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Such gorgeous ass, puss and feet! Please add more.

Swan A looks rough and tough. The color of her skin magnifies that. And 68 is just an amazing close up of her asshole and vagina. Her genitals express somehow the same rawness her body and face does.

Good work!

K-content manager promise that all models will be nice and clean but nothing happened , they're professionals and they get paid good money like us pay our monthly or yearly membership so I think we should get quality work

I did something I rarely do: jumped from pussy shot to pussy shot because the rest just did not work for me.

Swan prove that she belongs in a volume of Rylskys " Petals vol 4" on RA. she partcularly demonstrates her qualifications in shots#62 and #63.I have to give her a 10++++

And don't forget to look her up on RA when you check the movie of Taissia doing nice things to Jenelle in "Wanna"

One of the very best!! Swan is an elegant and beautiful creature.
I have a "flight of fancy" that I would like to book her attendance on...;o)

I love girls who do an especially good job of shaving their pussy. This girl is beautiful all over, but I love her slick pussy. She also is beautiful of face and figure. I love her breasts.

121 sorry guys I took a shit and I'm so young that I didn't wipe my nasty as but that's the way you guys like it

sorry guys for my run on sentence and I cant even spell ass but I couldn't find anything else wrong with this beautiful young lady so I will dwell on this miniscule detail

Without "quotation marks", you had me going...LOL

For fucks sake, don't let your mother catch you with your eyeballs an inch away from the monitor.

I don't understand your comment? What do you see that I am not seeing?

He sees a scant trace of "extraneous" on her, but he looks way too closely at the anal shots just to find this to complain about. He's usually not wrong, but it's almost commonplace and not worth whining about anymore. And when it IS an issue, it's usually much worse than this is. Plus he obviously missed the tag "lickable asshole"...LOL Or maybe that's what makes him think "that's the way you guys like it"...lol ;o)

he does have a point tho.

Is it really that hard to shower thoroughly before a shot? All that dried gunk between her legs is not really sexy.

I agree, but discussing it has never made it go away. It's easy enough to retouch if it's that noticeable and you just HAVE to have the set. When I run into it now, I just don't keep the set.

Thanks, for clarifying his comment rachsback, but I still don't see it.
I turned off the tags so I didn't see "lickable asshole" (that's just sick).

lol You're welcome. And believe me ceska, you aren't missing a thing. Consider yourself lucky that you can't see anything there! And ya know...I never thought about "hide details" to get those stupid tags to disappear...lol Thank YOU! ;o)

rachsback, under "options" above you can hide only the "tags" if you wish to. The remaining details will still be shown. Thanks!

Thank YOU! Again! I guess it pays to snoop around the site a little bit...lol That's even better!! I've never investigated the stuff at the top of the page.

You are welcome:-) As of now tags are kind of useless (which is why I turned them off), I'm glad to hear MA plans on reworking the tagging system soon.

THAT will get much applause!! Good news for many of us!!

  • 1 year ago:

Hi All,

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of eliminating the current tagging system. Once we update the site you will have tags that actually benefit specific search criteria (to assist in finding your absolute favorite aspects of sets/models) instead of some of these random or irrelevant words. Stay tuned! :)

"Stay tuned"?

When you talk about "fixing the tag system", You have our only-slightly-divided attention K...;o)

Good on you and MET!

I like that good news.

I agree with kilroy. Thank you K-Content Manager.

Swan's arced eyebrow alone is sexier than 58.4% of the rest of the Internet.

Her expression in 28 looks like she said "EEK!" and then jumped up there to get away from a mouse.

I love her expression in # 104... "...you want me to what?"

A really beautiful swan. I'd be very happy to meet her in my local park...

Lovely face, great smile and spectacular breasts! Always a pleasure to look at. Judging from the early score the Rylsky haters are out tonight.

The supremely beautiful flight attendant from Belarus. Swan is so very pretty, with a gorgeous figure and a very inviting smile. Very nice.

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