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The photos in the mid 70s have to be some of the best on MetArt. The suppleness of Taissia's labia with the glistening look of the oil/excitement is absolutely intoxicating.

Personally, I do not care for vagina or ass-hole close-up shots. In fact, they turn me off. However, the body and face shots are very sexy. Taissia A, I love your baby face and bedroom eyes.

ManOhMan, THIS is a GOOD Set!! Definitely one of THE Best of 2014.

And Taissia, so sultry, cool, comfortable, confident, but not overly so. What a fantastic model! Beautiful face, beautiful body, fantastic world-class ass, lovely legs, & for sure some of THE Most Mouthwatering 'accessories' any of us have ever seen, all in one amazing fantasy-inducing woman!

Only a handful of models are even aware of what man-pleasing qualities they have; but Taissia, so very very good at putting them on display, in such a sensual, natural and mutually-pleasing & pleasurable way, god she is good!

Kudos too to Rylsky, for more great work, one of his best sets ever I think, for not holding back as so many photographers tend to do as if afraid to 'get in there' and avoid looking at the best of what a model has to offer!

With Taissia there IS so, so much 'to offer' too! From head to toe, so much beauty!, so many beautiful angles, beautiful parts, that the male eye, yearning to take it all in, tends to dart back & forth, to & fro, not wanting to miss a thing, what to focus on??
Rylsky does that work for us! Face shots, closeups, pulling back so we can take in & enjoy her breathtaking figure, from front & back, that gorgeous butt & pussy, amazing nips, in repose & standing up, straddling & on all fours, butt provocatively pushed up & out, face on pillow as if in warm satisfaction, a face so pretty, kind, gentle & giving that you swear you could make love to her every day for the rest of your life!
Great work Rylsky, a man who clearly loves women.

I really liked image no. 19.

I love this girl. She's the woman of my dreams

This gallery includes many perfectly composed images, 47 to 49 are good examples. Also, the focus is mostly very good where my eyes are firstly drawn in any image.

In addition to perfect composition, 47 to 49 also contain some of my favorite adult female body elements. Those elements include, but are not limited to; eyebrows and eyes, areolae and glass cutters, long and loose hair, ribs, downy hair, a superb innie, an hourglass figure, large labia minora, and puffy labia majora. Other elements get their deserved attention in different images.

Taissia is always perfect, and today Rylsky is as close to perfection as he has ever been!

Kudos to everyone who contributed to my extreme pleasure.

Perfect beauty.

Taissia is the kind of girl I want to go to sleep next to and wake up next to every night and morning.

Taissia- you are perfect. Sweet innocent girl next door with a naughty streak a kilometer long. The tell is in your smile. To me it says you know a lot more than you let on. Your body is exqusitie, your eyes are pools of heaven, I want to bit your bottom lip and suck your toes. This set made my day and for that matter my week! Thank you!

Very serious pussy.

serious pussy?
any chance to see very "funny" pussy as opposite?

Succulent pussy! It would take surgery to get my lips off of her pussy. Now that would be serious.

His own words...."This set would be better without Rylsky"...

LOL But seriously... Taissia would shine if "I" shot her! This isn't bad R, except for the headchopping in 2 and 7. If I didn't know better, I'd think you included those just to get a rise out of me...;o) lol C ya soon...

no reasons to discuss any question of taste again.


I love when Taissia tries to play innocent. But as we can see on shots 20,25, and 45, for example, she is anything but. Also, Rylsky has given us a good look at her back, which is as lovely and enticing as her front. I would rate this a masterpiece since not even Lenora Garcia has s smile as wicked as Taissia's

Is it massage oil or her own juice..??

Does it matter!?

@ Rock:

Have you figured out a way to monetize your every keystroke?

Or are you hurrying to reach the point where you have too many posts with this user name?

mix of both things

I love all the pictures of her incredible ass

Have a great weekend to everybody who are here to be happy. Aad f... all that brown nosers here.

Laughing My Ass Off!! No way to talk to your biggest fans!!! ;o)

I had the same initial reaction, and then it occurred to me that Rylsky's meaning for "brown noser" is a little different from our meaning of the term "brown nose," Rock. ( :

This set would be better without the 2 pages of mere ass shots!

But 10/10 for Taissia!

Say it, don't be so shy!
"This set would be better without Rylsky"
yeah, you did it

please be polite. Assshot is a very popular Armenian male name. Please choose what to say next time.

LMAO! Very funny "name game" you play!! ;o)

we all must be careful and polite. I know many examples of "play". u2.

Sweet, spicy Taissia... she can play it innocent, or she can play it anything but (and does, on Rylsky Art) and it works either way. Wonderful model, wonderful set.
She fills my head with "daydreams".... :D

Great set. Taissia looks awesome and when she spreads those smokey labia and revels that scrumptious pink interior--- OH MY! I feel myself falling toward them like a moth to the flame. Nice poses, lots of shiny moist closeups, What more could you ask. I love her creamy skin tones, those spectacular nipples and that sly knowing smile. Taissia is almost to hot to handle in this set.

Best of the night for sure!

I believe they call this an instant classic, thank you Taissia!

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