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...I love how plump her pussy is!

I've looked at this set several times already and have looked at all of her past sets on MA and RA (when I was a member for a month) and I'm awe struck with Taissia beauty. But there was something about her that I couldn't quite put my finger on and then it hits me. I look up at the print of Madame Rimsky Korsakov (18 x 24, framed 26.5 x 33) on my living room wall and say oh my, it's amazing how much Taissia face, in a way, looks like Madame Rimsky. Almost to the point that Taissia could pass off as one of her descendants. In my eyes, two very and I mean very, beautiful women.
I really like the first 64 photos, great location; and then the next several facials, simply beautiful. The rest of the set on the grass was very playful looking and mouth watering, if I may say so. I can never get tired at admiring this young lady's beauty. I don't know if I'm in love or in lust with her...
ps. some times I catch myself just sitting and staring at Madame Rimsky and wonder what if...


After such a glowing description of the beauty of Madame Rimsky Korsakov, I searched and found this example.


Is that the portrait your print presents?

The painter of this portrait, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, was both revered by his royal patrons and dismissed by art critics of the day. Some things never / seldom change.

Met-Art photographers are often revered, and at other times dismissed and insulted.

That's the one, beautiful uh? She was 31 when it was painted and sadly she died when she was only 45.
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_was_madame_barbe_de_rimsky-korsakov?#slide=1 this gives a very short biography of Madame Rimsky Korsakov.

When I got this portrait my sister made the comment that she thought I only liked 1/2 naked babes with boobs. My reply was, with a face like that who needs to see boobs...


And thanks for the link.

What on incredible pussy and body overall.

Picture 113 says it all.

There is a way with a woman such as Taissia A. which will not let one turn loose from her entrapment. The lithe of her smile, many more subjects entertain thoughts..

It's almost as if Taissia and Rylsky know what my likes are and produced this collaboration just for me.

Likes such as: Taissia's beautiful face and smiles ~ today mostly winsome, significant eyebrows, beautiful eyes, downy hair, shapely breasts, glass cutters, wrinkly areolae, an innie, slender yet shapely legs, spectacular inner labia, very nice outer labia, views of both pairs of labia from both in front and behind, stretching poses to showcase her ribs (and 74 and 75 don't even require stretching), pleasant transitions from waist to hips, superb butt cheeks and one full length standing pose viewed from directly behind, long wavy hair that could be used to tickle her bum if she chose to, and an elegant butterfly.

Even if this collaboration was not produced just for me, it is my favorite Taissia ~ Rylsky collaboration (so far).

Baggy, It is good that Taissia has all the right stuff in all the right places. Most of the things you listed are just the way Mother Nature made her. Rylsky has a way of having his camera in right place at the right time.

@ Neil:

You said "Most of the things you listed are just the way Mother Nature made her."

I agree. It is written in every woman's job description that she can make make minor cosmetic tweaks (and even SOME major tweaks) to Mother Nature's works.

Consider this. When Rylsky and Taissia met for her first casting interview, she was dressed probably in a nice dress. Rylsky used his amazing talent to see straight through her dress and saw all the parts that you listed. He saw those parts and said, "yes, Baggy will love this babe!" :):):)


I think Rylsky is interesting.

I believe that his actions speak louder than words. That said, his words are deep, insightful, and entertaining.

He may also be a mini renaissance man / polymath. If he isn't, he certainly knows how and where to find data and knowledge. When he has the time, and a member asks a question or makes a statement; Rylsky shares his knowledge and opinions.

Summary: Rylsky is a human Coles Notes (latterly Cliffs Notes) and would likely be an excellent Trivial Pursuit player. In-depth analysis by Evita Lima may support this?

WOW... another test?

Evita said about me in her analysis:


Has good diplomatic and business capacity. Confident, bold and resolute, but kind. Always knows what he wants. In communicating - polite, make people trust him. Charming, democratic, usually kept relaxed. Takes care of loved ones, appreciate the warmth and comfort. Tends to practice.

Inclined to be distracted in work on minor details. It is difficult for a long time to focus on one thing. Risky only after long thinking. Aggressive if his freedom restricted.

Popular Professions:
CEO. Diplomat. Producer. Seller. Coach. Showman."

Beautiful girl, very hot ass, great photo set, she's doing anal on another site, makes her 10 times hotter.......

very hot ass
it kills me, really
let's call it "Chilli Pepper Ass"

She's so earthy and yet so delicate...beautiful!
Excellent job Rylsky! Superb job Taissia!

A wonderful set, really very enjoyable and intoxicating. Sweet, erotic, sensuous, provocative. Kudos!

Fresh face and lovely delta trim pointing the way to a giant pink clam.

I think that Taissia is very beautiful all over, and I love her relaxed,sexy smiles.She looks to be full of mischief at times. She is also a smart girl who waxes, for those who like that. She looks very pretty in her sundress, and very cute against the weathered wood, She and Rylsky both get a 10++++. I would say that people that imagine Taissia, or Astrud(who has a great movie on RA showing her take on Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct ") should definitely join RA. You can't need to eat that often,and sleeping outdoors is good for your health!

P.S. The set Wanna with Taissia and Jenelle is definitely worth it. And so is SA

P.P.S. Full disclosure.I was not paid to plug RA,nor did Taissia offer to dance for me nude.(Dammit) The last Met girl that did that was Selene A who was also a met-cam girl. It is a memory to cherish,as she was only wearing a little baby oil.

Please write me an email. subj: "from 5seadog"

Deliciously magnificent!! What an incredible body on this beauty and what incredible beauty on this body!! YUMMY!!!

btw... Taissia is a headliner in MY PPC!! They just don't get any more "perfect" OR "Perfectly Gorgeous"!! WOW!!!

Mine, too!

@ Rock:

It certainly is championship quality!

I always enjoy Taissia. She is so pretty and always so relaxed. I like seeing her smiling face in the flowers. I could dream of kissing those lips - both sets. I appreciate her beautiful full labia, and can just imagine what she does with them on SA or RA.

This is an awesome set, Thanks, Rylsky.

I can't speak to SA, but RA is pretty much the same as MA... Maybe a bit more "touching of the parts", but not always and not as "active" as it could be. And RA's sets are a much more reasonable size...number of images that is - 40-60 approx. SA I understand is much more akin to "porn"...toys and sex and all that up in there...;o)

I must correct mistake....

"and not as "active" as it could be"...not correct..."brain fart" ;o)

Rylsky has no restrictions on "the parting of the petals" and Taissia's "Petals" set is a glorious example of the freedom the models have, and are happy to "take it to the next level"... RA rocks! ;o)

Yes, I've seen that there are toys used often at SA, but with Taissia it is a little pulling of the petals I'd be curious to see.

Her last set on RA would blow your mind if that's what you'd like to see...;o) That beautiful flower is as beautiful open as it is closed...

I forgot to mention the title of that set is "Petals"...lol It's amazing!

Aptly named, no doubt.

all sets in this series will be named as "petals" for avoid members (who are not ready to see more) and think twice before open it to see.


Not everyone has time for blog... I look forward to more "petals"...

good, next (Vol.3) will be surprise

Exactly what "RA limits" are about: everything, just no boys & no toys

And that's what I like.

love it love her shes beautiful

My favorite set of the month, so far.
That little dress is so adorable on Taissia, and the peeks she gives us under are so yummy... ( :

It's right up there on my list, too.

Taissia is always so supremely sensual and erotic. She seems completely at ease with her sexuality. She seems to enjoy posing. Such a pretty woman.

Very natural, exhilarant & seductive girl.
Nice photoset.

Beautiful from head to toe.

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