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Very, very nice model.
Excellent photos.
Disfigured by a horrible landing strip.
Shaved or unshaved, but not trimmed !

A beautiful body hidden by the water.

I am not really a fan of these shower shots, but she does have a nice range of interessting facial expressions going on. I am pleased.

They could base an entire web site on sets from Rylsky's wet studio. I'd subscribe.

Anybody who hasn't signed up for RA is obviously missing a lot of Tassia, as for instance the time she bent her friend Jenelle over the edge of the wading pool. Taissia always reacts well to watershoots, and this is no exception. Taissia is a very incredible erotic model because she is a naturally erotic person I can give a 10 + infinity rating to this set with no problems.And anyone who has missed Taissias volume on petals over at RA is hopelessly languishing in the dark.

You'll see corresponding video coverage of Janelle+Taissia photoset very soon.

You can't see it, but I'm grinning from ear to ear... ( : ( : ( :

Oh what a thrill....:o|


Gotta admit those fully erect pencil eraser nipples are impressive as hell. ( :

That's about the only impressive thing about this...

And Neil's got a point. Taissia has a ridiculously cute face, and her expressions in this set are priceless.

Always thought It´s a waste showing a model naked from the start.It denies the observer the pleasure of watching the girl take her clothes
off.As of wet studio shoots,I believe It´s overdone.Maybe the´re people
who like that but most part don´t imho.

The seller

I absolutely love Rylsky's wet studio shoots and this is how to do it right, one of Rylsky's very best most sensual models with plenty of water pouring and cascading down over her bare skin. Perfect! And her wet hair draped on her shoulders and back. Wonderful! Taissia playfully reacts to the water with wonderful expressions. So very pleasing. Excellent!

I'm beginning to believe that this "Neil" commenter is actually Rylsky's wife, planted to boost his morale... ;o) And all the thumbs "she's" always getting are all coming from his models...LOL The devotion to Rylsky seems mindless...

Taissia A gets immediate approval for those fabulous labia, but there is much more to like in this series - powerful lighting with crisp images and some excellent poses and angles. Rylsky's "water period" comes and goes to varying degrees of success, but this is as fine an example as ever was.

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