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Taini is a very lovely model with perfect skin lovely back and pretty face. Rylsky has posed her against the perfect background to bring out the coloring of her hair, eyes and skin. Also, she is perfectly groomed, waxing the undercarriage and trimming the rest

Very nice Rear on Taini. I would have liked to see some closeups of her anus as Im sure it is very nice.

The more I look at this set the greater my admiration for Taini and the closer I look the more perfect her features are. A rare and unusual treat. With most it would be the reverse of that. Nice at a distance but not so closeup. She is lovely from every angle and the closer the better. The rear shots like 20, 21, 22, then 29 trough 34 prove that no matter how close you get that but and the area between those lovely thighs is flawless! Shots like 19 and 84 prove that she is even cuter close in.

I guess you could say that I was never overly impressed with her before but Rylsky's talents in this set made me take a closer look and she is indeed a girl who rates a very close look. I would love to spend some time making a VERY close inspection of this lovely young woman. ;)

What a sweet set.

Another wonderful set with the enchanting Taini. She has such a beautiful face and a terrific athletic body. I always love the multitude of facial expressions we get from her in each set. Thank you very much Taini and Rylsky, and I wish both of you a Happy New Year!

I wish the exif data would be supplied...

that said, yes, touch your feet sweetie... *creepyvoice*

The location of this nice gallery feels / looks like a scene from a casbah to me. Taini is beautiful and she works well with Rylsky. Thanks for the ribcage shots Rylsky; even though the experiment with the play of light through the screen didn't work, (for me anyway).

Kudos to K for scheduling four beautiful ladies, all 10s, for us today.

Beautiful Taini beautiful eyes.
Beautiful Taini sweet and smiling.
Beautiful Taini naked and uninhibited.
Beautiful photos, the setting and the choice of colors.

Wow, What a perfect setting and costume for this lovely exotic flower. It accents her dusky Mediterranean look perfectly. Taini is a flower of great beauty and this presentation works wonderfully. In the language of the Omaha tribe Taini means "Returning Moon" which I think fits quite well. Taini has a wonderful body which I feel is near perfect. Her butt is awesome as are her wonderful upturned breasts. I feel there is little about her body that isn't perfect including her lovely vulva.

Thank you Taini for sharing with us and Thank you Rylsky for this lovely set.

I seem to recall that Rylsky told us that the word "Taini" refers to or means "mysteries."

Well said and kudos for sharing the info on the name Taini. A wonderful set, albeit a little short; Taini is looking as sexy as ever! Cheers all round! :-)

Short? yes a bit in numbers and with a wonderful set like this they will always seem to short but what it lacks in volume it more than makes up for in quality. I sure don't think anything was left out. At least for my tastes. I could linger long on shots like 20 for a long time.

Guess he did leave something out! though the intimate frontal shots are OK they lack the punch of a shot like this one from Ovantade.


Ahh yes, the beautiful butterfly shots. Mouthwatering! That was a great set. Thanks for reminding me. :-)

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