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It would appear that Rylsky has a serious fixation with Taini's butt. Rightfully so...that's quite a delicious little ass she has. Thanks to both, well done!

I have fixation on her everything. First of all - on her personality. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

She does have a great personality from this side of the screen. Not to mention just about everything else ;)

It would be a pleasure just to be near her...and much more a pleasure to be acquainted with her.

or maybe coffebreak with her ...
watch it slow and you will feel what I mean...from #97 to the end


or maybe


or walk...


and finally imagine this is not jaguar, but part of your body...


have a very good mood, bye


Nice commentary to go along with my lingering on the images. Those were classic.

It's the personality of a model (and the model's and photographer's presentation) that is most erotic and "worth the price of admission," to me. When that comes through so strongly, as it does with Taini, then I'm putty.

Your work consistently pleases, and pleases most when I see you or the model inspired beyond what sells (the "money shots"). Thanks for all the years of inspiration.

Thank you.
Nice to see that sometimes member feels the same and through the photos you see nothing but as you shoot these photos, not me, or it was your feelings came with help of lenses, but looks like it was real and nothing to add to photosets.

Another "home run"!! Rylsky, I'd say you made a wise career choice... Not to mention the 'perks'...;o) This is a beautiful girl, but I have to say that shots like 17 are not flattering and do Taini no favor... Beautiful set otherwise...

I see nothing wrong with photo #17. describe please.

I prefer not homerun, but touchdown.

'To me'..very silly licking own breast...not "erotic" 'to me'. Anyway...still baseball season... "Touchdown" for next month ;o)

see the full set please to understand what parts it contains. I hope we didn't miss simple posing, crazy posing, flirts posing, fun, playing, closeups and close views from 3 inches with wide angle lens, portraits with different mood... enough to say that we didn't miss some? please always keep in mind that you see set. if it was magazine or my exhibition - i would choose 1. not this one. and erotic set now is not about single shot. everything changes when you see set, not cover of a magazine. i have no idea why you stopped at 17th...

As for #17: she damage skin above her breast some time ago with hot something, skin was under balsam or something medical. that's true about #17.

Sorry if I was not clear... I did NOT "stop" at 17. It was the only picture I did not care for...the rest of the set is very good and I liked it a lot. No 'judging by cover'....;o) Are you saying she did this to cover scar? If so, maybe some make-up will do for next time..

"Makeup"?? Yuck. Same with all touch-ups, mechanical or digital. I'd rather see lighting or the pace of a set make me overlook what some might call "flaws."

I know Met-Art doesn't use a photographer's every shot - it seems a lot of work goes into editing and choosing some kind of rhythm or storyline, whether it's done by photographer or staff, who knows. Personally I like the personality storyline of Taini's sets - her heart makes her body shine.

Met-Art seems to balance between erotic art and porn-industry cliches that keep members spirits (!) up. I, for one, sustain or rejoin for those sublime "touchdowns."

makeup is not what have a chance to cover pain that was by hot ceramic hairstyler.

but i still misunderstand what is wrong with 17th. maybe i have not seen porn-industry-cliche of "lick my own tits" and that's why i see only photo with Taini's wonderful tongue, not vulgarity of porn-cliche?

Nothing "wrong" with photo, no "porn" connection, the photo is just not for me. Not what I look for in erotic photography.

Oh, thank you, now it's clear for me. And sorry for my bad understanding, I will try to improve my English.

Simply the best photographer! Clarity! Amazing poses! Realistic expressions! The most beautiful models! Once again, MAESTRO!

No, not for me.
Thank you.

What a rare and delightful treat. 122 beautifully posed photos of this stunningly beautiful model totally naked.Taini has a sensational bum and she is totally relaxed and happy to display her gorgeous curves for our delectation. A true goddess.

Taini A is my favorite model on the Metart sites. Besides the beautiful face and incredible legs, she always seems to show a lot of personality in her photos. She seems like a very fun girl. I hope Rylsky will continue to work with her and have new sets on this site and his. Thanks to Rylsky and Taini.

Taini A is a gorgeous model. I like this set because Taini is totally naked and in bed. Wow.

Rylsky captured all the treasures in Taini’s body. her long legs, her curvy ass and her gorgeous pussy. Taini’s boobs are deliciously beautiful. I love Taini

Good Model and good photography

Taini has such a sweet derriere. I like pictures 99 to 102 very much.

Some delicious rear shots .

Taini is great. I checked all of her previous sets. Everytime she gets in front of Rylsky's camera, she turns into a goddess. Her set HIPNOS is solid gold.

It's nice to see the exquisite Taini back. She's a joy to behold, and she was obviously having a giggle turning me to putty. Great job as usual, Rylsky.

Sweet! Lovely body, lots of personality and a cute face. Whats not to like? Tall but perfectly balanced, lovely breasts with lovely small nipples, tight butt, lovely small labia. Belly dancers head piece??? Does she dance? She has the perfect body for it and looks fit enough to drive a man crazy. I would love to see a video of her doing the dance of seduction in full costume.

Thinking about it I don't think I have ever seen a model here or on Metart in a full harem outfit. A dark haired beauty like Taini A would be so sexy in costume doing the dance of the seven veils. :)


how about this?

better times... back, when met-art was not overrun by meat inspectors.

Definite miss on that one. Bad makeup, high heels, hairy.

Not even in the same league.

sorry, question of taste as usual

Wow! That set is worth checking out just for that magnificent bench!!! But very nice make-up and costume there...on a beautiful girl! Is this your work? Very nice...

you know i never used any other name, i was and is only RYLSKY.
it is just a set with some "bellydancer's" atmosphere.

NOW I know... I saw one time a comment that suggested you use other name on 'independent' works....my mistaken conclusion. Not to be made again...;o) "A bellydancer's atmosphere" yes, but also very good "bellydancer costume and make-up" in my opinion... You seem to disagree...(?)

My other name was used on my exhibitions, publications offline, contests, etc. Mostly it was and stays the same, but not for commercial and erotic photography.

i totally agree, this set was very good in all details, except members here wanted all the things simple, unretouched, nude from the start or 20 dressed photos maximum, etc.
technique, makeup artist, lighting, framing, style, costume, background details, color balance - this set is masterpiece, but who needs it on erotic site these days? only photographers or models will remember that. IMHO.

And I will remember now... And I agree...this type of 'presentation' is not well received here. Too bad...I like this style as well as others that are "more erotic"... Thanks for responses. :)

by the way, will you let me ask you personally about "quality"?
Do you really think the price of lenses is because of better sharpness?

I'm not sure if this was directed at me, but if it was, and you happen to return to this page, I don't recall saying anything about sharpness and the price of a lense... But my limited experience with "high price" lenses suggests to me that sharper images are one reason to invest in "good quality"(higher price) lenses. Are you leading us to your "professional" opinion on this subject with your question? ;o)

i just saw your comments, it was about sharpness and lenses.
As for my experience, any lens is sharp as razor when you use aperture f 1/8 1/11 1/16... any cheap lens is possible to use at these numbers.

the high price is for possibility to use 1/1.2, 1/1.4... what means little DOF: it is sharp in a part of eyebrow when eye apple is out of focus when youк framing is face only:)

so when you said about sharpness and all body in focus - it is not about lenses, it is about а numbers and DOF.
sure sometimes cheap lenses + f 1/16 possibly out of focus, but who said that lens was unbroken or photographer maybe was drunk (and hands-shaking), used exposure time less than possible to stay stable, focus point was correct, not outside model...etc!

Not full on, but you made me think of this set:


One of the most perfect bodies on Met Art, ever. Period.

Agreed on the Candice A set!

Now that's worth checking out! The face is not great but that body is the body of a goddess! You can see muscles rippling in every move! She has a 6 pack to die for.

Right!! That was one of my first downloads here!! Then her other two.. She IS a very alluring creature!

Nice set Rylsky, Taini looks great....nice photography!

If my count is correct, this is Taini's eleventh photoset with Rylsky. Taini is a beautiful and talented model. She has luxurious dark brown hair and enchanting brown eyes. At 5ft 5in tall, she is statuesque, slender and fit.

Best wishes Taini, excellent set, great job.

Of her ten sets here, I count Rylsky on eight of them. Where can we find the others? She has three sets on eroticbeauty also, but they were all shot by Akion...

Oh! I forgot! RA... ;o)


Her profile says 5'9"

Way to keep 'em honest hipshot...lol ;o)

Oops, that is what I meant. 5ft 5in is not statuesque. Typo.

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