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Absolutely love that hair, that smile, that attitude, that pussy. Thanks Taissia and Rylsky!

good ^^ good job!

Deliciously...Exquisite Rose!

Love this set. Thanks so much, Taissia and Rylsky.

Taissia is a very lovely model, and is posed against a perfect background, Rylsky has once again achieved perfection, I gave Taissia and Rylsky both a 10++++

Beautiful girl, beautiful nipples, beautiful everything, but oh that pussy. My word.

I couldn't have said it better. The only thing I'd add to her is a full bush, but that's just me.

Love Taissia! She gets my vote as Sexiest Model on MA!

Gorgeous face, the prettiest tits & nips, and awesome lady bits. A GREAT figure & sweet attitude too!

Her smile shows she KNOWS she's got the goods, and she enjoys turning us guys on. And does she! Thanks T! You're awesome, and I hope you keep on modeling for MA & Rylsky for a long time

Not that R's ego NEEDS any more flattering, but I hafta say these shots of Taissia are way, way better than the ones that just appeared this past week on a competing site (outside the MA network).

While ok, the other sites pics don't have the clarity, the perfect lighting, the angles & closeups & varities of distances, or the style, taste and mood that these do.

And those other suffer from fingers in the way and toys being inserted, which in Taissia's case is especially galling given her gorgeous, luscious labia. It's also clear that much more care was taken in preparing for & composing these shots. And the photographer's affection for the model, his determination to present the model in her best 'light', and his desire to give us quality work is beyond dispute.

I know some complain about MA's "No Touching" policy, but I am completely in favor of it! And a comparison of these shots with those completely vindicates MA. 's

Lenny, I'm with you on the no touching. Fingers in the way would ruin the natural undisturbed beauty.

Total agreement there, Kilroy. I want to see the yummy bits. Second best to actually being there...

i.e. vindicates MA's "No Touching", "No Spreading" policy.

To quote Rachael Ray: "Yummo!"


Incredible ass and pussy. Now if she would grow her pubic hair....!

10+++ for both Taissia and Rylsky. What a gorgeous woman....

Just an absolutely magnificent body has this beauty!! I'm convinced that one of the measures of 'professionalism' in this business, is the ability to suppress the urges that MUST occur while photographing such amazing sexuality. I 'wood' have a very 'hard' time accomplishing this! With a larger porn budget, I would track down every bit of this girls work!

However..... I still see way too much cropping off of the models head unnecessarily. I guess I'm the only one that has a problem with this, but I still have to mention it occasionally, especially when it's as bad as it is in this set.

Is it just me or does Taissa's pussy lips seem disproportionally large for the rest of her body ?

Especially the ones from behind.

Holy mackerel !!!

wgworld, I think it's because she's such a small girl.

I wouldn't say disproportional, that would imply abnormality. Full, plump, prominent, those are words I'd use as I admire such wonderful feminine endowment.

I'd say, that's some "good pussy". And further more, meant in the highest of compliments, I do believe "she could make a dead man...". I'm ready to check out!

Yes, but you guys are talking as if it's not a GOOD thing! Personally, I find those full lips amazing, I'd give anything to taste them and play with them.

You misunderstand me. I think every square inch of Taissia's body is gorgeous and very appealing. There is no such thing as an ugly or unattractive vulva. They are all beautiful, each in their own unique way. But because it is something that the model can not change, I do not think gentlemen should comment on them. I mean a lady can not exercise or diet to improve her labia. The color shape and size of her labia is her secret which she shares with us.

Neil, I get your comment. It was the original "disproportionally large" remark by wgworld that got to me. And my guess is he didn't mean it to be uncomplimentary.

'Nuff said, I think we are all in awe!

Right you are RedPilot.

One of the most interesting I've ever seen.

There is not much she can do about it. She can't go buy a new set. Check out Dominika A or Elance A. Both ladies are equipped in the way. Some women look like they have rabbit ears hanging down there.

It really is not as big as a mackerel. :)))

Hey Neil:

I'm not aware of Elance A, but I want to be! Does she use a different name here? If not, I will have to search her out some way - some how.

I would add Altea B as another lady blessed with "oh my gosh" labia, (especially nice in movies). Unfortunately for newer members, the head shot in her bio is one of the singularly most unattractive ones out there. She is really VERY cute and the picture would, imho, scare off anyone browsing through the models.

Elance is also known as sylvie Deluxe. She has done many sets for MetArt under that name.

Thank you Neil! She has "oh my gosh" labia for sure. Now that I see her sets, I remember seeing her elsewhere with very luxuriant, un trimmed, pubes which are quite spectacular!

Taissia is gorgeous. She is 100% solid gold womanly sex appeal.

Her hardcore work is superb as well..

I REALLY appreciate all of Taissia's visits.

I love her hair, wherever it appears. Her glass cutters, ribs when seen, tiny waist in comparison to womanly hips, great derriere, fantastic labia, and lovely legs combine to create one of my favorite models.

Thank you Taissia, bless you Team Rylsky for collaborating on and sharing this wonderful gallery.

Had I been directing this set, I would have emphasized the upskirt shots, such as # 15 ~ a truly magnificent shot. However, I have no other complaints. As Sailor points out so well, Taissia obviously has such fun showing us what she has. And what she has is irresistible...

At about image 18 I wondered when Taissia would start having fun in this set. Then I turned the page. Half of this beauty's appeal is her attitude, the obvious glee she takes in turning me to mush. She is one of Rylsky's jewels.

She wears the smile of a woman who knows she's about to reveal her secret weapon; those magnificent labia.......

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