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this is the kind of set I have been trying to get you guy and girls to shoot you have been dragging your feet for months I told you people would like it but you just kept dragging the soles off your feet trying not to shoot what some one wanted

Patience Grasshopper!

this is the kind of set I have been trying to get you guy and girls to shoot you have been dragging your feet for months I told you people would like it but you just kept dragging the soles off your feet trying not to shoot what some one wanted

I love this girl!

gorgeous girl. she likes her work because she loves her body and she is proud of her nude.
Good work Rylsky. sorry to hear you are leaving met art

Taissia is a very beautiful model and she is a perfect outdoor model. As for money, I hope she grabs every ruble(or euro, better exchange rate or so I hear)since a girl has to eat and pay rent, not to mention the fitness center and the day spa. Grooming is better done by professionals.

It is my final comment here.
Finally I must say "goodbye" as commenter here (but I am still have my "voice" on RylskyArt.com). I hope I will be back and meet you (maybe in 2014) in MetArt comments section.

Thank you all who took a part in comments feature on MetArt (my vote as "best feature of 2013 on MetArt.com") , thank you for communication, discussions, questions,answers, for all the atmosphere and for feeling of LIFE here.

It was a great pleasure and experience for me personally.

I wish you and to your nearest+dearest a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Don't forget Hanukkah, etc ).

I believe it to be inconsistent for MET to censor Rylsky's comments made in response to members who use censure solely to promote some impossible to fathom agenda or write hurtful or crude things.

If you are trying to implement a change to the comment system that will grant a member, who threatens to not renew their membership, carte blanche to say all manner of mean, hurtful, obscene things about photographers, models, galleries, and members; this is certainly a good start.

If you are going to allow unchecked censure from members, equally you should allow frankness in the replies of the precious few photographers who interact with your members.

It appears to me that the first place where MET would want to apply censorship would be the use of mean, hurtful, obscene tags applied to models photographers, and galleries.

I am posting a copy of this email to the thread where Rylsky in essence tells the members that he will no longer reply to members comments at MET.

Whether you censor my comments there will speak volumes about what really matters to MET!

Thank you.

Hey Rylsky, I hope you change your mind. But you already know that.
Merry Christmas to you, or happy Hannukah, whichever you celebrate. ( :
See ya on RA!

And thanks to you for this 'experiment in communication'... Without you it would have been even more meaningless...lol To you and yours, be of good health and good cheer. We shall watch for your reappearance here, and see you on 'the other side'...;o)

Merry Christmas (January 7th) and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones also Rylsky.

Thank you for bringing so many beautiful women into our lives....and also thank you for your input and commentary on this forum. I hope you return soon.

I hope this is just for the holidays. I enjoy your comments very much.


I also hope to see you in the New Year...

I am sick and tired of too many close-up vagina shots. There is nothing sexy, sensual or attractive about a vagina. At this rate I will not renew my subscription.

Frankie, you REALLY feel there's "nothing sexy, sensual or attractive about a vagina" ?
I could be wrong, but I have a feeling you are in a minority, here.
I don't know why you'd be subscribing to an erotica site in the first place if you don't want to look at them.

You talking about subscription, not about set of Taissia, right?

IMHO, very strange way of unhappiness. it is the same if "too much to choose" was the reason to leave supermarket and never come back or choose short menu vs. huge menu when choice is restaurants.

If you want portraits - you got it, anything but vagina - you got it. what IS the problem? anyway it is MetArt, not RylskyArt, why you said it to ME?

For my 2 cents worth this is a great example of how an outdoor set should look. Rylsky's masterful handling of the harsh outdoor light should be an inspiration and a goal for the other photographers here. The colors are rich and full spectrum and not washed out a faded looking like so many outdoor sets are. The details are clear and crisp and there is no harsh back light or glare. This is very hard to do especially when shooting upward into the open shy as in 21, 22, and 23. This is the difference a true pro makes and why I am harsh in my criticizing of other artists when they fail to get it right.

As for the teamwork with his model, There are few who so consistently achieve this kind of raport with his models. This is what sets the better artists apart from the crowd. We are fortunate that we have several artists here that have this talent and we reap the benefits.

As for Taissia, She is a lovely girl with a fine body and a talent for making it look fun and easy. Again we are graced with a plethora of beauties here at Met and on RA. This is why I am here and why I stay here.

Thank you for another lovely tour in the garden and another lovely set.

Exceptional set! Definitely one of my Most Favorite Sets of 2013! Taissia is insanely sexy here! Confident, feeling it, working it... just sensational!!

Also outstanding rapport & chemistry bet. model & photographer! Great use of a lush environment & natural light.

As for that 'uninspired' criticism, imho that's nuts! Both model & photographer were clearly inspired by - and eager to take advantage of - the surroundings & conditions, Taissia is obviously in the mood to put on a show, and Ryl without a doubt ready to capture it all.
It may have been more impromptu than planned, from the looks of it; but imo the results PROVE how inspired it really was! And with 34 comments to date and this being #35, Taissia, Rylsky & this set have clearly 'inspired' a lot of people to speak up! If THAT ain't 'inspired' I don't know what is!

I liked this set more than most outdoor shoots, and I give the credit to Rylsky. Most of Taissia's sets have been outdoors, but it is not a factor in my enjoyment as it sometimes is with others' work. Taissia is delightful and her personality shines through. She certainly is having fun, no doubt comfortable with her surroundings and the artist shooting her. Keep her coming back, Ry.

Taissia seems to pop out of every frame in this delightful set. She and Ryllsky have an obvious rapport that makes for great erotic photography. Love it!

I have an idea, as part of their initiation into my American Girl Sorority, I will insist on their being inspected and approved by you. As a side light I was doing some research last night for my post about Leonardo and ran across Natalia I hadn't realized that she was a charter member of your Sorority... Do you recall her? She was one of my all-time fav natural redheads. Miss her...

I did not remember her. Had to look her up, then wondered how I could have forgot. Beautiful, with a certain attitude I like a lot.

I love it when a model hates being shot like Taissia did in this set. See pic 60 and the tears streaming down her face!


I still wish I could figure out how you people come up with a number of the photos? My count shows smiles around what I find at 60!

If, when, you click on any thumbnail; the full size image displayed on your monitor will have something similar to this in the address bar:


So, no matter what option you selected for how many thumbnails per page you want to display; the name (including the number) of the picture is always available.

The same is true for any image viewing program if you chose to download the zip file and view the images off-line.

I didn't see any tears in #60 either.

Guys, That was a tong and cheek comment meant to accentuate the obvious joy they were feeling for the beautiful day they were spending in this lovely garden.

you saved my faith in humanity.


What a magnificent body this girl has!!! And a very inspired set of photos of that body! But next time, leave the flowers on the vine...the symbolism is unnecessary with the "flower" that Taissia has!! ;o) Bravo!!

Taissia is a lovely woman and one of my favourite models. I appreciate any shot that showcases her glass cutters in focus. Thanks to Rylsky for including examples of another my favourite "type" of picture; the stretch or arched back that highlights a model's rib cage. A very nice visit and I doff my toque to both Rylsky and Taissia.

The beautiful Taissia is one of Rylsky's supreme goddesses. She is amazingly sensual and totally at ease and comfortable with her sexuality. The country garden in which this shoot was done is one of my favorite locations in Rylskyland. It seems that all of Rylsky's very best models have visited this beautiful garden at least once. Very pleasing and nice.

The corresponding video for this set is on RylskyArt.

No, not corresponding. This photoset is like a mineral water vs. gin+tonic (or vodka?) in her RA video.

Agreed. Taissia is A LOT hotter in the movie on RA, and anyone who doesn't belong is only hurting themselves.

I always look forward to a Taissia set. So many great pictures here, well done Taissia and Ry.

I always look forward to a Taissia set. So many great pictures here, well done Taissia and Ry.

I always look forward to a Taissia set. So many great pictures here, well done Taissia and Ry.

Wow, I hit the 'post comment' button once and got 3 posts! The system must sense my enthusiasm.

That happens to all of us regular contributors sooner or later! I call it the "comment gremlin." ( ;

call it "echoes"

"Ech-ooooooooooes"....I like that:)

I don't know if you go back and look at yesterdays comments so I Am putting this here. Indy, Cold but not near what you got in ice and snow in Ohio...

Thanks swplf2, it's nice to hear that you were spared.

Indianapolis is a nice city....the Bengals and Colts play tomorrow....Go Colts!!! (I'm a Colts fan....I live less then a 1/4 mile from the Indiana border and I have family that lives in Indiana).

Wow Taissia... you just get better and better! I could never get enough of you. ( :
Thanks for sharing your beauty, your fun personality, and your sensuality.
You made my day....

I went over an checked out her set on Sex, she performs well there too...

Yhis is one of Ry's regular girls and is IMO a cute set. Just compare this outdoor set to the one of the American girl and it is easy IMO to tell that Ry is just that good. I don't get uuusssee's slam at all.

What I don't get is all the indignity about a pretty innocuous comment...
We ARE all entitled to our own opinion, are we not...???

For what it's worth I and a good part of my band of old farts try to take each set on its own merits. We often agree, we also on occasion agree to disagree. Most of us OF's try and find what is good about a set, and not nit pick it, to much. We know that almost universally the models try and give us their best. Experience, direction, maturity, will vary. Not all sets can be winners. I did a post yesterday about Leonardo, which is about as negative as I am comfortable with. Read it and see the difference. We have as fer_realz points out below seen a pattern of attack by uuusssee targeted at Ry, who overall not only here is a highly respected and awarded artist. Even a bad day for him is still way above what we get from many other artists. And take Delta Gamma, he is another one whom gets targetted attacks simply because of his name. Ry is so successful both here and in his home land that he has his own studio. (His wet stage has accounted for some very memorable sets.) He ca afford to tell detractors to "f... off" but the ratings etc affect a new artist like DG very much. I agree we all are entitled to our opinions, however you will note that I usually add IMO or even IMHO when I "attack" but several like uuusssee do not even have the courtesy of qualifying there "opinion". I have tried to "help" make our comment section here unique for our type of site by push courtesy and a sense of communiy. If the comment you are refering to was a one off it would be totally innocuous, but when it is part of a pattern we react. Once again I have been long winded about what may have been a small thing for you, but I raised a very valid issue. I hope this helps you and others to understand what some of us are trying to do.

I didn't see his comment as a "slam". I've seen many of his comments that WERE, but this one was pretty "civil" for my way of thinking. And I think it goes without saying that anything posted in here IS "opinion", and doesn't always need to be "qualified" as such. I'm not blind so I know there's a small group of members that revolve around Rylsky and think that he does no wrong. But there are also members that don't agree with that and they seem to get singled out for ridicule on occasion and called trolls. This is not a private club here and everyone is entitled to post whatever they see fit, whether the "club" sees it as "civil" or not. In this particular case, fer_realz had the right idea about how to respond. On the other hand, "Let's just trash him like this" seems to be the code of the "club"... I don't care for what I see going on here and I'm very likely going to turn off the comments and go back to the way it was when no one could say anything about the models OR the sets OR the photographers... I grow weary of all the bullshit. And that includes MY bullshit, which I spread liberally on occasion. So you can all take your best shot at me now, and then have a great "football" day!! :o)

Hey Rock, I hope you haven't hid your comments yet, because I would like to respond to your analysis of uuusssee's comment. I'd like to explain why it did feel like an attack to me.
First though, you're right, we are all guilty of spreading B.S. sometimes, and it's never appetizing coming from any of us.
And some of us DO get "defensive" of our favorite photographers and models, so I am willing to admit that we can go off on a hairtrigger at "provocations" that are simply statements of opinion.
However, the reason I felt uuusssee's comment was an attack is because of the tone. It was not qualified (as someone else pointed out) by an "In my opinion;" it was simply stated.
But what he was implying is that Rylsky and his models don't care enough about what they're doing to put thought and work into it. They just stand around and Rylsky shoots pics and is over in a half hour.
You might or might not be a fan of Rylsky, but I'm sure you can understand why this kind of statement against any photographer sounds like an attack.
Just think how you'd feel if someone made that remark on a set by one of your favorite models or photographers; wouldn't you feel it was an insult to them?

Well said, I think we have a sound and respectful group here and on other sites in the network. We try to keep it civil and for the most part it works very well. It can't be all milk and honey and we do disagree from time to time. It's just human nature but we try to keep a civil conversation going and respect each others opinions. When one person seems to have a personal vendetta against an artist or is just rude on a general basis it disrupts the comments and causes bad feelings and retaliation. This is something that we can definitely live without. We are all guilty of a rant now and then and I certainly am not an exception but we try to make it constructive and keep our interactions friendly.

Trolls are NOT welcome here.

He's a regular critic of Rylsky. I wouldn't put much weight on his comment.
Especially because, even if the shooting itself took only half an hour, anyone with any knowledge at all of photography knows the entire process took much longer.
Even if the shoot itself was pure fun (as it looks like it was, IMO, for both Taissia and Rylsky), a LOT of genuine work went into it, before and after the shoot.
Having said all that, I personally am glad that so many of Rylsky's shoots look like they are casual shoots of the girls just having fun. Spontaneity is great, especially when the photographer captures it in technically excellent pictures. That does take talent.

just remember who get money for their time. think about it.

"Money"?? Please don't tell that you make money for doing this... ;o)

Judging on a time about the quality - he said it and he kill himself. It means that any gorilla monkey with 24 hours of handling photocamera is better and much more quality set vs. 1 minute of Helmut Newton. And yes, every 12y.o. girl who post in Instagram 1000 pics a day is much better vs. any National Geography photographer.

So he said it brilliantly, my standing ovations here.

This set seems to be accomplished in half an hour. Very uninspired.

Damn! I wish I could put a thumbs down here - in landscape, of course.

I agree but we got rid of the thumbs down for a reason, lets just trash him like this...

I hope you're proud of yourself, because today you are back to your "Classic". Very good to feel your Power Of The Word again.
One of your "Golden Classic UUUSSSEE" comments:
so informative, so fair, so respectful, so uuussseeful.
you are Master in creating this kind of comments.
I hope you believe anybody will use it.

I miss "Classic Landscape Request" of you. Teach me.

Cute face and butt too.

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