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Just as I was beginning to enjoy my perverse pleasure in this UGLY, SHAPELESS, OLD WOMAN, you stop the sets. Please can we have some more before the steam stops coming out of my ears and I have to pay for central heating.

Gorgeous, fantastic, adorable Taissia
good work Rylsky

another chubby chick, but OMG what a cunt!

Chubby? Go find yourself some anorexic fashion models if you think she's chubby.

Tassia, tu coño es como una rara, rosada flor! Tal asombrosos pétalos! Eres tan encantadora cuando eres sonriendo y tu flor es abriendo! ¡Gracias!

All I can say Rylsky is that Taissia is such a beautiful model and you do such an excellent job photographing her. The natural outdoor background only accentuates her natural human beauty. Thank you for all you bring to all of us.

Taissia is very lovely and is posing against a perfect background for her skin and hair color. I feel that the jewelry is perfect, she has the attitude and the coloring to wear it.

This set was very enjoyable. The shots with the hand chair were hilarious and beautiful. They made me think of King Kong, and how Naomi Watts should have been nude in that film. I wonder if whoever designed that chair had nude women in mind. Seeing the sexy Taissia climb all over that wood was enticing; I would have loved to check her butt for splinters. Rylsky seems to only respond to negative comments, but anyway, great job and please stay busy!

Thank you.

I also asked when something can be used as input, no matter negative or positive. Let me know if I miss some comment anywhere if it was with advices or requests. Sure, my site contains requests more, some of them was used to produce something like "set by your scenery" or "set by request". It's harder to do same on metart, but any constructive and respectful advices are very welcome. Compliments are good as well but I prefer if it is mostly for our team: model, makeup, location, etc. Cameraman can easily live even with 100% hate in comments because I LOVE MY JOB.


Taissia is beautiful and confident. I love the different angles and variety of poses, including the very open ones. Good set, Mr. Rylsky.

Love your work Rylsky..wished I was a photographer and was able to shoot such beautifull woman..once I get enough cash I'll signup to your website..keep up the good work..cheers mate!

Thank you for warm comment when weather here outside is not so
Your promise is what make us all want to do our job when we feel such support.

Non plus ultra (no more).
Gorgeous, fantastic, adorable Taissia 10++.
Great maestro of Erotism Rylsky 10++.

Absolutely appropriate jewelry (signed : Cartier)

your "P.S." is very good for Taissia's attention. All she used in "accessories" part of our sets (and vids!) was ONLY HER choice.

No complaints. Love the facials and all the beautiful butt photos. Especially the ones where Taissia looks back over her shoulder.

The last photo is a keeper, she's looks adorable. There seems to be a light coating of body oil on Taissia and if there is, it's a shame I couldn't have been the one to rub it on her. Yeah I know, dream on...

Stupid jewelry.

She asked to use it because of meaning for her, sir.
If somebody stupid only because of using accessories not from your wishlist - let me know if you are on Fashion Week and you are Joury and your name is Gabbana.

one of the nicest pussy's on this site.

It´s clear Taissia has a high self concept,that she feels proud of herself,and she´s a lovely girl indeed.

The seller

I think I am in love, Taissia is exactly my type of woman (aesthetically).

wow only the second 10 i've ever given out............

I especially enjoy the sequence of shot looking up at the magnificent Taissia.
Especially after readig her boi (finally) I feel that she is a powerhouse, truly a dynamo of life force and energy.
I'd be willing to bet that when she sees something that she wants -- eventually she gets it.
Thanks for sharing this wonder with us, Rylsky. Kudos to both of you.

That would be, "bio."
"boi" is a horse of an entirely different color, indeed. ( ;

Wow! Beautiful Blonde Lady! A 10+ !

Taissia is one of my favorite Rylsky models. The way many sets are presented, I always seem to admire her beautiful eyes first. Then my eyes tend to gravitate to her yummy areolae and glass cutters. Rylsky has shown us Taissia's wonderful labia from many angles and left her downy hair as is, I appreciate that. No set of Taissia would be complete without including views of her championship derriere and Rylsky did not let us down.

Thank you Taissia for posing and good job Rylsky.

a true rear and pussyfest !!
Great set maestro ! :-)

As usual, Taissia is so very beautiful and supremely erotic. Taissia has such a sexy erotic body and a willing, enthusiastic presence in front of the camera. She seems to be very confident of her beauty and very comfortablewith her sexuality. Very pleasing and entertaining photoset. Great job and well done Rylsky and Taissia.

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