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Wet pussy, gorgeous feet. Im sold!

Beautiful girl + beautiful big meaty pussy lips! :OP

very exciting of photoshooting go on please !!!

Huge moist meaty lips. Stunning.

Bella, bellissima.
Too bad for the mustache of Hitler on the pubis.

Taissia is a very unique beauty. Her pussy is very large in comparison to her sweet petite body and it is a very alluring combination. It is almost as if her pussy defines her entire being which of course it does not but one almost gets the impression that she must be a slave to the desires and impulses of such a prominent pussy. Among those impulses must be the desire to display her gorgeous sexy body as she does that so exquisitely in this set. Taissia is completely nude in every photo and again it seems she would have it no other way, needing to display all of herself in every shot. That her nipples are erect and her pussy is wet with excitement seem to confirm that her pussy longs to be shown and seen. Her breasts are very sweet and their smaller size perfectly compliments her large pussy and labia and those fully erect nipples are simply fantastic. For future photo shoots it would be nice to see more shots of that beautiful pussy with the lips spread further open and to see Taissia's clitoris displayed - one cannot help but wonder how large her clitoris must be when it is swollen with desire. If would also be nice to see some photos with her in shear panties that emphasis the swell of that prominent pussy of hers against the material. Taissia projects raw sexuality in every shot and it is hypnotic.

WOW, I'm dizzy...where to begin with that perfectly succulent pussy !!!!

  • 2 years ago:

A straight-up sex kitten. Love it!

Outstanding photos of a very pretty model. Taissia you look absolutely scrumptious! Thank you both, Rylsky and Taissia. A set worth downloading.

Taissia looks scrumptiously beautiful in this set! Need more like it pls.

Taissia says she loves her body and proud of it. I love her body too. Taissia like to spend her time naked. Wow. How beautiful. I love her body and every single part of it. I love her boobs, her long nipples and delicious pussy. Taissia is wonderful. I adore her.
Excellent set

Lips and nips. My two favorites. Yum.

A most excellent display of a dynamite young woman!

taissia is a totally fabulous beauty. This set proves it once again.

Beautiful women nice pussy and face, this is the reason i am gladly paying your membership.

Thank you for support

WOW!!!!! I'm drooling.
That's all I can say.


Now, this is a higher level in erotic photography.

Taissia has an amazing skill... she can communicate feminine sexuality.

And, Rylsky has the craftsmanship and the 'eye' to capture it.

The sexual energy on the set of these photo shoots must be very electric... the result certainly is fantastic.

that ripe, puffy pussy....my god!!

This set made my day. What a lovely girl and great photography as usual by Rylsky.

This girl has my mouth watering....amazing..!!

Lovely pink gash.

An awesome set of pictures of a very beautiful lady.

Taissia is one of my favorite Rylsky models. This is a pretty good collaboration when one of the few nits I can pick is the lipstick color. I have nothing but admiration for Taissia's glass cutters and lovely labia. Kudos and thanks to both.

Truly gifted:) love the close ups to her aheem! lips.

I love this tiny bundle of dynamite. You can feel her sexual energy just waiting to explode. What a marvel Taissia is...

Taissia is 100%, pure solid gold erotic sexuality. What a dream.

Agreed - very wet dream - wow!

I am sure that this young woman is a sweet well mannered and respectable lady, but when she gets in front of Rylsky's camera she turns into a wonderful little bundle the highest quality WOW power. Ain't it great?

Neil, let me recommend to watch her new video coming on RylskyArt.com 1st of November, 2013. As was promised, she will pronounce "Rylsky" name 100% correct

Slightly "roll" the "R"....Reel skee_ee....the last ee_ee is not separate, more like the "ii" in skiing.

I think I'm pretty close.....hopefully:)

Thanks Rylsky. I will.

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