red clown nose. In either case, Swan seems to be having fun. Very nice. According to Swan's biography she is an airline attendant, so please make sure your nude model is in her original up right position for landing.

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