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Taissia is a stunning beauty but what really makes her a standout are those absolutely gorgeous pussy lips. They are perfectly shaped and incredibly inviting to both tongue and cock. I am so glad that she is not shy about displaying them and look forward to a photo shoot where they are fully swollen open with excitement.

Visit her sets on RylskyArt.com where she was presented in "full strength" - I bet that you will see all what you meant is your comment. I strongly recommend her new video coming on 1st on November, 2013

What a beautiful delicious pussy....more of her please..

Beautiful pussy lips,

I second that..

I second that..

I like the inclusion of low angle shots!

Agreed, Jay! The best angle for admiring/worshipping a woman's beauty, IMHO.

great labia!

Beautiful model, Ryls....Thank you for not spray painting the heck out of her!! Very natural beauty!

Rylsky, what a delicious set of photos. Taissia is amazingly wonderfully, incredibly perfect in this a fresco shoot. As a past master of of the Ancient and Honorable Grand Society of the Y Chromosome, I am pleased to confer upon Miss Taissia the title of SMOKIN HOT BABE.

Taissia a fresco on MetArt and Vittoria a fresco on RylskyArt, there is nothing like summer in Rylskyland.

Its Taissia, who is beautiful; working with Rylsky, who is a master at making his models comfortable and happy during their photo sessions. Its obvious that they work well together and that equals a treat for me! Who the fu** would give the first three posts a thumbs down? It could only be a Rylsky hater like ******** and we all know who that is. Let's hope that we don't see another piece of shit rant like the last one from ********.
Something constructive is a different story.

Hear, hear! I thought the thumbs down was a little strange also, each to their own but think the overwhelming sentiment is that this is a great set.

Good morning Baggy36pants,
I am not sure why there is so many red thumbs down in this set. I do not understand why Rylsky is so hated by some people. I think what , makes Rylsky so great is not because he is perfect. What makes Rylsky great is because he is consistant. With huge out put of work, he and is models consistently produce good, pleasing photosets for MetArt while keeping his own site supplied with content too. He puts out much more work than any of his fellow photographers, that work is typicaly good and some of it is great. The very best MLB batters have batting averages in the 300s. That means the best players strike out two out of three times at bat, a 60% failure rate. And a strike out not a matter of taste. Out is out. That MLB player who fails 60% of his time earns millions of dollars. I think it is absurd to expect perfection from Rylsky or any true artist because perfection is a matter of taste. But more than that, perfection is a goal. If Rylsky or any other true artist ever realized that he had achieved perfection he would put down his camera and walk away. That would be a shame.

In a very real sense, every photo on MetArt, regardless of the artist is nothing more than the residue left behind by the artist as he searches for the perfect.

Happy to see lovely little Taissia back again!

Gorgeous girl, beautifully presented in glorious detail. I loved the first few indoor shots, would be great to see more of those. But overall, fantastic set. Just yummy, and I don't mean the fruit.

What an awesome looking woman and great photo shoot. Taissia is beautiful from head to toe. Great set of pictures. More Taissia soon please.

Agreed Monkey! i love this girl !! Her pussy is absolutely amazing. and her face is beautiful. those eyes just kill me. The peach fuzz on her lower back, OMG! and that ass is to die for. Even her asshole looks delicious...wow, We need to see more Taissia soon!!!! She is a sex goddess.

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