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Well posed beautiful feet, arched and flayed toes rather than scrunched. Bravo!

Хорошо, но мы хотим лучшей демонстрации пусси, можно же взять за крылушки пусси и немного преоткрыть врата рая, а мы получим истенное наслаждение и продлим подписку, надеюсь у вас получится.

Why in Russian?

Why not? ;o) Makes as much sense to me as many other comments! lol

Ry: I would assume that MetArt, and while you are probably listed as an independent contractor, was happy with both your product and your production. They made a deal for your website. Proof enough. Think about this if he/she considers this "typical Ry crap" then the only way he/she could "know" that is if he/she "typically" views your sets. Last time I checked, producing sets that are viewed is part of your duties. He could just skip them if he actually believed you "typically" produced crap. As far as I am concern his comment is also "crap". I give you credit for even acknowledging this type of moronic bullshit...

It is just fun. I tried all the ways to make haters be constructive. Now I just will answer nothing or the way I did it twice to show what this type of comments deserve and what attention must it take.
If seriously - I like constructive negative comments a lot, but I see it so rare. I never thought I am perfect but nobody can say I did my job always the same or that I present models the worst way. Just make a little count of: styles, locations, how set made. If it always the same or I have made ANY MODEL get down in ratings during last 7 years - show me a link.
Also you can count updates, locations, models exclusive and not presented on any other sites, etc. then you can judge am I bullshitmakeк or unimaginative or killer of models or never gave variety in all the possible ways.

All I said in short: be constructive and gave facts or talk to psychoanalyst why you so angry. Sometimes it is not Rylsky makes you unhappy, but it is so easy to said that you unhappy not because you have problems but because some "rylsky" is all you need to be killed.

And you are right, when people hate you - they surely KNOW YOU, that type of hate makes somebody famous RIGHT BECAUSE you hate him. What doesn't kill you makes you...

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

The crown of thorns of an erotic punching bag!
Quite a distinction.
Carry on, Rylsky! You do some damn good work :-)
And as they say, consider the source...

I thought I got this in under a reply to semajw, sorry for it being here.

Same thing happened to me last week....Met Art Gremlins I guess:)

Masterful work Rylsky!

Taini is one of my favorite models. I really liked all the pictures with her tiny thong. Highly erotic.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

A lot of charming shots in the first 25; becomes increasingly routine after that, winding up with a hurried feel. If it was rushed, how come?
Haste makes waste :-)

Typical Rylsky crap!

Hmmm... Why so short message? I will help you, it was all yours, so detailed, so useful, so soft and sweet, the best wasy to start any discussion with any person (just change "rylsky" to a name of any person who meet you and show you any photo):

Mila is beautiful...Rylsky is bullshit!
More typical Ryslky bullshit. Redundant photo after redundant photo. This girl deserved better!
Typical Rylsky bullshit!

Beautiful facial expression throughout the entire set. Taini looks great from head to toe.
It's nice to see a pretty woman having fun and flashing a big smile.

Nice work Rylsky (the background works well too).

Indeed, Taini shows a range of facial expressions, keeping it more interesting.

Thank you kilroy. Taini is a natural....nothing fake or staged.

It is so rare to find a girl like this who absolutely emanates sex and has been so meticulous with the nail varnish. I'm sure Rylsky could see this and so we get the great panty shots. The fact that I wanted them off didn't seem to matter!
Thank you very much to both Taini and Rylsky.

  • Zakk
  • 12 months ago:

I look at Taini in some pics and I think she is a petite, delicate angel. I look at her in others and she's staring right at the camera with maturity, confidence, and yes, a bit of "I dare you" swagger. A very interesting woman.

Taini is a real beauty with a superb fit body - her tight breasts and pert nipples are quite beautiful.

Love the extended panty shots and the glimpses of the treasures they hide! Lots more of these please,they are a real turn on.

  • rxae
  • 12 months ago:

Taini is definitely still my all-time favorite model on the site. What an exquisitely beautiful athletic body with incredible legs along with those alluring eyes and a charming smile. She seems to have a great personality that shows in her photos. Thanks again to Rylsky and Taini for another great set. Any chance of ever having a video posted of her?

We still hope she will agree on a videos. Now we have none, sorry.

Good set Rylsky. Thank you.


  • H WU
  • 12 months ago:

Taini has that cute body to yearn for.She is very teasing with her panties on and then the glimpse of her pussy.

Yes, I liked the extended panty play.

Taini is a perfect girl, with a perfect background for her coloring. Rylsky always seems to find the very best, totslly correct backgrounds, which is not easy.

I agree. There is nice background color, I especially liked the staircase.

It is very rare when members understand how hard to find a lot of different locations...
I am very glad to know that you appreciate this side of our work. Rare and golden compliments for my location managers, thank you personally.

Excluding the model and you, how large is the crew on a typical shoot? I am guessing that it would be too expensive to do only one shoot per day, how many shoots - how many models on a typical day?

Thank you.

No "averages", no stats possible, We're working with girls, no "typical" things here. Some of them want to work 1 on 1 only, some of them feel comfortable when 10 people around. As for Taini, I think she feel better when 1-2 people of "crew" around.

Yes, one shoot per day is rare thing 1% maximum. If we start work any day - it must be more than 1 "shoot".

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

Taini is always so cute, so sensual, so very beautiful. When I see her, I imagine her to be the daughter of a super wealthy millionaire or a member of a royal family. She seems attractive, intelligent, sophisticated, well mannered and just a little naughty. All of her photosets seem to be such fun. She seems to really enjoy posing for Rylsky. I like her longer hairstyle. It is always a pleasure to view her photos.

Best wishes Taini. You are a true delight.

Delightful as usual. Taini is a very beautiful woman with her smoky skin, dark brown hair and eyes it would be easy to place her as being of Mediterranean blood which makes it doubly amazing that her pussy is so delightfully pink and sweet looking. I find this contradiction to be amazingly sexy. I love the latin look but I much prefer pink labia so this is a treat indeed. Finding both in the same woman is a rare treat indeed.

I love the panty shots and though there will surly be protests that she wore them to long I thought it quite wonderful. For me this is today's 10

i loved the panties too! the build up and watching her flirt with her clothes was intense. Her hard body and pretty smile drive me wild. And that lovely little bush she has just put me overt the top. very arousing set !!

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Not quite a bush, unfortunately :-)
I guess I'll be asking this to my dying day: why is that better than more or less "natural"?
I really doubt she'd look like a beast if she let it grow.
Pubic hair used to be considered decorative, and in fact still is by most people. But within the realm of internet erotica and porn, it's apparently thought to be like weeds to be deracinated or severely controlled.
Want to bring in a bigger audience, MetArt? Be more like the rest of the world.
Some of us want to see more, not less of these babes.

A lonely song to sing on a shaved site :-( But hope springs eternal :-)

I'm a fan of the bush Doug. I would love to see more girls sporting the hairy pussy but i also like a nicely trimmed bush too. it depends on the girl and how she wears it... Either way i do enjoy looking at a nice pussy framed by some lovely hair....

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I prefer natural, but looking at Nikia kinda shows what you're saying -- it depends. I'm sure she'd look great with her body hair grown out, but shaved obviously works for her. Maybe because of her ultra-femininity.
Not to say Kristel isn't ultra-feminine!
They're just differnt :-)
With the latter it works in part as a counterpoint to her cover girl glamor.
It's a style either way, and mutable. What I don't like is seeing natural relegated to fringe or fetish status. As if it were! Or when people freak at the sight of it. But it's a question of what you're used to.
Some of 'em act like they'd never seen it before, like that English writer on his wedding night :-)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I need to go back to the other browser, where the spell-checker works!

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

And sorry for futhering the impertinent tangent. We're supposed to discussing Taini here.
This is what happens when you open the gates :-)

Haha.. all good Doug. It's a topic worth discussing. hopefully we fans of the "natural" look get a louder voice and more sets with some hair "down there" to enjoy...

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Wouldn't that be nice, seeing some womanly girls, instead of just girlish women :-?
I'm on a campaign. It gets me too, this sort of half-way look, with "bushes" not even the size of eyebrows.
I don't get it! I guess I'm old school :-)

This is an excellent set from Taini, who is never less than delectable.

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