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What a horrible distracting necklace.

I just watched the video on RylskyArt. It is very nice and features a butterfly collection!

  • 2 years ago:

Her debut on RylskyArt was fun and racy--this one is just straight hot.

She was happy reading comments members on her premiere sets both on RA and MA sites. Thank you too from Taissia.

I hope she wants to come back soon -- really soon! ( :

not enough 3 VERY DIFFERENT updates per 3 weeks?
I will try .


Very nice debut. Nice setting, and fine 'outdoor' photography... Yummy new girl. I guess us 'poor folk' have to be happy with what we see of her here, but I hear she's on RylskyArt too...;o)

I got my subscription to RA for $7.99.... definitely worth it.

Thank you for joining RylskyArt.com
I am glad you like my site as addition to your MetArt subscribtion.


Per month??...

Yes... I joined a few months back so I may have gotten a special premium price but I just recently joined eternal beauty and stunning 18 and had to pay only $10.00 per month apiece. You should definitely check out the price before assuming you can't afford a subscription. I have dropped subscriptions before, but MetArt and RylskyArt are two that I definitely am not going to drop...

direct link

For MetArt network sites you can see "hot deals" and regular discounts in "upgrades" area and in newsletters as well. You can check it.

DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Hear? Why not see?
how hard this rock could be...

After seeing Natalie today 'here', this rock could not be any harder! ;o)
You have Natalie on RA??

No, for this moment we never worked with her as a model for RA.
YES, she is nice for sure.

Long live this rock.

And by "today" I mean July 8th.

Thank you Taissia and Rylsky. Unbelievably beautiful. I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. For once I refuse to read the other comments posted out of fear of seeing anything posted "negative" about anyone or thing on this set; if there is then I vote to ostracize that individual from this site! Well, maybe just a couple days suspension.

"Suspension" for a 'negative opinion'...? A bit radical isn't it? ;o)

Great new model, great photography from Rylsky. Love that butterfly shot #30. Looking forward to more from her.

It was #29 actually.

It's 92 actually...;o)

Another beautiful woman presented for our enjoyment by Rylsky! Taissia has wonderful labia, especially well presented in the shots from behind (which also feature her beautiful hair). The shots showcasing her nipples and showing a hint of ribs are really super.

met has a new superstar.

Lovely model and nice set except that the necklace is gaudy and detracts from the model.

What necklace? Oh, yeah, that one. I was too busy looking at her nipples.

Número 29 - Bam! Caliente!

29 - Oh! Bam! Caliente, maldita, cariño! Ancho abierta, excitado, húmeda y sonriente! Eres muy excitante a ver y estoy listo! Quiero algúnos ese! Gracias, querida señorita!

A park bench never looked so good.

And I never wished to BE a park bench before, but I sure do now!

Now this is a young fox!

Señora bonita! Niza, labios marrón grande!

image no.2 soooo sweet. And 3! $! 7! 27! and... so many others...

such a cute.

Added bonus, a garden set. Love those.

Knocked the debut out of the park, Taissia !

You rare, sexy woman.


Taissia is yet another Rylsky jewel, one I sincerely hope to see many happy returns, here and on RylskyArt!

Agreed. more Taissia asap! This is a beautiful young girl with an amazingly beautiful pussy! wow.. what a doll..

Doll? Doll doesn't have pussy.

pretty sure you know what i mean...

Yes, at RylskyArt you could see a video to this set very soon, you'll be surprized what she did outside borders of this photoset and MetArt style.

Oh yes, that video. All I have to say about it WOW!! That was one erotic surprise, Thank you Rylsky and Taissia. You two work well together.

Can't wait to see!

Done. Video coming this Tuesday.

Excellent, thank you for the tip!
I'm very glad I subscribed to RA, and I eagerly anticipate Tuesday.

not more than 2 weeks from now. maybe earlier


Taissia will develop into a very nice MetArt model with some experience. She needs some confidence in her poses, love the few butterfly shots and the cute peach fuzz on her arms.

What a sweetie, great debut. Stunning beauty and beautiful from head to toe. Soon to be a firm favourite of mine here on Met. More Taissia please.

very nice debut. Pretty girl, Great body, not shy, nice smile. Comfortable and willing to show all. Even a couple of butterfly shots. There is definitely promise here. Nice work.

Nice & seductive debut. 10/10


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