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Dear Mr. Rylsky, how many more "wax dolls" do you plan produce before you stop over-using of editing?

Taini is a very lovely girl, and a very good poser, I prefer models that look like adults, the way Taini does.I never understood girls who want to look like babies. I can see waxing the undercarriage and trimming the pelvic area,the girl wants to look neat. But this is why God invented day spas. That's what the ladies are there for, to help the girl out.

Ry, if her bio is valid? Let her bring in her black cat. Bennie would love it...He might leave my keyboard alone and concentrate on the screen.

bio written by herself

Ry after making Zelda do a balancing act on that small table yesterday, you let Taini have a grand piano to sprawl on. Are you playing favorites? Both shoots were excellent. I'm waiting for you to use a balance beam to make it really challenging. The ladies from your part of the world are know for there skill on one.

I can't list my own favorites, every girl is special and the longer we worked - the more personality visible.
Thanks for compliments.

I imagine Taini as my piano instructor.

Oh, there is a wonderful fantasy, H WU.

I especially enjoyed the final 3 shots... a pity there couldn't have been more such in the set. ( :

those last 3 shots were really hot. definitely would like to have seen more of those!

Yah. fer_realz I agree. I also whish he had given us one where the focus was on the mirror. I liked her "revealed" ass but it looked like she was mugging in the mirror. It would have been neat. I also wouldn't have minded a couple more b&w shots. But we all know we "get" what Ry wants us to. Nothing more or less.

I like the last three pictures too. So sexy with that short jeans skirt and without panties. And the heels. Very sexy...

Exactly, BennoBE...

Some of her expressions seem so cold and remote - as if she has contempt for the viewer. Pictures 25, 29, 59, and 73 in particular. (Am I the only one who feels this way?)

But the pictures where she lets herself go and smiles with her whole face, like 100 and 107, are glorious.

Thanks for all the interesting and thoughtful replies.

I have never been great at interpreting facial expressions - perhaps it is a slightly autistic lack of emotional intelligence on my part.

I also have no interest in power dynamics in relationships - strength and vulnerability play no part in what I consider intimacy. I prefer a relationship of equals who enjoy each others company, and happy expressions convey enjoyment to me much more than ambiguous sultry expressions.

As always though, each to their own.

This has long been one of my pet peeves. Sultry poses do not work well for me. They always come across as angry or pouty to me rather than sultry. Sultry is an emotion that only works in movies or one on one because without context it becomes a frown and frowns always convey negative feelings.

hipshot, I think, like "ducklips," sultry is a tool in girls'/womens' "toolbox" that should be used -- sparingly. VERY sparingly.
And again, some women "do" sultry much better than others... ( :

nihil, thers a few things going on here, but my short answer to you is I don't interpret those examples as contempt. Some shots like 29 appear to be challenging with a hint of vulnerability - she's asserting herself but also seeking a little validation (but, not too much validation!).

Shot 59 is a straight up empowerment shot - the low angle, hands on hips, etc - the shot itself is set up to make her powerful, and her facial expression appropriately reinforces this. Add to that the fact that she's nude, which we traditionally interpret as being vulnerable, and there's a lot of tension in the scene. (She could've decided to play against the shot, but (correctly, IMO) decided to play it straight.) She's saying, "Yeah, I'm standing naked on this piano. Is that a problem?" My answer is, no, it most definitely is not a problem! Your mileage may vary.

Finally, she's a model, and a very good one at that. Regardless of your interpretation, I'd be wary of ascribing true feeling to any expression.

Sorry for being long-winded. You had an interesting observation and I wanted to respond.

Your right, you are long winded, but I am in no position to complain. ( I am habitually long winded.) Your analysis seems totally valid. IMO (There I made it approbriate.)

Ha ha! Nice validation, swplf! LOL
I do like Zakk's interpretation too, speaking honestly.

Check out Taini's set Hypnos. She presents all kinds of fun playful emotions. My guess is she and Rylsky were having a lot of fun while working together.

Photo number 59 is great. The perfect Wonder Woman pose.

One thing Rylsky excels at is bringing out the fun and silly sides of his models. As well as the erotic side we all expect on these sites.

What a lovely gift she is. She has a lovely body at all levels. When she smiles it is real and it really lights up her cute face. A delightful set very well done by artist and model too.

Agreed. What an amazing young girl!! Everything looks so smooth and perfect on her. those firm perky titties drive me wild! and that face is to die for. not too mention her perfect ass and beautiful trimmed pussy.... very arousing girl indeed!

I have a real weakness for Taini. She's an adorable thing, and she pushes all my buttons. I really think we would get along famously—but then I think that about every Rylsky model. Lovely job, sweetheart.

Rylsky has brought us back to the most exquisitely regal setting in the kingdom of Rylskyland. Many of his most beautiful goddesses have adorned this regal setting. Indeed,the remarkably beautiful Taini has been here before. Today, Taini is giving us a very special piano lesson and a wonderful recital. Her amazing virtuosity is undeniable. Taini is so pretty, so cute, so sweet and playful. She seems to be enjoying her presentation. Such poise, such grace and such ease. Taini, you are beautiful! Thank you for a tour d force masterpiece. Do you teach private piano lessons? And do you have plans for an international concert tour?

In truth Taini couldn't even play the piano until the accident Ry omitted from showing us. She fell off of the piano and hit her head. Now she is a budding Mozart.

Nikia and Sharon also graduated from the Rylsky Conservatory of Music and have presented beautiful concerts in the same venue.

Neil, my friend, we have many girls visited this piano room.


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