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she looks like mid sneeze in most pics...

Luca Helios surely showed Sylvie's 5ft 9" tall slim sexy body very well within this lastest series of hers i simply adored image #8 showing a glimpse of her long sexy legs between the folds of her dress in a nice pose against the background setting of the brick wall and bench not to mention the lovely close up image of her firm breasts,hard erect nipple,slim torso per image #15 as she slips her dress down a priceless shot of her by Luca Helios just as the gorgeous close ups of her slim body breasts high her hard pink nipples fully erect,long brown hair,gorgeous green eyes,nicely trimmed pussy per images #19-#20 there are many lovely shots of Sylvie Deluxe one cannot simply describe her entirely but have to state i simply adore image #47 a gorgeous close up shot of her lovely green eyes long brown hair with her breasts flatten against her chest nipples firmly erected firm strong abdominal muscles i just love the way the sunlight shines on her body as she lay spread legged on her bedding showing her lovely trimmed vagina,pink labia lips in very explicite acrobatic sensual poses per images #108-#112 Luca Helios finished this lovely,sexy,sensual series with some very lovely close ups of Sylvie kneeling on her bedding per image #113 showing her beautiful body as well as image #116 cupping one breast her long brown hair hsnging down over it i simply adore the lovely close up facial shots of Sylvie with the suns rays shines stripes along her face,breasts perky erect nipples per images #115,#117 and #120 Luca helios really brings out the best of his models porn star or not she is simply a stunning model/woman Thank You Sylvie Deluxe and Luca Helios for such a lovely,sexy,sensual portayal and Sylvie Deluxes's bio is so very true those long sexy legs would distract any man walking down the street wearing a very short skirt they lead all the way to paradise and as one member stated she is definetly so naughty in a very sexual way :( :(

beautiful n seductive

Somebody could tell me what happened with her teeth???
Looks like to me her upper teeth are fake and I'll be honest with you they aren't the nicest, her dentist didn't do a very good job. Maybe she had an accident and suffered a serious mouth injury, who knows...
But other than that she's a gorgeous natural beauty and she looks fantastic on these photos. I think Luca did a pretty good job here and I'm very satisfied with this set. Sylvie is in excellent shape, the poses are very fine and the closeups are sensational, her pussy is mouthwatering. Too bad Sylvie rarely appears here on Metart, I know she focuses on her hardcore career and that probably pays a 1000 times better, than nude pictures, but hopefully she'll be a more frequent visitor here, because she deserves a spot on Metart's pages. :)

It is a shame that this magnificent creature has become yet another generic glamour model. She had a beautiful bush, which made her stand out from the rest.

The best pictures were ruined by shadows from the blind.

Sylvie is beyond perfect. Every feature is gorgeous. Her attitude is splendid. The only way she could improve is to grow her underarm and pubic hair.

This is definitely one of Helios's best galleries. Sylvie has always been one of Mets most photogenic models. Great work! 10 definitely for those with taste.

Sylvie Deluxe is supremely beautiful and sexy. Unfortunately, being a hard core porn star, she does get bored, and it shows, I think. I wish she would give it up, as Ariel( Piper Fawn) did, and everyone has noticed how happy and relaxed she is.(She still uses both names, as she had a big hardcore following as Piper Fawn) Unforfunately, hardcore is where the big money is, and some girls can't wait, or work very hard, like Jenya D or Olga M.

Yes that's the biggest problem that hardcore pays lightyears better than simple nude photography and that's why the dark side will always win unfortunately. :(
Just look at Michelle H., she does hardcore videos almost daily on various sites and it's a sad thing, because she lost her innocence and mystique very fast. And there are lots of Metart models, who are doing B/G videos regularly, for example Mango A., Nensi B. or Yanika A. to name a few quickly.

Love the Sylvie! Wish the sun's light did not place so many pics with stripes on her. I thought this was too distracting.

Love the Sylvie! Wish the sun's light did not place so many pics stripes on her. I thought this was too distracting.

This must be one the prettiest faces in the World. I have yet to see a supermodel who's face I'd rather look at then Sylvies.
DeLuxe is an appropriate name. More please Sylvie.

Sylvie Deluxe is supremely beautiful, sensual, sexy and seductive. Sylvie is the very epitome of the erotic model. What a dream. Sylvie, warmest regards and best wishes for much happiness. You are amazingly beautiful.

OMG Sylvie... !
So good at being naughty!

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